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Acceptance Rate for Simon Fraser University for International Student 2024-2025 | Requirements

Acceptance Rate for Simon Fraser University for International Student is one of the factors you need to check before applying as a foreign student. With that being said, let’s find out how competitive SFU is, especially for international students.

SFU is a highly-ranked public educational institution located in the province of British Columbia, Canada. In 1965, it started operation and now it has campuses in Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver.

SFU provides a lot of degree programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels in diverse fields.

The university is a place of learning, which is famous for its art of innovative teaching, research, and community contribution.

Acceptance Rate for Simon Fraser University for International Student

Acceptance Rate for Simon Fraser University for International Students

The acceptance rate of Simon Fraser University, commonly referred to as SFU, is at 59%.

This percentage is the ratio of students who got the acceptance letter from the university to the total number of applicants.

This means that about 6 out of every 10 applicants, on average, receive an acceptance offer.

However, SFU is a popular university that is competitive to get into. This means that securing a spot will be challenging even with that low acceptance rate.

Think of it this way: the more selective the college, the less the chances are for getting in.

To be successful in being accepted to the SFU community, you will have to show that you have excellent academic performance and other achievements that set you apart from the rest.

What are the Requirements for SFU for International Students?                  

When you want to study at Simon Fraser University (SFU) as an international student, you’ll need high grades and English language proficiency.

There are two main paths for international high school students seeking admission to SFU: direct admission and a pathway program.

Direct Admission:

You will need a high academic standing: This factor is based on your secondary education grades.

Also, you must meet English language requirements: To attend ESL at a university for English, you will require a minimum score on an English proficiency exam such as IELTS, TOEFL iBT, or CAEL.

  • IELTS score of at least 6.0 with all band scores not dropping below 5.5.
  • I’ve got a TOEFL iBT score of 79 for every section with no scores lower than 17.
  • CAEL score of 60 in all sub-scores is 50 or over.

At SFU, you can apply to the ELC program to improve your English level if you find yourself not quite meeting the direct admission language requirement.

However, you must achieve the same level of test scores or finish the lower levels of ELC with good grades and attendance.

The next one is the Quantitative and Analytical Skills. The educational performance is evaluated by your academic record.

Some programs, for example, may have additional requirements besides the general ones. Therefore, ensure you do it if you are asked to do so.

Pathway Program:

You will need this if you are not meeting the requirements for direct admissions.

This pathway program is offered by Fraser International College (FIC). It can prepare you for SFU’s academic standards.

This program is a good option if you don’t currently meet the direct entry requirements.

How to Apply to SFU

How to Apply to SFU

International students can use this link to apply to Simon Fraser University.

They have a choice of applying either directly to SFU or through the pathway program offered by Fraser International College. The process involves several steps:

1. Begin your admission application.

2. Pay the Simon Fraser University application fee, which is not refundable. The application fees are as follows:

Spring/Summer 2024 Programs:

  • $90 for applicants with Canadian transcripts
  • $125 for applicants with international transcripts

Fall 2024 or Later Programs:

  • $110 for applicants with Canadian transcripts
  • $150 for applicants with international transcripts

There’s a fee waiver option for current SFU graduate students

3. Submit the required documents.

4, Make sure you do not miss the Simon Fraser University deadline for the program you have chosen.

5. Know what is expected of you as a university student at SFU.

6. Send any additional documents that might be required.

7. , Do not forget to revise your application carefully before you send it.

Click to start applying to the Simon Fraser University

How Much Does SFU Tuition Cost?

The estimated costs you might pay per term (about 4 months) for the upcoming academic year 2024/25 are given below. These are estimates and they may differ from your situation so keep this in mind.


Factor in around CAD 26,640 per term. This includes the tuition fees for five courses plus all the other university fees books and learning materials you’ll have to get for your studies.

Besides the tuition, housing costs, usually including residence fees, are also to be considered.

The total cost of student life at SFU also includes student society health and dental plan fees, as well as the BC Medical Services Plan, in this estimate.

It is possible to make your campus life even more convenient by choosing a meal plan if you happen to stay in the residence.

Graduate Students:

The cost estimate per term for international graduate students is around 12,140 CAD. This includes your tuition payments during a full-time research term, similar to undergraduates, but with additional costs.

You will have to budget for books and supplies specific to the program of your choice.

Rent costs are also counted in this budget along with students’ society health and dental plan fees, and BC medical services plan.

Final Words

Getting into Simon Fraser University (SFU), among other international students, is not easy. The acceptance rate is around 59%.

To boost your chances of being admitted, you will need to have good grades in your academic courses, proficiency in the English language, and possibly meet other program requirements that may be specific to the institution or the program.

If you get close to the entry requirements but not exactly there, apply first to the English Language and Culture (ELC) program at SFU to improve your English.

You can also consider the pathway program by Fraser International College (FIC).

Bear in mind that when planning your application for SFU, it is important to consider both the application fees and the predicted costs.

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