What is the acceptance rate for international students in Harvard

What is the acceptance rate for international students in Harvard 2024-2025?

What is the acceptance rate for international students in Harvard? MIT maintains a maximum freshman class acceptance rate of 10% for undergraduates, a fact explicitly stated on MIT’s website.

While I’ve heard that Harvard follows a similar pattern, I don’t have direct information to confirm this. MIT and Harvard, although distinct institutions, both practice Need-Blind admissions, meaning they don’t consider your need for financial aid (neither offer scholarships) when deciding on acceptance.

For international students, MIT has an acceptance rate of 3–4% (8% for US residents), while Harvard’s overall acceptance rate is around 4% (international student rates not explicitly specified). The super-elite schools in the US have significant autonomy in admissions, requiring an exceptional GPA, outstanding standardized test scores, potential subject test scores (which should also be impressive), and exemplary letters of recommendation.

What is the acceptance rate for international students in Harvard is

Only about 4.6% of overall applicant pool are getting admitted. For international students it should be in the region of just about 2% of international applicants pool.

You should bring to the table what other 98–99% of students do not offer to Harvard to get admitted and that is the challenge to qualify why it is hard to get admitted to Harvard, especially as an international student.

You will need to have a combination of good grades and SAT scores in the range of 1450–1550 (there will always be outliers but this is the general range). Your essays play a major role as well. People talk about projects and extra-curricular work.

These are important as well but you have to ensure you convey them well. You have to show a solid vision that has been build by your experiences and highlight your strengths and experiences that make you unique.

What is the acceptance rate for international students in Harvard

What to Do and what to Avoid During the Application Process At Harvard University

While composing the common app essays, students often make the common mistake of presenting larger-than-life goals without going beyond a superficial level of the issue.

The vision for a career needn’t necessarily involve eliminating global warming or solving health crises in African nations unless the applicant has hands-on experience in these fields. Reviewers seek honest applications that reflect the true essence of the applicant. It’s crucial to discuss topics and goals closely tied to personal experiences.

Successful applicants to selective institutions like MIT, UPenn, and UC Berkeley often present strong narratives with visions connected to their past work. For instance, a student discussed classroom learning in India and expressed a desire to make it a more rewarding experience through technology and storytelling, backed by a background in coding and entrepreneurial competitions.

The student’s vision, grounded in personal experiences, demonstrated both depth and breadth.

Applicants are advised to showcase lessons learned and the development of traits that enhance the overall experience for peers, both within and beyond the classroom. This could range from teamwork in sports to an appreciation for diverse cultures gained through international MUN participation.

The key takeaway is not to focus on impressing the admissions committee but on conveying a profound understanding of one’s strengths, characteristics, and experiences. The essay should articulate a well-crafted and genuinely passionate vision.

At Grapevine, mentors from prestigious institutions like Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, UPenn, etc., guide students toward successful admissions to top undergraduate programs. For further assistance, feel free to reach out to us!

Requirement for International Students into Harvard University

Requirement for International Students into Harvard University

To boost your Harvard admission prospects, target perfect SAT/ACT scores and a near-perfect GPA. Opt for the most challenging high school curriculum, like AP, IB, or A Levels.

Include stellar recommendation letters in your application, complementing your achievements. Craft a compelling story aligning with your CV, utilizing extracurriculars to showcase your personality depth to the admissions committee.

In essays, emphasize genuinely passionate extracurriculars, weaving them into a narrative of personal achievement and growth. Building a compelling application requires presenting a resonant personal story.

Acknowledge the potential international student disadvantage, with Ivy League schools admitting a limited percentage (around 10–15%, Columbia at approximately 20%). Maintain a robust backup plan, embracing a realistic perspective without dampening your spirits.

Specific Requirement Summary:

  1. Maintain a stellar GPA.
  2. Achieve near-perfect SAT/ACT scores.
  3. Showcase superb extracurricular achievements through a comprehensive CV.
  4. Obtain outstanding recommendation letters.
  5. Prepare amazing and authentic essays.

After you have all of these, you simply need to apply through the CommonApp.

How to Apply

Submit your online application to Harvard as early as possible in the fall using the Common Application or the Coalition Application, Powered by Scoir. This step is crucial to open your admissions file, track your documents, and potentially schedule an alumni interview. Pay the $85 application fee unless you submit a fee waiver request. However, if the application fee poses a financial hardship for you or your family, the university will waive it.

Application Link: Apply – Harvard College

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