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7 Esthetician Schools in Charlotte, NC

Interested in becoming an esthetician, equipped with specialized skills on how to provide cosmetics and skincare treatments to your clients, then this post is for you.  The esthetics school in Charlotte, NC are presently one of the best in the country. And they offer her students skills that will take them to great height in the field of esthetics. 

Lots of persons might not be familiar with the word esthetics, but we will be having an overview of the profession, to help you as you journey to become one.

What is an Esthetician?

In my view the simple answer to this question is, an aesthetician is a “beautician”  to give a full overview of this profession, it is someone that provides services that focuses in great depth on the care of people’s skin which includes but is not limited to skin treatments, facials, makeup application, and hair removal. Thou their jobs entails a whole lots more. 

The program in aesthetics in Charlotte, has distinguished itself from other States and countries, and this is why her Programs in aesthetics are highly sorted out by dignitaries from different countries.  As we know aesthetics deals with beauty and creativity. 

How to become an Esthetician in Charlotte, NC

To become an esthetician in Charlotte, one needs to have completed his or her training in an accredited school, for a minimum period. And as well pass the states board licensing exam, in order to become eligible to be licensed.

Average Cost of Esthetician Schools in Charlotte, NC

Studying for an esthetics program will cost you $5,500 including the kits and the application fee of $100. 

The esthetics schools are listed below

  • Central Piedmont Community College


This Community college is a public  Institution, and it has a student’s population of about 6,357 students’.  It is a midsized Institution. It has a 100% acceptance rate. The most liked majors in this Institution are Liberal arts and humanities, business, and information technology.

  • Gaston College


This Community college is a public Institution,  it is a modest Institution and is awarded one of the best for her Program in esthetics and cosmetology, her students are made to understand the basics and  how to keep their customers.

  • AB Tech Community College Esthetics Technology Program – Asheville


This program forms her students to understand the basics of their field, this programs helps you to  be eligible for the state licensing exam in esthetics.  This program will give you an edge to participate in hands on program and also participate in Community service.

The cost of this program include

  • Tuition: $1,216
  • Kit Cost: $212
  • Program Length: 9 months
  • Paul Mitchell the School—Gastonia

This Community College being a small College has a student’s enrollment of 327 undergraduate,  it is a tiny Institution and has a 100% Acceptance Rate. The popular courses offered by this Institution are Cosmetology, cosmetology education, and salon management, which it uniquely helps her students to get skills and experience for the dynamic needs of their field 

  • Empire Beauty School—Concord


This Institution is a for profit esthetics Institution, it offers about 67 undergraduate degree Programs and her major programs are  Cosmetology, cosmetology education, and salon management. 

  • Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology – Rock Hill


This is a for profit public Institution, located in Rock Hill, South Carolina near Charlotte. It is the a small tiny Institution and has about 66 students’ enrolled in their program, program offered in this Institution are  Esthetician and skin care, cosmetology, cosmetology instruction, and salon management. 

  • Empire Beauty School—Charlotte

This Institution is a for profit beauty Institution, Located in Charlotte and has  about 67 undergraduate degree students and her major programs are  Cosmetology, cosmetology education, and salon management

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