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7 Most Expensive Universities in Canada

Most of this Expensive universities in Canada, are not listed here  because of their tuition fee but because of the quality of education they offer to their students.  Their characteristic quality of education and students research is one of the reasons this Universities are highly ranked.  Which is why students’ move from distant lands and countries to Canada to study in this Universities, as a result of they provide world class Education to her students. 

In order to satisfy their quest for higher Education, and their passion to have a better life than their parents, this Universities sometimes helps in improving the students talent’s, and gives them a career. Sometimes the students in this Institution are offered the opportunity of doing study abroad options, doing their internships in reputable multi national companies.

What is the Harvard of Canada?

In Canada just like US, they’re Ivy league Institutions. Most persons who can’t afford to study in Harvard University, always search for Canadian Universities operating on the same standard. In Canada the McGill University’s  is known as the Harvard, owing to her principles.

What is the province with the most expensive tuition in Canada?

In Canada, all the province have her Education policies, and tuition fees sometimes is determined by her University commission, and most universities due to their research output have low tuition fee, owing to that they’re research works gives them finance. The province of Nova Scotia has the highest and most Expensive, while Quebec has the lowest tuition. 

The most Expensive universities in Canada are listed below

  • University of Waterloo

Location: Waterloo


This public university  was established in 1957,  it offers  undergraduates, graduate, and doctorate programs, her students population is about 31,000, with her postgraduate students’ 4,375 and her undergraduate student population is 26,987. 

The cost of tuition varies per program but the cost for Undergraduate students’ in  the field of health sciences include $10,010.00 termly for international students, programs in undergraduate engineering costs $7,202.00 and $14,414.00 per term.

  • York University

Location: Toronto, Canada


The York University is one of the most Expensive and largest university in Canada,  this University is highly ranked and her tuition fee is £24,680. All other departments charge a £13,580 annual tuition cost. Her undergraduate Students’ population of about 55,000. 

  • Queens University

Location: Kingston, Ontario


This Institution is a public University, It was established in 1841.  It was the first university in Canada to admit women, and offered only women program in medicine. It has produced about 4 Nobel laureates.  It has a high tuition fee and her undergraduate tuition fee is  $29,656.80 per year in foreign undergrad tuition. The annual tuition for medicine is $75,962.00. 

  • Trinity Western University

Location: Langley,  British Columbia


As a private University, the trinity Western university was established in 1986,  this University offers her programs in Art’s, both her undergraduate and graduate degree students’ irrespective of being an international or domestic students’ pay Expensive tuition fee. 

This Institution offers programs in about 1200 courses, and has 45 distinct Academic specialization and programs. 

  • Quest University

Location:  British Columbia


This Institution officially started in 2007 and was established as a private University, currently it is one of the most Expensive universities in Canada. Quest University is a private, not-for-profit, secular liberal arts and sciences university.   It charges the highest tuition for her international students among other universities in Canada. The tuition fee for this University is $41,353. 

  • Mount Allison University

Location: Sackville, New Brunswick


Through her 183(1839) years of existence the mount Allison University has built a reputation of being the best University in Canada for Undergraduate degree program according to Maclean’s ranking and it has taken this position for about 22 time’s. It is also among the most Expensive University in Canada. 

It offers her potential students’ about 50 degrees which they can chose from or create their own unique degree options. 

Her cost of tuition is Undergraduate Canadian Students $9,440 and for Foreign Students) $19,040 and Graduate Canadian Students  $5,010, Graduate Foreign Students $5,010

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