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Acceptance Rate for Carleton University for International Student 2024-2025 | How to Apply

If you’re an international student eyeing Carleton College, then you should be aware of the acceptance rate for Carleton University for international student. Learning about the acceptance rate will help know your chance of getting into the college.

Carleton University, one of the top comprehensive universities in Canada, has over 200 programs taught by highly experienced professors.

This program, with a student-centered approach, offers resources and connections that enable students to launch successful careers.

Science, engineering, arts and humanities, public affairs, journalism, international affairs, architecture, and technology are some of the areas of expertise at Carleton University.

Currently, there are 28,000 students from over 100 countries who contribute to the diversity and liveliness of the school’s academic atmosphere.

Acceptance Rate for Carleton University for International Student

The Acceptance Rate for Carleton University for International Student

The number of accepted international applicants at Carleton is roughly 17%. This means that for every 100 applications from international students, only 17 of them will be selected to join the college.

It is a small number that indicates how selective Carleton is. Apart from good grades, you will need to be outstanding in your academic performance and in the extracurricular materials that you submit.

The university has around 200 undergraduate programs, so you can be sure that you’ll have a lot of academic ground to cover, but the competition is tough.

Therefore, if Carleton is the school you want to attend, do your best! Let’s now guide you through the application process for international students.

How to Apply to Carleton University as an International Student?

If you’re considering applying to Carleton University, here’s a simple guide to help you through the application process:

1. Check Deadlines:

It is a must to do a review of application deadlines for the chosen program. Applications are usually processed on a rolling basis, therefore, it is necessary to send in your completed application and grades on time.

2. Apply Online:

You can easily apply through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) website or Carleton University’s International Student Application which you can access through your Carleton 360 account.

Students who are currently at Carleton can make use of the Carleton 360 Internal Application to apply for the program change.

Shortly after, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox regarding the application submission.

It is in this email that you will be receiving your Carleton applicant number and Carleton 360 login details which you will use to monitor your application progress.

3. Upload Documents:

Make use of the Carleton 360 admissions portal for document uploads that will be used for assessment purposes. Official documents can also be sent straight from your school to Carleton University if the need arises.

Receive Admission Decision: You will be able to see your offer package on Carleton 360 and the details of your program, scholarships, financial aid, and residence options.

Your offer letter will specify any conditions that you need to meet so your offer will be secured.

4. Accept Your Offer:

If you get admission and you are ready to agree to it, you need to do it before the deadline. For OUAC applicants, accept your offer via their website, while direct Carleton applicants will accept through Carleton 360.

Keep in mind that most offers are conditionally given. Therefore, you should take the time and read how you can keep your offer status.

Feel free to contact the admissions office if you encounter any problems during this process.

How Much is Carleton Undergraduate Fees for International Students?

How Much is Carleton Undergraduate Fees for International Students?

International students’ undergraduate tuition fees at Carleton University vary between CAD$31,796 and CAD$49,665 depending on the program they are enrolled in.

This, however, is just a small part of the overall budget, as there are other expenses to consider. The breakdown of estimated annual costs is as follows:

1. Living On Campus:

Program fees range from $31,796 to CAD 49,665 per academic year, where the program you choose in determines the amount you will pay.

Include the cost of on-campus accommodation and meal plan, which is estimated to be around CAD 12,385.

Also, take into account the additional costs for textbooks, supplies, and personal items which add up to about CAD 1,400 and CAD 2,500. In general, the total costs may be from $48,081 and $65,950.

2. Living Off-Campus:

Similar to the off-campus costs, tuition, and student fees vary from $31,796 to CAD 49,665 per year.

The cost of living off-campus depends on the type of accommodation you choose, utility charges, food, and internet, and the amount may range from CAD 9,600 to CAD 15,400.

The costs for books, supplies, and personal items are not excluded and are the same, around CAD 1,400 and CAD 2,500 respectively. The total costs will be from $45,296 to CAD 68,965 per year.

Remember that these are just estimates and do not account for health insurance costs, which are compulsory for all students.

You can assess all financial factors and look for options for scholarships, part-time jobs, and budgeting guidance that you will receive during your studies at Carleton.

Does Carleton Meet the Full Needs of International Students?

Indeed, Carleton College has a financial aid policy committed to meeting the total demonstrated need of all admitted students, including international students.

This means filling the gap between the amount of money the student’s family can pay for college and the cost of attendance.

This covers tuition, accommodation, food, fees, and even estimates for miscellaneous expenses.

It’s important to note, however, that while Carleton is committed to full need, there are some additional factors to consider for international students:

1. Certification of Finances (CoF):

All international students, irrespective of whether they need financial aid or not, need to submit a CoF to show the family’s financial capability.

This document is to determine the expected family contribution and is also necessary for immigration purposes.

2. Limited Scholarship Funding:

Carleton does have some need-based scholarships for international students, such as the Starr Foundation Grants and Kellogg Scholarships, but the fund is often limited.

This draws attention to the significance of applying for financial aid on time as this will increase your chances of getting the necessary help.

However, it should be noted that Carleton will not accept any new applications for financial aid once a student has been enrolled.

Final Words

Carleton University with an acceptance rate of 17% is highly selective for international students.

Nevertheless, the application process is simple, and financial assistance is available to help cover the costs ranging from $45,296 to CAD 68,965 per annum.

Therefore, if you are a high-achieving international student searching for a complete university experience in Canada, Carleton might be a perfect choice for you. Just don’t forget to fill out the applications for financial aid!

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