Accredited Online Colleges In Kentucky
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10 Accredited Online Colleges In Kentucky

Kentucky features over thirty distinct online universities, largely due to the 44.5% state’s rural population.

Students at her university enrol in online courses to the tune of over 60%.

With the help of online education, education is now inexpensive for everyone and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, including the comforts of your own home, including the kitchen and bedroom.

Online learning has reduced stress, particularly for those who are employed, and even for those who are not, it has allowed you to experience a university’s four walls whenever it is convenient for you.

Are they free online colleges in Kentucky?

Some colleges in Kentucky offer free online courses, but most are certificate programs aimed at helping people gain skills. Thou it’s hard to get an online College offering free degree program in Kentucky.

But majority of this Institution offers Scholarship to her students. 

What Is The Cheapest Online College In Kentucky?

The tuition fee of the various online colleges in Kentucky varies depending on the programme and courses your studying, some charge domestic students’ cheaper while some charge the same for both international and domestic students’.

The cheapest online College in Kentucky is the Kentucky State University. 

What is the average cost of studying for an online degree in Kentucky?

The average cost of studying for an online degree in Kentucky varies for everyone, especially as it varies for  in-state and out-of-state students,  for a four year College the average cost of tuition is $10,888 while that of two year College is $4,395. 

While for a four year College tuition $26,048, while that of a two-year public institution is $14,826, for out of state college. 

  • Asbury University



Tuition fees: $27,938

This Christian University is highly ranked for producing the highest number of online College graduate in Kentucky.  It had 5 online program focused on spirituality, and ministry degree program.  It trains her students to take up ministerial roles as leader’s. 

  • Eastern Kentucky University

Location: Richmond, KY


Tuition fees: $8150 depending on program

The Eastern Kentucky University in her bids to encourage adult education started online program, in 2010.  It offers about 15 online programs and associate degree programs, in the college of letters, arts and social sciences, college of sciences, technology, engineering & mathematics, college of business, college of education & applied human sciences, college of health sciences, and college of justice, safety & military science. It is highly rated for her online program, especially in the area of bachelor’s degree in Homeland security. 

  • Kentucky State University

Location: Frankfort, KY


Tuition fees: $7754

The Kentucky State University, offers her online students high quality education, through her blackboard.  Her online students get to participate in hitech online program. 

This University offers online degree in about 30 different  programs. Access to libraries, counseling and laboratory is given to the students. 

  • Midway University

Location: Midway, Ky


Tuition fee: $22,750

This University was established in 1847 as a  women university, with aims of providing liberal Art’s Education. Thou currently it is now a coeducational university.  It offers online degree to her students both undergraduate and graduate program.

It offers online degree in the field of education, healthcare, tourism & event management, criminal justice, psychology, equine management, sport management. It also has a special program where it teach her students interested in Middle School Math and Secondary English.

  • Moorehead State University

Location: Moorehead, KY


About half of the moorehead State University students are  Online students, her online program are highly rated and ranked. Some of her course’s are highly specific, It offers customized programs, and her degrees include Bachelor of Science in Imaging Sciences, Leadership in Medical Imaging.  Her program in bachelor’s of University studies gives her students a varieties of field to specialize after studies.

  • Murray state University

Location: Murray, KY


Tuition fee: $7,608

The Murray State University, uses the canvas platform for her online program, and offers online degree in about 30 different fields.  It offers special online program for verterans. It is a yellow ribbon Institution. 

Her online program covers Doctorate, undergraduate and master’s.

  • Northern Kentucky University

Location: Highland Heights, KY


Tuition fee: $9,190

This Institution is among the accredited online universities in Kentucky,  it offers several accelerated programs.  Online students have access to access to the IT help desk, steely library, and MyNKU student web portal.  It awards specialized courses in respiratory therapy. 

  • Sullivan University

Location: Louisville, KY


Tuition fees: $12,980

The Sullivan University, in order to make online program interesting, makes her class size 25, helping her students by employing mentors to guide them in their career choice.  It offers programs in nursing, accounting, Education etc online.

  • University of Louisville

Location: Louisville, KY


Tuition fee: $10744

This Institution uses blackboard platform for online degree, being an innovative online research University, it focuses on  workplace development, leadership, and organizational change.

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