List Of Secondary Schools In Bauchi State

List Of Secondary Schools In Bauchi State

List Of State And Private Secondary Schools In Bauchi State

List Of Secondary Schools in Bauchi State: According to my research, 69 state and private secondary schools in Bauchi State are the approved centres for quality education for every child.

Here is the list of approved state and private secondary schools in Bauchi State.

  1. Al-Iman School, Bauchi
  2. Al-Imam Shafi’i International School
  3. Al-Furqan International Academy
  4. Alhuda International Academy, Bauchi
  5. Al-Madeenah International Academy, Bauchi
  6. Al-mi’iraj Science Academy, Bauchi
  7. Abu Huraira College
  8. Alkali Musa Nursery and Primary School, Azare
  9. Amana international school
  10. Annoor International Islamic Academy, Bauchi
  11. ATBU Staff School, Bauchi
  12. Babale International Academy, Bauchi
  13. Baban Takko Secondary School
  14. Bakari Dukku Primary School, Bauchi
  15. Bigi Junior Secondary School
  16. City Comprehensive Secondary School
  17. Coddle Private School Bauchi
  18. College of Islamic Studies, Bauchi
  19. Command Children School, Shadawanka Barracks, Bauchi
  20. Command Day Secondary School, Shadawanka Cantonment, Bauchi
  21. Compass international School Gwalameji
  22. Crown College Bauchi
  23. Darus-Sa’adah Academy
  24. Divine International Academy, Bauchi
  25. Dolphin Institute, Bauchi
  26. Dominion International School (D. I. A)
  27. Elsadeeq International Academy
  28. Fariah Foundation School, Fadan Mada, Bauchi
  29. Federal Government College, Azare, Bauchi
  30. Federal Government Girls College, Bauchi
  31. Federal Polytechnic Staff School, Bauchi
  32. FOMWAN Nursery and Primary School, Bauchi
  33. General Hassan Usman Katsina Unity College
  34. Government Day Secondary School, Bura
  35. Government Day Secondary School, Kofar Wambai, Bauchi
  36. Government Day Secondary School, Ningi
  37. Government Day Secondary School, Shadawanka Cantonment, Bauchi
  38. Government Science Secondary School, Dass
  39. Government Girls College, Bauchi
  40. Havard International Academy
  41. High Tech International School
  42. Ibrahim Brilliant International School
  43. Ibrahim Tahir Government Secondary School
  44. Imaculate Conception Secondary School, Bauchi
  45. International Secondary School, ATBU
  46. I-Rise Academy Bauchi
  47. JIBWIS
  48. Kings International Secondary School
  49. Kofar Dumi Secondary School
  50. Kurmi Junior Secondary School
  51. Kurmi Primary School, Ningi
  52. Lobster International Academy
  53. Lys Academy Bauchi
  54. League Intellect Academy
  55. Northern Comprehensive College
  56. North-Star international school
  57. Sa’adu Zungur Model School, Bauchi
  58. Salama/Harmony High school
  59. Sky Crest High School
  60. Sunshine International School, Bauchi
  61. Raudat International Academy
  62. Tarbiyya science Academy, Bauchi
  63. Tawfiq Academy Bauchi
  64. T.C. Primary School
  65. Community Secondary School, Uke
  66. Urban College Secondary School
  67. Welman Academy, Bauchi
  68. White Mountain Academy, Bauchi
  69. Zarban International Academy

The Approved Secondary Schools In Bauchi State by the Ministry of Education are listed above.

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