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Acceptance Rate for Albany State University for International Students 2024-2025 | Requirements

Do you know that the Acceptance Rate for Albany State University for International Students affects your chance of admission? Don’t worry, you will get to understand how. Read on to learn the acceptance rate of Albany State University and how to increase your chance of admission.

Albany State University, created in 1903, is a public technical college that offers admission to both local and foreign students.

It is located in the center of the city and provides access to a campus of 231 acres. This means that it is home to a wide pool of learners.

The university offers a range of professional development programs ranging from certificates to master’s degrees operating on a semester-based academic system.

Even though most students who come to Albany State University are commuters, women and men are always welcome to get a quality education.

There are about 5,833 undergraduate students in fall 2022, and it gives pupils the odds to study along with their peers.

In the 2024 version of the U.S. News & World Report’s survey for Best Colleges, it is the #100 in the Regional Universities South.

This shows that it serves a great variety of students, both local and international.

Acceptance Rate for Albany State University for International Students

Acceptance Rate for Albany State University for International Students

The acceptance rate of Albany State University (with 86% overall), is the proportion of applicants that are admitted at the university.

For international candidates, this implies that out of every 100 international applicants, around 86 of them may receive the admission acceptance letter.

You need to familiarize yourself with the acceptance rate as an international applicant. It will give you a glimpse of your chance for acceptance.

When the acceptance rate is high, like Albany State University’s 86%, it suggests that the university welcomes a lower number of students compared to the high number of applicants.

However, international students might have a higher chance of being admitted to these universities if the acceptance rate is high compared to those of the universities with low acceptance rates.

Indeed, the fact that the acceptance rate is just one of the components you consider is correct.

Besides this, other factors like academic qualifications, English fluency, and extracurricular activities also weigh in the priorities.

Certainly, a higher acceptance rate can be viewed as an advantage by some, but it is still you who should write good applications to increase your chances of admission.

Requirements for International Students at the Albany State University

If you’re an international student looking to join Albany State University School, you need to meet these requirements:

1. Complete the school application, and pay the application fee.

2. Get your academic records from non-U.S. colleges evaluated by a U.S. Credential Evaluation Service to prove you have a degree equal to a U.S. Bachelor’s Degree.

3. Please, send all your official academic transcripts from the colleges and universities that you attended in the U.S. to The Graduate School of ASU.

4. If English is not your mother tongue, send your TOEFL or IELTS scores. The minimum TOEFL score is 523 (For paper-based), 193 (For computer-based), or 69 (For Internet-based), and the IELTS minimum is 6.

5. Fill in the Certificate of Finances Form to verify that you have sufficient money (at least $27,600) for tuition and living expenses.

6. The required documents for your chosen program should be submitted to the ASU Graduate School.

7. In case you are transferring from any other American college/university the Form I-20 and the I-94 student visa are also needed.

8. Furthermore, get your Academy of Art University Transfer Clearance Form completed by the Designated School Official.

9. Bring proof of the health insurance that works in the U. S., or buy the American health insurance if you do have it.

You can email scanned copies of documents to or mail them to the provided address.

How Much is Tuition at Albany State University?

How Much is Tuition at Albany State University?

Domestic and international students are charged different amounts of tuition depending on the number of credit hours they take.

If you’re getting an associate, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree, the fees are different from the other degree types.

Moreover, this university sets a compulsory fee of as much as the access card fee, the activity fee, the athletic fee, the health fee, the student center facility fee, the tech fee, and the transportation fee.

Among these price tags are a wide range of university services and facilities that have a direct impact on your overall undergraduate life.

On the other hand, online training may incur additional fees, also, as an out-of-state student, you may have to pay different tuition prices for the course.

In addition to that, living and dining options will have different fees which are affected by your preferences.

For instance, full-time students taking 15 credit hours will be charged domestic student fees ranging from $2,405 to $3,350 for associates, $3,092 to $3,092 for bachelor’s, and $3,092 to $3,092 for graduate programs.

For international students, the fees are $7,145 to $10,445 for associates and $10,340 for bachelor’s degree programs while $7,265 to $10,625 is charged for the graduation programs.

You should know about the extra fees that are needed for services like housing and dining plans. It will depend on your taste.

Also, ensure that you go through the tuition fee schedule properly and plan well to have a smooth experience during your study years here at Albany State University.

What is the Deadline to Apply to Albany State University?

The deadline to apply to Albany State University depends on which semester you’re aiming for.

If you’re looking to start in the spring, you should aim to submit your application by November 1st, with all necessary documents in by November 15th.

For a summer start, get your application in by March 1st, and ensure all documents are received by March 15th.

If you’re eyeing the fall semester, make sure your application is in by June 15th, and all required documents are received no later than June 30th.

Meeting these deadlines ensures your application is processed smoothly and on time.

Final Words

The acceptance rate is high, but you will still need to meet the requirements for admission, such as having a good academic record and English proficiency.

The cost of tuition will vary depending on your program and whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student.

Be sure to meet the deadlines for applying to ASU so that your application can be processed on time. Good luck as you apply to study at this college!

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