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Acceptance Rate for Northwestern University for International Students 2024-2025 | Application Guide

Are you worried about getting into Northwestern? Learn about the Acceptance Rate for Northwestern University for International Student and see if you measure up.

Northwestern University, a private research university in Illinois and founded in 1851, is a top-ranking educational institution. This place is famous for neuroscience and biotechnology cutting-edge research.

The university creates a special atmosphere where one can not only explore their imagination but also prove the effectiveness of labor with academic success.

Northwestern is home to about 90 research centers, which makes it the evidence of interdisciplinary research.

Acceptance Rate for Northwestern University for International Students

Acceptance Rate for Northwestern University for International Applicants

Northwestern is a very desirable school and the admissions process is competitive. With an acceptance rate of only 7%, it is one of the most selective universities in the country.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need good grades and test scores (SAT 1490-1570 or ACT 33-35).

The range of scores is mid-level. However, some admitted students got high or low scores. Please send your application before January 2nd.

They pay particular attention to your grades and class rank (if applicable), as well as recommendation letters.

Northwestern is a research-based university in which students come from all parts of the world (more than 80 countries!). They have campuses in Illinois and Qatar.

It hosts different field programs and has more than 23,000 students from many parts of the world.

You will be provided with a small class size (10 students to 1 faculty member) which is a guarantee that you will get individualized learning.

Entry Requirements for International Students at Northwestern University

International students applying to Northwestern University for the first year will need the following:

1. If you are interested in applying through Early Decision or Regular Decision, please use Common Application or Apply Coalition with Scoir.

2. Write the Northwestern supplement too as it should be further expanded with other writing sections.

3. Request the original transcripts from your secondary school and a school report.

4. Submit a counselor recommendation as well as one teacher recommendation letter.

5. In case of applying Early Decision, sign a Commitment Form (Early Decision Agreement).

6. To show competence in English prove Duolingo English Test (DET), IELTS, TOEFL iBT (including Special Home Edition), but not TOEFL ITP Plus for China Solution.

7. Apply with an application fee of $75 (unless it is waived).

Entry Requirements for International Students at Northwestern University

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Northwestern University for 4 Years?

Tuition and fees at Northwestern University can certainly appear overwhelming at first glance.

The tuition is $64,887, and the total cost of attendance which is made up of living expenses, books, and transportation is approximately $91,290.

Nevertheless, the good news is that if there is a financial need, it is still possible for international students to be awarded financial aid.

Northwestern is fully oriented towards affordability and makes financial aid a priority for those who otherwise would not be able to attend.

The most striking thing is that more than 60% of undergraduates receive some form of financial aid. The students are not selected based on academic merit, but solely on need.

In other words, if you are a strong candidate who requires financial aid, you may be eligible for generous scholarships and grants that are substantial enough to cover a great portion of the college fee.

Financial Aid for International Students at Northwestern University

Northwestern University offers generous financial aid packages to admitted international undergraduate students, but there are some key things to consider:

1. Need-Aware Admission:

The Northwestern admissions office includes both your financial aid request and the amount of money needed in its process of determining the applicants.

That is to say that the importance of academic excellence and accomplishment is even more significant when international scholars are searching for financial assistance.

2. First-Year Only:

Students who will use the financial aid are only undergraduates, and they are only accepted in the first year of their study.

3. Full Cost of Attendance:

Northwestern financial aid plans are targeted at making sure you have a fully demonstrated financial aid need. These expenditures include tuition, fees, housing, food, books, travel, and personal expenses.

4. Grants & Scholarships Only:

The financial aid is exclusively awarded in the form of grants and scholarships which is why you don’t have to refund it! There is nothing to worry about having no loans and no work-study requirements.

5. Continuing Aid:

To be approved for financial aid next year, you need to apply for and receive it as a Freshman.

6. Permanent Residency:

Students who plan to seek permanent residency are not eligible for federal financial aid and are also known as need-aware during the admission process.

The next step is to finalize your permanent residency so you become eligible for aid under Northwestern’s domestic aid program.

NU has generous financial aid for international students, yet the chances to get accepted with financial need heavily depend on the academic record and merit of the applicant.

They “pay” for your entire financial need using grants and/or scholarships, but you have to apply and receive funding in your first year to have it continued in the following years.

Final Words

It is difficult to get into Northwestern University (only a 7% acceptance rate!), but it could be more affordable than you probably think.

More than 60% of international students receive financial aid, which is awarded because of the students’ economic needs, not their academic performance.

The deadline for the application is set for January 2nd, so if you are a strong candidate who needs financial help, don’t hesitate to apply.

You might be surprised by the sizeable aid package that you get. Good luck with your academic pursuit at Northwestern University!

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