Review of Free Online Courses in Germany and Cost of Living

Germany is one of the largest countries in Europe, it encompasses a large landmass,  Berlin is the capital of Germany, and her official language is German. The official name is Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Germany shares boundary with Denmark, West by Belgium, Netherland and Luxembourg, its south borders Switzerland and Austria. Germany has 380 officially recognized universities with over 17,000 different study programs. 

Overview of online Education

Online Education started with a Harvard professor in 1954, by name BF Skinner, thou computer based training started in 1960.  Technology currently growing has made the demand for online education to be rising. 

What is online learning?

Online Education can be called distance education,  thou it’s an alternate in that it allows her students to study their program online.  Online Education helps make her students  focus on their bussiness, but it means they won’t be attending classes, seminar’s ,  you will access them online. 

Online Education, gives you the opportunity to study at your own pace and time, and it may interest you to know that about 6 million persons are studying for their degrees online and 85% of them think online education is equivalent to their program. 

Online learning helps students’ to socialize through their various platforms  like

  • E-Books 
  • Journals
  • Recorded lectures 
  • Discussion forum
  • Interview 

Cost of living in Germany

  • Accomodation

The cost of studying in Germany, especially as regards accommodation is high for one room in Berlin and Munich,  $739.85 per month, while 3 bedroom in the city you will have to pay $1,418.80 per month.  You will have to pay less if you’re to stay in the school hostel. 

  • Transportation

Transportation is another factor you need to consider when living in Germany,  A one way ticket will cost you $2.80 depending on distance. While monthly pass will cost you $70.00. 

  • Utility Cost

You will have to consider  bills like electricity heating and cooling, water,  this will cost you around $220.94, even cost of data. 

  • Food Cost

The cost of meals in a non Expensive restaurant is around $10.00, while a plate of meal  for  two in a medium seized restaurant is $50.  Domestic beer and imported beer cost $3.50, while coke and Pepsi in a mild restaurant cost $2.36. 

Structure of Online Courses

When talking about the structure of online  courses it means, those ways designed for studying in the internet for virtual classes. 

Most online learning are supported by 

  • Web and Video conference
  • WhatsApp group
  • Wikis
  • Multiplayer Activities

Programs involving seminar and workshop are held in the university site, 

Factors to consider when choosing online courses

The primary aspect to consider when fixing online courses is accreditation and this helps you to understand the basics,  that the program is standard.

Another aspect you have to consider is the type of degree program, especially the requirements of the program. 

Free online courses in Germany

They’re many online courses in Germany, that awards certificate of training for free,  and most of this program are taught in English with a touch of Germany. 

  • Lifestyle and Nutrition in Pregnancy
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Learn Basic German
  • Thinking and Acting like an Entrepreneur
  • Communication Acoustics
  • Flood Risk Management
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Conversational German

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