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Acceptance Rate for Dartmouth University for International Student 2024-2025 | Application Guide

Are you searching for the Acceptance Rate for Dartmouth University for International Student? You’ve come to the right place. Learn more about acceptance rates, entry requirements, and how to increase your chance of admission.

Dartmouth College is one of the most famous Ivy League schools with a particular priority to undergraduate studies.

Despite its size, the college is known for its extensive international population and strong academic program.

Dartmouth’s strategy differs from that of larger universities in that it places undergraduates first, affording them access to higher-level opportunities reserved for graduate students at other institutions.

This little college is in New Hampshire which is suitable for those who are ambitious academically and love nature equally.

Dartmouth, moreover, is distinctive in the way it delivers a great education in an attractive environment.

Acceptance Rate for Dartmouth University for International Student

Acceptance Rate for Dartmouth University for International Student

For most international students, getting accepted to Dartmouth University is a dream; however, one should be prepared for the competitive nature of the application process.

International students are accepted into college at a rate of 6%, which is the same as that of all students. That means that only 6 out of 100 students who applied will be offered a place in a university.

It is like trying to get into a very exclusive club where there are a limited number of openings. Although there is no separate acceptance rate only for international students, the general one is very low.

This means that you will have to have very outstanding academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and possibly great standardized test scores (if necessary) to get a high chance of admission.

It costs more to apply to Dartmouth as a transfer student than as a first-year student. The application fee for freshmen is $80, while transfers pay $90.

What GPA is Required for Dartmouth?

Dartmouth College is extremely competitive, and it is grades in particular that can be the most challenging.

They want to see excellent grades, so you should have mostly A’s and take difficult classes like AP or IB. If you are a junior or senior, the climb is tough because you hardly get any chance to improve your GPA.

If your average GPA is not as good as theirs (4.11), you’ll need to take the SAT and score higher if you want to compensate for it.

They do care about those numbers. Try to score at least a 1550 SAT and a GPA of more than 4.11 to be at the top.

However, they don’t care about only grades and class scores, they also want to know about your activities and accomplishments made outside the class.

The admission chance may get pretty low, in case you have a low SAT score.

They consider each part of you–grades, scores, classes, activities, recommendations, and essays– to determine if you are a good match.

How Much is a Semester at Dartmouth?

For the fall term at Dartmouth, you are directly going to be charged for tuition ($21,228), fees ($609), housing ($3,806), and dining ($2,447).

Besides, there would be more items to spend on, which are not found in the Dartmouth bill like books and supplies ($335) and personal expenses ($680).

Therefore, your budget for the whole term at Dartmouth will amount to $29,105. This involves both the direct costs which you will be billed by Dartmouth and the other expenses you will have to manage individually.

Does Dartmouth Give Full Aid to International Students?

Does Dartmouth Give Full Aid to International Students?

Yes, Dartmouth College does not only help, but it goes beyond that. It covers the financial needs of all admitted undergraduates, which includes you and other international students.

Below are the various aids they offer to international students.

1. Scholarships and Loans:

Dartmouth has specific financial aid for international students, which includes scholarships and loans.

On top of these, they even have a provision that assists with travel expenses to the U.S. because they realize that your situation might be peculiar to you.

2. Need-Blind Admissions:

Starting with the Class of 2026, Dartmouth College is expanding its need-blind admissions policy to include all international citizens.

This means that your application is evaluated only based on your competencies without taking into account your financial background.

3. Student Work Contribution:

However, in your first year, there will not be any summer earnings expectations, but you might need to work for $1,500 in the next years.

But don’t panic because lots of international students work for the College not only during terms but also when they are not taking classes, earning an estimated annual income that is enough to support themselves.

You are not just another international student at Dartmouth but rather a valued member of the community who is supported at each step along the way.

Is Dartmouth a Top 10 School?

Dartmouth College has been placed at #18 in 2024 in the National Universities category of the U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges” rankings.

Although Dartmouth is not one of the top 10 universities, it is considered to own a strong academic reputation and remains known for its challenging academic programs, talented faculty, and spirited campus life.

It must be stated that rankings may fluctuate from year to year, however, Dartmouth always ranks among the country’s top elite universities.

Its quality of academic teaching, research opportunities, and strong student support services remain key factors that enable the institution to attract the best students from across the globe.

It also makes the university a respected one in the higher education sector.

Final Words

Dartmouth is one of the most selective (only 6 students are accepted from 100 applicants) for international students, but they have financial aid for all (scholarships, loans, travel allowances).

They are interested to see the students with high grade points (hard classes and good grades), extracurricular participation, and potentially good test scores. 

It would cost about $29,105 per term, but there are financial aid opportunities. However, Dartmouth is not among the top 10, but it is still a distinguished university with a solid academic standing.

So, if you feel like you have outstanding results, then you have a chance of being accepted. Apply now and avoid late applications or not meeting with deadline. Good luck with your academic pursuit!

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