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Most at times international students find it hard to choose, which university to pick, especially in countries like Canada where they’re several Renowned universities. Canada has several world class Universities. Many of the Canadian Universities possesses an  effective, attractive, and educative programs with the potential to make you succeed in your academic pursuit.  Many of this Universities have a lot to offer you after graduation.

The Wilfrid Laurier University, is a friendly Institution with the utmost potential to give them, an academic experience which they will be enlightened at and even have a greater future. 

This University makes learning   experience to come alive, fun, and loving and it operates on the cornerstone of critical reflection, excellence, innovation, and intellectual centeredness.  The Wilfrid Laurier University was initially established in 1911 as a seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.  It has evolved over the years with her name changing, currently it is a comprehensive University. 

This Institution has a student’s enrollment of 17000 undergraduate, 1500 graduate, with many staff. Her Program are tailored to enrich her students with modern education. 

Wilfrid Laurier University has a library Called the Laurier library. The Laurier Library has a large collection of resources, journals, over 1 million printed books, and 290 databases. 

Why You Should Study At Wilfrid Laurier University

The Laurier university, is regarded as the fastest growing University in Canada,  one unique feature of the Wilfrid Laurier University is that her Programs is designed to make her students gain wide exposure to their field, and effectively relate what they have learned in the real world. Theyby giving you skills to excel in your work place.

The Wilfrid Laurier University has a world class library, which will help you succeed in your studies. And the university has many extracurricular activities her students involve like swimming, racing, jumping, skiing, football, volleyball. They is more emphasis placed on research, innovation, discovery, and best of all supports community development by offering volunteering services. 

Through her many partnership with several  organization, her students are guaranteed employment on graduation. 

Wilfrid Laurier University Ranking

Laurier University is considered the fastest growing University in Canada, it is highly ranked in her Undergraduate degree program. 

  • Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System ( STARS ) placed Laurier University, a gold rating for sustainable development.
  • Corporate Knight in its 2017 report, ranked Laurier University, first place as the most sustainable campus in Ontario.
  • The U.S. World & World report of 2019, ranked Laurier’s 32nd best global university in Canada.
  • The Canadian ranking body, Maclean’s ranked Laurier University as first place in residence living as well best university with extracurricular activities.

Wilfrid Laurier University Acceptance Rate

The Wilfrid Laurier University, provides her students with a Community experience, it has an acceptance rate of 89% for undergraduate and 10% for her Graduate. Which is very high.

 Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty

The Wilfrid Laurier University has about 9 Faculties and a federated Institution, each of her faculties are located in her different campuses, which are Waterloo Campus, Brantford Campus, and Kitchewer Campus

The faculty include

  • Faculty Of Arts
  • Faculty Of Education
  • Faculty Of Graduate & Postgraduate Studies
  • Faculty Of Music
  • Faculty Of Science
  • Lazaridis School Of Business & Economics
  • Faculty Of Human & Social Sciences
  • Faculty Of Liberal Arts
  • Lyle S. Halman Faculty Of Social Work

For details of program of each faculty click here, https://www.wlu.ca/academics/faculties/index.html 

Wilfrid University Laurier Tuition

The tuition cost of this University varies per program, and domestic and international students pay a different type of tuition fee. 

The fees estimate for Undergraduate is 

  • Tuition : $6,049 – $8,648
  • Students fees : $1,383 – $1,909
  • Books : $950
  • Total : $8,392 – $11,507
  • Residence : $5,243 – $8,852
  • Meal plans : $2,260 – $5,450
  • Total : $15,895 – $26,219

Graduate tuition fee for Canadian students’: the Graduate tuition is affordable to all students’ and it listed per program. 

  • MBA Waterloo campus : $29,807 ( full-time )
    $1,490.7 ( part-time )
  • Masters Of Education : $5,061.4 ( only part-time )
  • Masters Of Social Work : $10,680 ( full-time )
    $6,001.6 ( part-time )
  • Masters Of Music Therapy : $11,942 ( only full-time )
  • Masters Of Finance :$24,845 (only full-time )
  • Masters In Public Safety : $3,385 (only full-time )

Graduate Tuition For International Students

Fees in this University are calculated based on the number of credit hours, they include

  • Master Of Social Work : $22,980
  • Master Of Finance : $46,215
  • Master Of Music Therapy : $22,980
  • MBA ( Waterloo campus ) : $46,215

For fees detail please click https://www.wlu.ca/academics/faculties/graduate-and-postdoctoral-studies/tuition-and-fees.html

Wilfrid Laurier University Admission Requirements

Admission into this program is based on the Academic performance of the students in his or her previous studies. 

The requirements for admission include; 

Evidence of English language proficiency exams,  which is a requirement for international students, which includes TOEFL, IELTS

For Undergraduate students’, official high school results and statement of results, with testimonial

For graduate students, the candidate should have undergraduate degree for master’s while master’s for  Doctorate Students’. 

Application fee of $60 for Undergraduate, and $150 for graduate degree students’

Application details

Application is through the university Portal, and to  University website, https://students.wlu.ca/registration-and-finances/

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