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Best 23 Part-time Jobs For College Students

The best part time job for a college student are almost all mentioned here in exclusive definition, it is very helpful for a student to have a part-time job to ease some financial distress.

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Best 23 Part-time Jobs For College Students

Would you like to work as you study? Are you currently there and looking for a part-time job? Many overseas students take on part-time work to assist with their living costs.

You can manage your money more effectively and obtain work experience if you take a job. You will also meet new people and gather vital experience. In addition, you’ll learn new skills and language that you’ll never lose, along with exposure to the culture of a British office.

However, what kinds of occupations do students typically accept? And what is your hourly wage? Examine the top part-time positions available to college students.

College students looking for part-time work should look for positions that offer flexibility, convenience, and competitive pay. In addition to your academic schedule, consider any expertise that may help you land a job while selecting part-time work to help pay for college.

Please take note that your location, level of experience, and schedule may affect these predicted incomes.

Best Part-time jobs for students

One of the finest ways to supplement your college income while studying is to work part-time. Here is a list of well-paying, low-effort part-time jobs for students; continue reading to learn more.

Best 23 Part-time Jobs For College Students
Best 23 Part-time Jobs For College Students

1. Fast food attendant

Attendants in fast food restaurants collect orders, put them together, and serve patrons. They must also be able to work quickly, have a cheerful attitude, and have a strong sense of numeracy because they will be handling the cash register as well. The National average salary is $9.21 per hour. Students can work in a variety of restaurants in their hometown or on campus.

2. Server

Known by other names as waiters or waitresses with a National average salary of about $11.35 per hour, they welcome guests, take orders for meals, and deliver them to them. Servers need to be excellent communicators, attentive listeners, and nice people-pleasers, just like fast food attendants. If you want to supplement your income with tips, working as a server is an excellent choice for students.

3. Barista

Baristas receive orders for beverages, prepare them, and deliver them to arriving clients. Although working early hours may be required, being a barista gives students the chance to network and develop their customer service abilities. The national average salary is $11.56 per hour.


4. Grocery store bagger

Grocery store baggers bag a shopper’s purchased groceries, and they earn a National average salary of $11.66 per hour. Sometimes, they will have to carry groceries for consumers to their cars. Effective and efficient students would make excellent grocery store baggers. They also appreciate working with consumers directly.

5. Retail sales personnel

Retail sales personnel with a National average salary of $11.83 per hour welcome and assist consumers, explain the merchandise available for purchase and respond to a variety of client inquiries. Students ought to choose a retailer that carries goods they are sufficiently knowledgeable about and enthusiastic about. Particularly for kids in high school and college, working in a bookstore is an excellent option.

6. Valet parking attendant

The National average salary is $12.38 per hour, parking staff put a car in park. They will also follow a lot of automobile keys. Excellent drivers with a current driver’s license are required for this role.

7. Library assistant

Library assistants ensure that the library is running well, maintain the library’s organization, and aid patrons in finding books or other resources. Students who are passionate about literature would be excellent library assistants plus they can earn about $13.18 per hour, whether they work at their local library or university.

8. Social media assistant or specialist

Marketing experts known as social media assistants manage an organization’s online presence and social media initiatives. The National average salary is $13.69 per hour, through a variety of online initiatives and freshly produced material, they are in charge of raising audience engagement.

Students who are comfortable with technology and who want to use social networking sites would be excellent in this position.

9. Tour guide

Prospective students are given a tour of the university campus by campus tour guides. Students who would want to stay on campus and forego commuting may find the tour guide profession appealing because it offers a flexible schedule. They earn a National average salary: of about $14.09 per hour.

Friendly, effective communicators who portray the campus in a positive light are required for tour guides. They must also be prepared to respond to a wide range of inquiries and have a decent understanding of the campus.

10. Babysitter

When parents are away, babysitters are in charge of providing short-term child care. They have to like interacting with children of all ages and possess patience and attentiveness.

Future employment prospects for students interested in or presently studying child development will benefit from working as babysitters. They can also earn the National average salary of $16 per hour.

11. Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador earns a National average salary of $17.16 per hour, they promote a business using a range of advertising strategies meant to raise sales and brand recognition. Since they are the company’s public face, they should portray it favorably.

A unique opportunity for students looking to get experience interacting with different customers is becoming a brand ambassador.

12. Pet sitter

Pets, when their owners are gone, are looked after by pet sitters. Pupils must be passionate about animals and make sure they get plenty of food and entertainment. Engaging with animals can also serve as a stress reliever for individuals who have demanding courses. National average salary: $38,394 per year

13. Tutor

Tutors assist and instruct pupils at all educational levels. They have to help them study for tests, complete course materials, and respond to inquiries.

Helping other students and earning extra money can be achieved through tutoring. Any area you are an expert in can be tutored, and there is typically a big need for math and science tutors.

Students who have a strong interest in teaching and want to earn about National average salary of $21.41 per hour ought to think about working as tutors part-time.

Best 23 Part-time Jobs For College Students
Best 23 Part-time Jobs For College Students

14. Bartending

To guarantee excellent client service, this position demands a kind disposition. You should also pay attention to how tidy the bar area is. You could occasionally additionally have to keep up with the cash register.

To function as a bartender, you might need to have a server certification in some countries. Obtaining the certification can improve your chances of being paid more per hour. It is very simple to obtain. A bartender can earn an Average salary of about $11-20 per hour.

15. Bookkeeping

For students like you, bookkeeping is an excellent part-time career if you have strong numerical skills. Many small businesses need part-timers who can keep up with their ledgers since they cannot afford to pay full-time accountants.

In addition to keeping an organized record of bank deposits and other financial reports, a part-time bookkeeper should be able to input data into the balance sheet. Having a finance and accounting undergraduate degree will help you land a bookkeeping job.

16. Data entry

Although it’s the simplest work to do, data entry may not be the highest-paying part-time job for college students. If you are unable to identify any unique abilities you may possess or if you are not interested in taking on high-level part-time work, a part-time data entry position may be the best option for you.

You may do it from your dorm room and turn in your work online since it’s that easy. It is advised that you carry out all of these transactions over online channels to guarantee secure payments and high-caliber output. Earning an Average salary of about $10-15 per hour.

17. Virtual Recruiting

For the work they do, which entails reaching out to people and arranging for firms and applicants to have their first interviews, virtual recruiters are also referred to as “headhunters.”A virtual recruiter establishes a connection between a company and a prospective employee. Earning an Average salary of $20-30 per hour.

You will be required to perform tasks such as job posting, resume screening, shortlisting candidates, etc. while working this part-time job as a student.

In certain situations, you could also need to carry out preliminary interviews and pay discussions. Proficiency in communication and familiarity with the relevant field are essential.

18. Mail delivery

In mail delivery, you have specific zip codes where you must deliver postal mail. This is a rare opportunity for students who don’t mind traveling occasionally as part of their employment duties to secure a high-paying part-time position.

If you want to dedicate all of your mental energy to studying, this is a great alternative. All you need to do is set aside a portion of your day to deliver mail in the area that you have chosen and you will earn an Average salary of $15-20 per hour.

It will be your responsibility to deliver and pick up packages and mail that arrive and depart. Additionally, you must record returned mail and unsuccessful delivery efforts. a car, or in certain regions you’ll have to pass a simple postal exam.

19. Dog walker

Younger people are needed by many elderly or busy families to walk their lively dog breeds. If you love dogs, strolling around gardens with your best friends is the best high-paying part-time employment for students.

The dog must be transported to and from its home safely. You ought to be able to detect whether a dog needs an urgent trip to the vet or is hungry while you’re out for a walk. Having previously petted dogs can help you get employment as a dog walker. National average salary: $38,394 per year.

Dog walker
Dog walker

20. Translator

Knowing another language might help you stand out as a candidate in the UK job market and even open up new prospects!

One of the many fantastic part-time occupations available in the UK for overseas students is translating, for instance.  Your language abilities will remain sharp with this work, whether you translate websites for businesses, research, publications, or marketing texts.

Furthermore, translating is a talent that you may use for the remainder of your professional life. Even if you’re not a linguist by profession, it might make a wonderful side gig in the future.

21. Research Assistant

As a graduate or doctoral student, you may be eligible to apply for a position at your university as a research assistant. Instead of getting paid by the hour, a research assistant will probably be given a salary. While most of these jobs are full-time, one-year roles, there are some part-time options available as well.

Working as a research assistant is a fantastic way to get published, be mentored by influential people in your field, and work on innovative projects.

22. Hotel Receptionist

Working as a hotel receptionist allows you to hone your language and customer service abilities. Large hotel companies also frequently provide fantastic business perks, such as cheap hotel stays in locations all over the world. For students who enjoy low-cost travel, this is the ideal employment.

23. Prep Cook

You will prepare meals, follow the head chef’s orders, and maintain food safety in the kitchen as a prep cook.

Being a foodie entails learning how to prepare a variety of foods and cuisines, and then practicing your new skills at home to wow your housemates and friends. You can use the abilities you acquire as a prep cook for the rest of your life, including chopping, sautéing, baking, frying, broiling, and everything in between.

Other Part-time Jobs You Can Earn with

1. Delivery Driver: If you drive, you can transport packages or food to businesses for extra cash.

2. Event Staff: For those who enjoy working with people, this is the ideal position. Working at parties or weddings is a great way to earn some additional cash.

3. House Cleaner: This job is for you if you enjoy cleaning. Cleaning people’s homes is a way to earn some extra cash.
4. Landscaper:
This is the perfect profession for you if you enjoy being outside. By performing other gardening tasks including grass mowing, you can earn some extra cash.

5. On-campus positions: Having a job on campus allows you to collaborate with your peers and develop networks and professional ties that will help you advance in your career. Since your working hours will be determined solely by your class schedule, having an on-campus employment will give you more flexibility. 

  • Library associate: $13.24 
  • Tutor: $21.31  
  • Teaching assistant: $11.85
  • Campus Ambassador: $10.94
  • Resident assistant: $13.24 
  • Campus tour guide: $13.37

Retail and marketing positions: Social networking, e-commerce, and neighborhood boutiques are examples of retail jobs. You can gain useful workplace and people skills from working in a physical store that you can apply to other aspects of your professional career.

Similarly, earning an online job will provide you access to technical skills like business analysis that you can use to improve your resume and give you an advantage over other applicants when you go for a job in your desired industry.

Many firms outsource this labor to online candidates since they rely on social media to attract customers and get exposure. Apply for part-time social media management jobs if you have experience creating content for YouTube or Instagram.

To boost brand awareness and sales revenue on your schedule, send your CV to companies seeking brand ambassadors if you enjoy appearing in front of the camera to promote specific products. This position offers a great opportunity to launch a career in marketing, entrepreneurship, or advertising and pays an average of $17.23 per hour.

Additionally, if you have a strong social media following of your own, get in touch with the marketing or advertising departments of other businesses and pitch them on your content production services and costs. Although it takes more time and work on your part, this strategy can significantly improve your internet reputation and cash generation.

Restaurant host: $11.06 per hour 

Paid internships: You might gain from a paid internship by getting good references for your CV, potential full-time work prospects in the future, a higher-paying position after college, and new skills you can use in your career. Employers place a high importance on initiative and drive, both of which are demonstrated by paid internships.

Best 23 Part-time Jobs For College Students

Part-time employment alternatives have increased dramatically in our technologically advanced day. It’s not merely a means to supplement your income on the weekends. Rather, the focus is on utilizing your distinct abilities and interests while optimizing your free time.

With remote work becoming more and more popular, you may now work during your free time from the comfort of your own home.

This list of ’13 Weekend Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home’ will offer a plethora of options, regardless of your skill set: writing, math, or fitness. Learn how to turn your talents into money, and who knows, you might even find your next passion!

1. Freelance Writing

The creators of everything from blog posts and articles to scripts and eBooks, freelance writers are the architects of the written word. They write about a wide range of subjects and take on projects for different clients on an as-needed basis.

Start your freelance writing career by putting your writing skills on display in a portfolio. Next, create a profile on a Fiverr or Upwork type of portal for freelance employment. Earning varies from $20 to $100 per hour based on project complexity and experience.

2. Online Tutoring

You can use virtual platforms to instruct pupils of all ages in a variety of areas as an online tutor. It’s important to have solid subject knowledge. Start by using websites like and Chegg Tutors. The hourly wage you can earn ranges from $10 to $50.

3. Virtual Assistant

A vast array of remote administrative, technical, and creative services are provided by virtual assistants. The hourly wage varies from $10 to $30. Determine your areas of expertise and list your services on sites such as Belay and Zirtual.

4. Social Media Manager

Social media managers oversee and provide content for the online personas of businesses. This can be a perfect fit for you if you’re skilled at creating interesting content and are familiar with social media networks. You can work as a social media manager for a nearby company or post your resume on freelance websites.

5. Graphic Designer

Software is used by graphic designers to produce visually appealing designs, including social media graphics, websites, brochures, and logos. If you have creative skills and are proficient with programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you should start by putting your work on sites like Behance or Dribbble.

6. Blogging

Bloggers create and post articles about particular subjects on their websites. You start by creating a blog using a platform such as Blogger or WordPress.

For more clarification, you can find good guidance when you check other performing websites like to see what those articles look like. The monthly earnings range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

7. E-commerce Seller

Products are sold online by e-commerce vendors on sites like Shopify and Etsy. These goods may include digital goods, vintage goods, handcrafted goods, and more.

Choose the product you wish to sell based on the market value and demand, then set up a store on the platform that works for it. Varies widely, depending on the product and market need. Successful sellers can earn several thousand dollars a month.

8. Transcriptionist

After listening to audio files, transcriptionists type out what they hear to create written documents. The legal, entertainment, and medical industries frequently use this service.

Consider signing up for transcription services like Rev or TranscribeMe if you can type fast and have good listening abilities. The usual pay range for an audio hour is $15 to $30.

9. Online Fitness Coach

Becoming an online fitness coach can be an enjoyable part-time profession if you have an aptitude for health and fitness. You can supply your clients with individualized nutrition and exercise regimens.

You may begin by advertising your services on social media or to friends and relatives. As you expand, you might think about a more official setup, such as a website or app. Earnings per hour could range from $20 to $100, depending on your level of experience and customer base.

10. Voice Over Artist

Voice actors provide voices for animated films, video games, advertisements, and other media. You can register and record a demo on websites like Voice123 or Voices if you can act and have a good speaking voice. While large projects might cost more than $3000, the average task pays between $100 and $500.

11. Virtual Consultant

Professional guidance in their field of expertise is provided by virtual consultants. This could be in marketing, technology, business, human resources, etc.

Start by determining your niche, then reach out to potential clients directly, or use consulting-specific platforms like Might differ greatly depending on the sector and level of experience, but usually ranges from $50 to $500 per hour.

12. Online Language Teacher

You can instruct students all over the world in a language you are proficient in as an online language instructor. Verbling and italki are excellent starting points. On average, language instructors can make $15 to $25 per hour, although some make far more.

13. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketers promote the goods and services of other businesses in exchange for commissions. Start by deciding on a good or service that piques your interest, and then obtain affiliate links using a platform such as Amazon Affiliate or CJ Affiliate. Pay varies widely; some affiliate marketers make several thousand dollars a month.

Describe your requirements before selecting a part-time position

Establish your criteria before searching for part-time work so the employer knows exactly what you’re willing to accomplish and under what circumstances.

Find out how many hours per week you will have free for work if your school has a set schedule. Refrain from going beyond what is necessary.

To preserve a positive work-life balance, clearly define expectations and limitations regarding your study and job hours as well as the timing of your program.

Talk about your hours

Tell the person interviewing you that your schedule will probably vary because of your program. Additionally, remember to factor in time for social activities in your weekly calendar, as maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial.

Talk about your paid time off, or PTO, while taking crucial occasions like holidays and school assignments into account. Early notification of any planned time off to employers is courteous and beneficial.

Have reasonable expectations for your salary and perks

There will be a lot of entry-level part-time employment that requires little to no experience. If you do, however, have the necessary expertise, you can bargain for a higher wage or hourly rate.

Make sure to inquire with the companies about perks such as paid time off for illness and health insurance. State and municipal regulations determine which requirements apply to employers who hire part-timers when it comes to benefits. Verify the local legislation to see what benefits might be available to you.

Be mindful of your location

If you want to avoid having to make long drives while attending classes, think about taking a part-time job that is nearby. Look for jobs on campus that are conveniently located within a short drive.

A job close to your house or college will save you time and energy if you take the bus or bike. However, if you drive a car to campus, you’ll have greater freedom to roam around town as much as you choose.

Engage in an enjoyable activity

Make sure your hobbies and topic of study align with your career to ensure a fulfilling transition between employment and education. Bring your CV to locally owned firms if you’re pursuing a business degree in school.

This will assist you in gaining practical experience that will support your long-term professional objectives. In the process, you’ll acquire useful technical and interpersonal abilities.

Advantages of working part-time while in college

Having a part-time job while attending college demonstrates your diligence. It will assist you in developing a skill set that you can use both within and outside of the workplace.

Among these abilities are problem-solving, communication, and time management. During this period, explore your interests, get ready for your profession, build your character and CV, and manage your finances.

Why should students get part-time jobs?

For students who wish to take a vacation from their heavy academics or gain extra money, a part-time job can be a terrific alternative. Grants and loans are available to college students, although not usually in sufficient amounts to pay for their entire tuition. They can work toward paying off their higher education by taking on part-time employment.

In a similar vein, high school kids can put money aside for their future goals, such as a new car, a house, or college. Students can think about their future career path, get useful work experience, and widen their social circle by working a part-time job.

How do I balance a part-time job with my regular job or studies?

Part-time weekend employment provides the advantage of flexibility. Working whenever it’s convenient for you makes juggling it with other obligations easier.

What factors to consider while applying for part-time jobs?

Since part-time work is intended for students, it is vital to take your schedule into account while applying. When looking for part-time work, take in mind your academic schedule, assignments, and other obligations.

How do I avoid scams when looking for part-time weekend jobs?

Do your homework on any platform or firm you are considering. Look for reviews and verify that the website is authentic. It’s usually true when something looks too wonderful to be true.

How many hours can I work?

During the semester, full-time students can work 20 hours per week; during breaks from school, they can work full-time.

Students below the degree level who study full-time are limited to 10 hours of work per week. Once your visa is accepted, all of this information will be detailed on it; carefully review the terms of your student visa.

It’s vital to remember that as an international student, you can’t be self-employed – even if it’s just for a few hours a week. An official contract from your employer is required. Be cautious to investigate any working limits before applying for a position, as some universities have them.


Yes, you can reduce your expenses by taking part-time work that pays well. But consider having a part-time job in an industry related to the subject you are learning! That will also improve your chances of landing a job once you graduate. So why not give it a shot?

It’s simple to think that obtaining part-time work is simple. However, a strong resume and some prior work experience in the industry will help you land a part-time position.

Networking is one of the most important things you should concentrate on when working part-time. Make friends, network, and surround yourself with individuals who will support you professionally at all times.

As an international student, you have access to numerous other financial management options, such as loans, graduate or teaching assistantships, scholarships, and more. Finally, feel free to contact us or leave a remark below if you have any questions or if you feel stuck. We would be happy to assist!


1. Which job is best for students in Canada?

Some of the best jobs available in Canada for students are; working as a teacher’s assistant, tutor, waiter, bartender, server, driver, freelancer, translator, salesperson, babysitter, dog walker, etc..

2. What part-time jobs pay the most?

  • Personal driver. 
  • Nanny.  
  • Freelancer. 
  • Tutor. Average salary: $24.90 per hour.  
  • 17. Mail carrier. Average salary: $25.86 per hour. 
  • Real estate agent. Average salary: $40.67 per hour. 
  • Occupational therapist. Average salary: $44.29 per hour. 
  • Speech pathologist. Average salary $48.42 per hour.

3. What is the highest-paying job for a college degree?

Top Paying Careers by Median Salary
  • Petroleum Engineering – $139,300.
  • Chemical Engineering – $93,150.
  • Nuclear Engineering – $92,500.
  • Actuarial Mathematics – $90,200.
  • Electronics Engineering – $88,650.

4. Where can I earn money while studying?

  • Get a Part-Time Job Near Campus.
  • See if You’re Eligible for Work-Study.
  • Become a Resident Assistant (RA)
  • Paid Internships.
  • Apply to Be a Campus Tour Guide.
  • Become a Teaching Assistant (TA)
  • Tutoring.
  • Sell Your Notes and Study Materials.

What is the easiest part-time job?

  1. Appointment Setter. Setting appointments might be a suitable career choice for you if you have strong communication abilities.
  2. Brand Ambassador.
  3. Classroom or Library Monitor.
  4. Customer Service.
  5. Data Entry.
  6. Delivery Driver.
  7. Fitness Instructor.
  8. Food/Product Demonstrations.

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