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Acceptance Rate for Alabama State University for International Students 2024-2025 | Requirements

Are you a foreign student seeking admission at ASU, but the Acceptance rate for Alabama State University for International Students is what you know nothing about? Never worry because you will learn to understand what it means and also how to increase your chance of admission.

Alabama State University (ASU), a distinguishing cornerstone of the 153-year legacy, remains a glowing symbol of change and diversity.

ASU is situated in Montgomery, Alabama, and provides a welcoming campus with modern amenities and beautiful surroundings.

They all contribute to the well-being of the students and the learning and development process.

Students from more than 40 states and over 20 countries make up the ASU enrollment. The university is happy to welcome international students into its inclusive community.

ASU provides students with an extensive selection of undergraduate and graduate programs including health sciences, international business, and others that are pertinent to the current globalized world.

Alabama State University is ranked among the 395-435th places in the 2024 Best Colleges list for the National Universities.

The university provides a perfect environment for students with great clubs and an even better alumni network, which caters to everyone.

Acceptance Rate for Alabama State University for International Students

Acceptance Rate for Alabama State University for International Students

The Alabama State University has a very high acceptance rate, about 98%. This means that for every 100 applicants, only 98 are accepted.

This applies not only to domestic but also to international students. Therefore, admission is more likely to depend on the accuracy and completeness of the application form than on a massive competition.

Nevertheless, international students must make sure they fulfill all the conditions including the submission of translated transcripts and English language exams as well (TOEFL).

Pay special attention to achieving these benchmarks as well as building a strong application to increase your chances of acceptance.

Requirements for Alabama State University for International Students

International students to ASU go through different application procedures depending on whether the students graduated from a US high school or a school outside the US.

International Freshman Graduating from a US High School

The procedure is straightforward! You’ll be going through the application process with other students and will be assessed based on the same admissions criteria as domestic applicants.

The Required documents are:

  • Copy of passport (optional)
  • Relevant visa and immigration documents
  • Official transcripts from high school
  • SAT or ACT scores (for admission, and merit scholarship consideration)

High SAT/ACT scores are a plus as you apply for scholarships, but you don’t necessarily need them to get accepted into a school. Consider it a bonus!

International Freshman Graduating from Schools Outside the US

ASU can be very competitive for international students, which means that every part of your application has to be thoroughly reviewed.

1. You must start with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

2. A copy of the official transcripts from all high schools attended (including English translations if the documents are not written in English).

3. Meet the English language proficiency requirement (TOEFL, IELTS or PTE) or apply for conditional admission.

4. Supporting documents for financial support for visa purposes.

5. Completed a college preparatory curriculum with specific course requirements in:

  • Language (4 units)
  • Mathematics (3 units, Algebra I and II, a geometry/trigonometry/calculus course)
  • Social Studies (4 units)
  • Natural Science (3 units, including 2 with a lab)

In addition to that, students are encouraged to take at least five units in fine arts, computer literacy, math, science, or foreign language.

Both the categories of international students and domestic students need official transcripts before July 1st for Fall admission and November 1st for Spring admission.

Remember that your total cost will be $30 which is a one-time application fee.

Those students who require F-1 or J-1 Visas may require additional documents for the I-20 or DS-2019.

How Much is Alabama State University Tuition for International Students?

How Much is Alabama State University Tuition for International Students?

The tuition fee for international undergraduate students at Alabama State University is the same regardless of whether they live on campus or off campus: $13,872.00 for the first two semesters (one academic year).

This cost is part of a larger estimated expense breakdown provided by the university to help international students understand the financial commitment involved in attending.

The total estimated expenses come to $24,139.00 for on-campus students and $27,339.00 for off-campus students over the first two semesters.

It’s important to note that this is an estimate and the actual cost may vary depending on individual circumstances.

The university recommends contacting the Office of Diversity & International Affairs for any questions about these expenses.

How to Get into Alabama State University

Follow the tips below to increase your chance of getting an admission:

1. Meeting Academic Standards

To raise your admission chances to Alabama State University, you will need to be sure about certain academic accomplishments.

The minimum SAT score should be 825, the minimum ACT score should be 41, and a GPA of 3.05 or above should be maintained.

2. Engaging in Extracurricular Activities

You may find it helpful to take part in activities that echo the university’s values, which will make your application stand out.

You will be able to show your dedication and participation by joining clubs such as the school band or sports teams.

Moreover, the act of volunteering in your community is a clear indicator of your desire to give back; this is in line with the university’s mission.

3. Summer Activities

As a college student, you should take advantage of your summer vacations to get involved in activities that mirror your personal beliefs, promote your growth, and manifest your leadership qualities.

ASU, Alabama State University, is looking for those who go beyond their test scores and class grades to see your potential to be involved in the community, they want to see your potential.

4. Preparing Your Application

The essay that will give you an edge is the one that will contain your achievements which are not only based on the grades and test scores.

Besides that, having teachers’ recommendations that will pin down your personality and match up with the major that you are applying for will add a positive point to your application.

It is important to submit your application before the deadline to prevent the possibility of technical problems and avoid stressing out.

Final Words

The opportunity for international students to get into Alabama State University (ASU) is very high as the university has a 98% admission rate.

Although academics are key, getting the minimum GPA and test scores is the first level.

Writing a strong application that includes extracurricular activities, summer programs, and a compelling essay that displays your all-sidedness will dramatically improve your chance of getting accepted to ASU.

It is important to meet all deadlines and submit the required documents such as translated transcripts, English language proficiency exams, and so on. Good luck!

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