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Acceptance Rate for Boston University for International Student 2024-2025 | Application Guide

Are you considering studying abroad at Boston University? Explore the acceptance rate for Boston University for international student and learn more about this top research university’s programs.

Boston University (BU) is a top-ranked private research institution in Boston, Massachusetts. It is filled with a wide array of academic programs.

There is an availability of more than 300 undergraduate majors and 400 graduate programs; spread across 17 schools and colleges.

BU’s reputation is built on its research activities. Over 90 research centers have been established on campus, and the university is currently spending over $550 million on research each year.

As a result of this devotion to research, BU has become a place of one of the most successful research universities in North America through its membership in the Association of American Universities.

BU also stands out in terms of global recognition. It is stated by the QS World University Rankings for 2024 that it is at the 93rd place, which makes it among the top 100 institutions of the world.

It also ranks #43 countrywide for the 2024 Best Colleges edition, which is within National Universities.

Acceptance Rate for Boston University for International Student

Acceptance Rate for Boston University for International Student

It is very hard to get into Boston University as an international student as they have a very competitive acceptance rate of only 19%.

Boston University’s Fall 2023 enrollment statistics were recently made public by the university, and they focus on the Class of 2027.

After the submission of 80,495 applications, the selection committee selected only 3,145 applicants for admission.

With the highly competitive nature of admissions, you must ensure that your application is well-prepared.

That will make you stand out from the crowd of many qualified international applicants.

Instead of only relying on your academic record, consider including exceptional standardized test scores (if required) and writing essays.

That will impress the selection committee because it will reveal your unique talents and achievements.

Entry Requirements for International Students at Boston University

Before you start applying to Boston University as an International Student, make sure that you have the following at hand:

1. Submit Your Application:

Begin the process by filling out the Common Application first. Make sure to submit your Secondary School Records, especially your senior year grades.

Do not overlook the Teacher Evaluation and School Report Form, as well as the Counselor Recommendation.

2. Prove Your English Proficiency:

If English is not your native language, you will have to prove your proficiency. The options range from TOEFL iBT to IELTS or Duolingo English Test (DET). Make sure to send your scores to Boston University directly.

3. Show Your Financial Support:

Present a Documentation of Financial Support. Fill out the Confidential Statement for Financing Studies & Sponsorship Support Confirmation.

Make sure that your financial documents comply with the BU’s unique requirements.

4. Submit Passport Details:

Upload a copy of your passport’s photo and data page. You can do this by applying through the Common Application or by the MyBU Applicant Portal.

5. Optional Standardized Tests:

BU has an test optional option for first-year applicants. You may decide to submit SAT, ACT scores, or both. If you decide to hand in the application, make sure that transcripts are mailed directly to the BU.

6. Merit Scholarship Opportunities:

Research on Trustee, Presidential, Alumni & Friends Scholarships. Ensure that you meet the scholarship criteria and deadlines for every scholarship.

7. Consider Additional Steps:

Consider doing an interview with InitialView or Vericant that will demonstrate your English skills.

However, if you have a lower level of English proficiency, you can take the English courses at BU’s Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP) before your classes begin.

Does Boston University Give Full Scholarships to International Students?

Does Boston University Give Full Scholarships to International Students?

Partial scholarships are the main option for international students at BU. While Boston University offers a variety of merit scholarships, international students are only eligible for two specific awards:

1. Trustee Scholarship:

This is the most esteemed scholarship that BU provides and it covers the entire tuition fee and the fees.

It is an extremely tough competition, which aims namely for students who rank among the best in their class and demonstrate active engagement in extra-curricular activities.

All students, including the ones who are international, are eligible for the application.

2. Presidential Scholarship:

This is a scholarship that provides $25,000 annually to students who have already proven that they are outstanding in academics and also go beyond the classroom activities and show good leadership qualities.

Important Notes:

Both scholarships’ deadline is December 1st.

National Merit Scholarship finalists who name BU as their top college of choice can also be considered for an award of a similar amount to the one granted to a Presidential Scholarship.

BU’s merit scholarships, besides the ones that are not available for international students, are not accessible to international students.

Unfortunately, partial scholarships are the main option for international students at BU. However, you do have a chance to be a Trustee Scholarship recipient and get your tuition fully covered.

The Presidential Scholarship may work as a good support for students with poor finances.

If you have a proven educational record with outstanding extracurricular activities listed in your CV, then these scholarships are worth your time to apply.

Final Words

Boston University is an extremely selective university that also has a very low acceptance rate for international applicants.

To better the odds of your admission, get a strong application with top grades, test scores (if applicable), and one that highlights your abilities and accomplishments in the written essays.

International students are getting little financial aid, but a full-tuition scholarship like a Trustee Scholarship can be a solution.

If you are a high-achieving international student, Boston University is one of the best universities to think about. Good luck!

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