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9 Cheap Dental Insurance For College Students With Low Income

Smile Bright: Affordable Dental Insurance Solutions for College Students on a Budget

9 Cheap Dental Insurance For College Students With Low-Income

The primary deterrent for Americans from receiving routine dental care is cost. And imaging that on a college student with low income.

This has statistically given rise to the need for cheap dental insurance for college students with low incomes.

A standard cleaning and examination from a dentist may cost $200 or more. While the overall cost of braces and dentures can approach thousands of dollars, filling cavities can only cost a few hundred dollars.

Dental treatment isn’t always free, however, some programs are reasonably priced. These plans are often the least expensive and offer coverage for both routine checks and emergencies.

Furthermore, college students under 26 may be eligible to receive their health and dental insurance through their parents’ plan under the Affordable Care Act.

The Cost Of Dental Insurance For College Students

The cost of dental insurance for college students varies based on the state in which you live, the plan, and each person’s needs.

Fortunately, dental insurance is less expensive than standard health insurance; some plans have monthly costs as little as $7.

But, you should also be aware of your yearly maximum, coinsurance, and deductible since these expenses and variables will also affect the total amount you pay for dental care.

Certain colleges may provide their students with strategies, or at the very least, provide useful information when searching.

Check out your alternatives if your university has dental coverage; these will be tailored to your financial situation.

Although these clinics often treat general and reproductive health issues rather than oral health issues, universities may still maintain their on-campus clinic where they offer free care to students.

The Best Dental Insurance For College Students

Many variables, such as the student’s location, the available coverage options, and the insurance premium, will determine which dental plan is best for them.

Students should investigate various insurance companies and evaluate their benefits, premiums, and dentist network to choose which best suits their needs.

It’s worth checking with the college’s health services department to see what possibilities are available as some institutions also offer dental coverage as part of their student health insurance policies.

Dental Insurance
Dental Insurance

The Cheap Dental Insurance For College Students With Low-Income

If you’re trying to find cheap dental insurance for college students and who isn’t? you might want to think about the options listed here in this article.

The choices differ depending on geographical locations and eligibility criteria, so college students should investigate and explore the options accessible in their area.

Here is a list of cheap dental insurance for college students with low-income:

1. HMO: Essentially, an HMO entails having a primary care dentist that you must see regularly to avoid incurring additional costs.

HMO plans usually contain a copay that you must pay at the time of service instead of a deductible.

They are typically the most limiting in terms of the providers you can see, but they also often have the lowest monthly premiums and may not have yearly maximums. 

This may be the best choice if you’re seeking anything the least expensive.

2. Medicaid: A state-sponsored program that provides qualified individuals with free or low-cost health insurance, including dental services.

3. CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program): Provides dental coverage to qualifying kids and teens from low-income families.

4. Dental Schools: Numerous dental schools provide cheap or reduced dental services that are performed by students under supervision.

5. Discount Dental Plans: Membership-based initiatives that give participating dentists dental treatments at a reduced cost.

6. Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace: Provides dental care alternatives through private insurance plans, with low-income individuals eligible for subsidies.

7. Community Health Centers: A sliding pricing schedule based on income is available for dental services at certain community health centers.

8. Local Health Departments: For locals, particularly those in need of financial assistance, several health departments offer dental services at reduced or no cost.

9. Student Health Insurance Plans: Affordable dental care is a possibility with many college and university student health insurance policies.

Dental Insurance
Dental Insurance

Importance Of Dental Insurance For A College Student

Regular dental examinations, which include x-rays and teeth cleanings, can help identify oral problems before they worsen. Regular dental checkups and cleanings are usually covered by dental insurance.

All of us desire a beautiful smile. However, brushing and flossing once a day is frequently insufficient.

These are some of the factors that make dental insurance so important, and most especially to young adults:

  1. Emergencies and injuries do occur. It might hurt to have a damaged tooth or to lose a tooth. Without dental insurance, however, the expense of corrective dentistry for a dental accident could run into the thousands of dollars.
  2. It is impossible to overlook an infected tooth or other procedures like the extraction of wisdom teeth. If untreated, these could result in more health problems.
  3. Cavities that don’t progress to more serious issues requiring a root canal can be seen on X-rays. Without dental coverage, a root canal operation can run into the hundreds of dollars.
  4. Gum disease if untreated can result in major health problems like diabetes, heart disease, oral infections, and more.
  5. Find a plan that covers orthodontics if you currently have orthodontics or if you need it.

The video below explains plainly, how dental insurance works. This will give you a clear guide to what you actually need per se.

Dental Care That Is Free or Cheap if You Don’t Have Insurance

Finding free or inexpensive dental treatment is achievable, though, if you look around, be patient, and have good fortune.

One in three adult Americans do not have dental insurance. Expensive procedures can force you to pay a significant amount out of pocket even if you have insurance.

1. Dental Schools

In most schools, students treat patients at discounted rates in clinics. For root canals, fillings, and other procedures, you might pay half or even less than what reputable dentists charge.

As the student works on you, licensed supervisors will be checking every step, so expect your appointment to take longer than usual.

There are two or more dental or dental hygiene programs in every state. New York has 160, and Alaska has four. There are a ton of students there who must complete practical training to graduate.

2. Public Dental Clinics

These are public health clinics, supported by funds from the federal government, and operated by community health centers or local or state health departments.

Many have cheap, fixed costs or sliding scale rates that vary according to your financial situation.

The majority of clinics provide examinations, X-rays, cleanings, crowns, root canals, fillings, and surgical tooth extractions.

3. Free Dental Clinics

Dental treatments are donated by numerous nonprofit organizations, religious institutions, and associations of dentists.

However, their waitlists may be very lengthy or nonexistent. Some only provide services to elderly, disabled, or medically ill individuals, or they have income restrictions.

4. Government Dental Coverage

Verify whether your family qualifies for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) or Medicaid. Even if you are not a parent, you might still be qualified.

Most states don’t impose monthly premiums on Medicaid recipients. For kids under 19, dental care is fully covered.

About one-third of states provide dental benefits that are restricted to adults, while another third pays for comprehensive dental care.

Low-Cost Dental and Vision Options

1. Vital Savings on Dental Discount Program

The Vital Savings on Dental Discount program is automatically enrolled for free for students who sign up for the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan.

When registering for the medical plan, you are not required to select the Vital Savings option. Kindly click Vital Savings to learn more.

The closest to Rice, Vital Savings providers:

  1. The Village Dentistry
  2. University Oaks Dental PLLC
  3. Lovett Dental – Buffalo – GP

2. UT School of Dentistry

Clinical faculty members supervise UT Dental students as they carry out all treatments. Based on their unique demands, patients are accepted. Usually, treatment and services cost between $150 and $175.

To schedule an initial evaluation session, please contact Option 2 at 713-486-4000.

You can schedule appointments from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. every day until all of the slots for the upcoming week are reserved.

3. Legacy Dental

1415 California Street, Houston, TX 77006 is the address. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call 832-548-5000.

Hours: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm, Monday – Thursday.
Friday: 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

4. UT Health

UT Health is located on the 18th floor at 6400 Fannin. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call 713-486-9400.

Note: Cash-pay eye tests are available at UT Health Optometry, which is situated right across the street. An eye test for a glasses prescription costs $125, and an exam for contacts costs $250.

Top Dental Insurance Companies in 2024

To identify the top dental insurance providers, the analysis takes into account many factors, including cost, deductibles, provider networks, waiting times, coverage, and levels of reimbursement.

The most excellent dental insurance providers are Anthem and Guardian, according to the most recent reliable analysis of significant dental insurers.

The top dental insurance providers are listed below in a viewpoint:

  1. Anthem – Good for out-of-network coverage
  2. Guardian – Good price for benefits provided
  3. Ameritas – Good for no waiting periods
  4. Humana – Good for preventive care
  5. Spirit Dental – Good for dental cleanings
  6. The Delta Dental
  7. Careington
  8. Dental Healthcare Services

1. Ameritas – Good for no waiting periods

Ameritas offers dental insurance with immediate coverage and no waiting periods. Preventive care, including examinations and cleanings, is completely covered, and there are no enrollment fees.

In addition, certain Ameritas dental plans might cover orthodontic, vision, and hearing services.

2. Guardian – Good price for benefits provided

The policy offers a $1,000,000.00 maximum coverage for years 18 to 64 and a $500,000.00 maximum coverage for ages 65 to 76.

The maximum amount that a member must pay out-of-pocket is $1,800 for LASIK, $1,500 for PRK, or $2300 for bladeless LASIK, custom PRK, or custom LASIK.

3. Humana – Good for preventive care

Humana dental insurance plans provide a wide range of savings. This is a respectable insurance provider with a wide range of student dental plans and a network of more than 260,000 dentists.

Pre-enrollment costs are nonexistent, and obtaining coverage does not require underwriting.

4. Anthem – Good for out-of-network coverage

With Anthem’s HMO network of physicians and other carefully chosen providers, the Anthem HMO is an affordable plan created especially for USC workers.

5. Spirit Dental – Good for dental cleanings

With no coverage waiting periods, Spirit Dental’s Core Network plan offers outstanding value.

However, because benefit levels are initially modest, you’ll have to stick with the plan for a few years before you can start receiving coverage levels that some rivals provide immediately.

6. The Delta Dental

Among the most well-known dental insurance providers in the US is Delta Dental, which has a network of more than 150,000 dentists.

For students on a tight budget, there are many options for dental insurance, including dental insurance for university-specific college students.

Get in touch with your university to see if you may obtain Delta Dental coverage at a reduced cost.

7. Careington

Careington offers a dental savings plan, frequently referred to as a discount plan, although they are not an insurance provider.

A dental discount plan is a great way to get affordable dental care for the service you need when you need it, which is why we included it in our suggestions.

8. Dental Healthcare Services

Dental Health Services, a dental benefits company owned by its employees that provides services in California, Washington, and Oregon, is home to the SmartSmile plan.

They usually provide dental insurance to college students because they want to provide their clients with high-quality care at an affordable price.


The article “9 Cheap Dental Insurance For College Students With Low Income” is a carefully compiled selection of reasonably priced dental insurance plans designed especially for college students who are struggling financially.

Students in need of dental treatment have access to affordable options such as community health clinics and dentistry schools, as well as government assistance programs like Medicaid and CHIP.

Furthermore, flexible coverage at lower costs is provided via student health insurance plans, ACA Marketplace alternatives, and discount dental policies.

The summary ensures that college students have access to necessary dental services without having to bear an excessive financial burden by showcasing these varied possibilities and empowering them to take proactive care of their oral health even in the face of low financial resources.


What is the best health insurance for independent college students?

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers the finest student health insurance, but for more specialized requirements, UnitedHealthcare, Everest, and Compass are all excellent choices.

You will need to purchase individual health insurance unless your company or parents provide it.

How much is student health insurance in the US?

Depending on the added features and whether your plan covers pre-existing diseases, the cost of student health insurance in the USA might vary significantly.

Certain packages might cost as little as $30 a month, while more expensive “premium” plans with large deductibles could cost as much as $300.

What is the best dental insurance with no waiting period?

With no waiting periods, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is the greatest dental insurance company overall.

It received the highest overall cost-to-value rating in our analysis, which takes into account the yearly maximum coverage, deductibles, and premiums.

With an annual maximum of $2,500, it is the highest of all the plans we looked into.

What does Flossy do?

Flossy provides discounts for all dental operations, including cosmetics, which are rarely covered by insurance. That’s why we’re certain that seeing a Flossy dentist is the greatest choice

What types of insurance are most relevant to college students?

Popular personal insurance policies for college students include health, renters, and automobile insurance, but there are several factors to consider while selecting coverage.

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