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Acceptance Rate for Brandon University for International Students 2024-2025 and Courses Offered

Have you ever wondered what the Acceptance Rate for Brandon University for International Students is? Don’t worry again because you will find your answers here and also know how to increase your chance of admission.

Brandon University is a welcoming university where both local and international students pursue education as a shared experience.

They offer different kinds of degrees (i.e. Arts, Education, Health Studies, etc), specialized in some areas.

They in addition offer a School of Music at the same. The instructors here are good at what they do and they show you they want you to learn.

Class size is small so that you can easily build a good rapport with your instructors and classmates. The campus is small and simple. It is only walking distance from the dormitory.

Brandon University prides itself in being a multicultural institution; the diversity is greatly enriched by Indigenous values and culture.

They’re constantly looking for ways to improve, for example, new educational programs and guiding the students in the research field.

It is an environment where people can all feel like they belong and acquire new skills.

Acceptance Rate for Brandon University for International Students

Acceptance Rate for Brandon University for International Students

Acceptance rate signifies the number of applicants who are accepted among those who apply. The acceptance rate of Brandon University is 56% which is an overall percentage.

Now, we are going to talk about international students. The total number of 2330 students have been admitted of which the undergraduates are 2072 and graduates being 258.

Therefore, if our international student’s number is 400, we can determine their admission rate.

The fraction of international students would be the total number of international students applying for admission over how many students have been approved to enter the university, then multiplied by 100.

Therefore, the acceptance rate for international students will be around 17%. Hence, from each one hundred international applicants, approximately 17 are admitted.

Knowing this acceptance rate helps you decide how competitive it is to get into the university and prepare for your application.

What Courses are Offered at Brandon University?

Brandon University has an extensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs in different fields of study. Here’s a quick rundown:

Undergraduate Programs

1. Arts: Brandon University presents BA degrees in the most wide-ranging subjects (from the Humanities and Social Sciences to the Arts – Fine or Creative Arts – as well as Business Administration and Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies).

2. Education: The Faculty of Education provides Bachelor of Education curricula with different specializations including Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education.

3. Music: The Music School has two options for a Bachelor’s degree: a Bachelor of Music degree in Performance and Theory, and a Bachelor of Music in Composition.

4. Health Studies: The Faculty of Health Studies provides Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Kinesiology and Health Studies degrees.

5. Science: The faculty of science offers B.Sc degrees in a range of subjects which are, among others, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Mathematics, and Physics.

Graduate Programs

1. Education: Faculty of Education introduces MA in education in different fields and provides an opportunity to complete an ME degree program as well.

2. Music: The School of Music has a choice between Master of Music degrees in play and theory.

3. Nursing: The school of nursing provides master’s nursing degrees with many specialties.

4. Rural Development: The Rural Development program is offered by the School of Graduate Studies through a Master of Arts program.

5. Environmental and Life Sciences: The Faculty of Science offers Master of Science degrees in Environmental and Molecular Biology and genetics.

You can find more details about the specific courses offered by Brandon University on their website: Brandon University Programs.

How Much is Brandon University Tuition for International Students?

How Much is Brandon University Tuition for International Students?

If you’re an international student who is ready to study at Brandon University, you’ll approximately require CAD 35,000 for your first-year tuition fees.

This includes such items as tuition fees, on-campus housing, meal plans, books, and health insurance, which usually covers the period from September to April.

You must remember the fact that travel costs are not included in this estimate, thus you have to provide some extra funds for it.

For Canadian students, the cost of going to this university varies. For undergraduates, it’s around $4,284 to $4,551, while for graduate students, it’s about $3,415 to $3,732.

Remember, these are just the tuition fees. There are also other fees for things like student groups and sports, which can add up.

These extra fees are different for each university and student. So, it’s a good idea to ask the university for all the details before you decide.

You can pay the fee upfront to ensure you have everything you need before you start your academic year at Brandon University. In this way, you would have a worry-free academic year.

Does Brandon University Offer Scholarships to International Students?

Yes, international students can receive scholarships from Brandon University too. There are two main categories: automatically considered scholarships and scholarships that the student applies for.

1. Automatic Consideration Scholarships

These scholarships are provided automatically to all international students who satisfy the school and scholarship criteria and have fulfilled the admission requirements. The amount of the award would be determined by your academic credentials.

2. Applied-For Scholarships

These scholarships usually follow a separate application process and the awards are based on a mix of academic performance, extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation. You can check the full scholarship details here.

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