What is the Acceptance Rate for UC Davis for International Students 2024-2025?

What is the acceptance rate for UC Davis for International Students? Some of the top public universities in the world are located in the USA. Among them is the University of California, one of the biggest research institutions supported by the public, with ten campuses located around the state.

The 5300-acre University of California, Davis campus houses 4 colleges, 6 schools, and 104 undergraduate majors in addition to 96 graduate and professional degree programs.

Approximately 39000 students are enrolled there each year, including foreign students from more than 110 nations.

A surefire method of overcoming the challenging UC college application procedure is to look at UC Davis’ acceptance rate.

Acceptance Rate for UC Davis for International Students

What is the Acceptance Rate for UC Davis for International Students?

UC Davis has an average acceptance rate of 46% while their acceptance rate for international students is 15%. With a SAT score between 1140 and 1400, half of the students admitted to the University of California have this range.

If not, their ACT scores are 25 and 31. Of the approved applicants, 25% had scores that were above these ranges and the remaining 25% had scores that were below them.

The University of California, Davis requires a $70 application fee, and the deadline for applications is November 30.

A student’s average GPA at UC Davis is a crucial academic consideration for University of California, Davis admissions officers.

However, as the admissions committee does not deem them necessary, pupils are not required to provide their high school class rank or letters of recommendation. You can find out more about the college campus if you’re interested in learning more about the academic aspects and other school statistics.

Will You Get Into the UC Davis?

UC Davis University has a free college acceptance calculator where you can compare your test scores and GPA to other students’ data to see how you stand up as an applicant.

UC Davis has a student-faculty ratio of 20.1, and 32.4% of its classes have less than 20 students in them. The average freshman retention rate and indicator of student satisfaction is 93%.

1. GPA Requirements

To be admitted to the University of California, Davis, applicants must meet a minimum GPA requirement. To be at the top of your class at UC Davis, you must have an average GPA of 4.03.

2. SAT and ACT Requirements

Every school has different requirements for the qualifying exams. The majority of colleges require the SAT or ACT. A few more demand SAT subject examinations.

To submit an application to UC Davis, you have to follow the guidelines for the SAT or ACT. You also need to perform well enough to have a meaningful application.

3. UC Davis SAT Conditions

Many universities say they don’t have a SAT cutoff, yet they do in reality. This is based on the average score for the school. “All Scores” is the Score Preference process that applies to UC Davis.

This means that UC Davis requires you to submit your entire set of SAT results to their office. UC Davis states that 4-6 exams is a safe amount to offer.

The institution is aware of your wish to be considered for the best possible admissions opportunity. It’s reasonable to say that retaking the test will achieve this.

They don’t care how many times you take the test as long as you finish it in a short amount of time. They focus primarily on your score.

A person’s capacity for progress is called into question if they take tests more than six times. The six examinations are satisfactory, nevertheless, and one might start retaking them to increase their chances. You should study for the SAT if your current score is less than 1280.

The Percentages provided below will help you predict your chances of admission to the university:

  • 80-100%: Strongly secures your admission chances
  • 50-80%: You can get admission into the University
  • 20-50%: It is a bit lower, but still don’t lose hopes
  • 5-20%: Not sure of admission, but keep trying
  • 0-5%: Very low, no chances of getting in

What is the Application Process for UC Davis

The UC Davis online application portal is where applicants can submit their applications. The identical procedure that US candidates follow must be followed by all foreign applicants.

The applicants had to comply to the following procedure:

  • Choose the semester and course you want to take.
  • Sign up for a UC Application account.
  • Send in the required paperwork.
  • Send in the application fee.
  • Your UC Application ID number will be provided to you.

That being said, this is all about the acceptance rate and average GPA at UC Davis. I hope that this article has covered everything there is to know about the University of California. Start studying for your exams in order to gain admission to UC Davis with ease.

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