Education in Singapore: 5 Things We Can Learn from Singapore

Singapore has one of the top ranking universities in the world and her universities are highly ranked, her students score high in ranking of ,  thou recent studies are currently proving that students from Singapore are smarter than those who studied in the US and European countries.  Thou a lot of questions have been raised to why Singapore has the best Education system in the world. Some are of the view that it might be their tuition fee, but this article will tell us.

Singapore Education System

In Singapore, education is managed by the ministry of education, and the government gives her education sector 20% of her annual budget. Education in Singapore is in three stages which includes 6 years in primary school, 4 years secondary education and higher education depends on program. 

In Singapore education is compulsory for everyone, as they believe education trains her students for jobs they can fill. Which is why her graduates are employed immediately after graduation. Institutions in Singapore are responsive to changes and trends of the modern society. 

What are the important features of education in Singapore?

Singapore has a good System Structure. In Singapore, the system includes six years of primary school, followed by four to six years of secondary school, and one to three years of postsecondary school. The curriculum for primary schools is common for all students in years one to four years.  And course’s taught are so organized to suit the age bracket in the level, with hands on to ease understanding.

What makes Singapore the best education system in the world?

One of the major reasons why Singapore’s education system is so successful is because of the quality of teachers, they employ. The Ministry of Education is highly selective with its pool of educators. They need to train at the National Institute of Education before they can be dispatched to the public schools. 

In order to improve performance, through her rigorous research it improves her curriculum. 

Below are what we can learn from Singapore

  • Curriculum Teaches Problem-Solving and Creative Thinking Skills

The education in Singapore focuses on teaching her students skills especially in the areas of creativity and problem solving.  Most projects provide her students with practical knowledge and skills which will enable them to solve real world challenges. 

Most of her subject are career oriented, in that they provide career and skills which enable them to solve real life challenges.  Thou all her educators are constantly assessing and seeking for ways to improve her education sector.  Thereby improving school system and students’ performance. 

In 2017, they was a reported increased levels of stress and psychological due to academic rigour when the education authorities stopped ranking students in examinations. 

  • High Teaching Standards

The education ministry in Singapore, selects qualified and innovative teachers, whom have succeded in the rigorous interview process.  Her educators are well trained and skillfully  developed before they’re recruited.  Skills is one of the criteria a teacher must meet before he or she is employed. 

Potential candidates are made to go through a training organized by the national institute of education, upon being selected.  And in order to put the teachers for the Job, they pass through professional development course’s. 

  • Unmatched English Program

In order to meet the needs of her multi Lingual candidates, the education authorities in Singapore have created an English language learning and reading program.  In order to improve her students language skills this program incorporate drama skills and role plays. 

  • Mastery Approach to Mathematics

Irrespective of the phobia for mathematics across the world, Singapore continues to produce world class mathematics students’. In order to ensure the success of their students, and to create room for them to have a better understanding. The education authorities trained her math teachers to  encourage math education using visual and hands-on aids such as bar charts, blocks, etc. 

Students’ in Singapore get ample time to learn, and can go to the next level only if the pass the present.

  • Varied Learning Pathways

Students’ get options to learn and Develop their careers, through her two major Program pathway, which are vocational training pathway which takes you to the polytechnic and junior college which lead to university education. 

Education in Singapore is tailored to promote specific student’s learning abilities and strengths.

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