Great Scholarship Websites

Great Scholarship Websites

Check out our selection of the great scholarship websites to help you pay for your college education. They are listed in random order and not ranked in any way. Just a few minutes spent perusing the internet could turn into a very useful approach to pay for your education.

Paying for college might be a big and terrifying undertaking, but it is not impossible! There is scholarship money out there. According to, grants and scholarships total almost $50 billion every year. With that type of money accessible, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get a slice of the pie for your college education as well.

The 23 Great Scholarship Websites: Find a Way to Pay for College

We’ll tell you what each website is best suited for and what its faults are. Finally, we’ll provide reviews of several additional prominent websites that did not meet the criteria.


CollegeNet, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is a technology business that was the first to automate classroom scheduling in higher education. The company has since grown to incorporate online admission software, career services, recruitment, and management solutions.

CollegeNet offers a large list of notable clientele, including Stanford and Princeton universities. While the technology provided by CollegeNET is highly significant, particularly in the ever-changing world of online education, the site also serves as a resource for college scholarships.

CollegeNET hosts the Mach 25 scholarship search engine, which allows you to look for help based on keywords or other profile data. The corporation itself is a significant contributor to scholarship funds, granting more than $2 million to students.

2.’s purpose is simple: ‘You find money, and universities discover you.’ Their primary goal is to link you with scholarships worth $19 billion.

All you have to do is create a profile, enter some information, and start searching! You can even let the website do the work, and it will match you with suitable scholarships based on the information in your profile. This solution can help you save countless hours of web searching.

If you prefer to browse, you can use that function to find scholarships that meet your needs. Scholarship opportunities are available in a wide range of categories, including academic major, athletics, art, ethnicity, first in family, GPA, minority, music, state, name, and kind.

The website also offers a variety of information for students, such as how to create an outstanding college scholarship essay and college application checklists and timetables. While you’re on their website looking for scholarships, check out their college search tool, which contains a wealth of information on colleges.

3. differs from, which focuses solely on college scholarships., on the other hand, offers information on a wide range of issues, including housing, K-12 schools, and scholarships. You’ll also find college rankings and college search tools. uses personal evaluations and real-world experience, as well as scientific data, research, and analysis, to generate detailed profiles and rankings to assist you in finding jobs, schools, and places to live.

Even if it has some more information, you can still locate what you’re looking for in terms of financial help for college! There are two methods to use this website to find money for college.

(1) Browse their scholarship categories.

(2) Create a profile and get matched with potential scholarship opportunities.

Choose one, or both! Categories include state, major, niche-specific scholarships, minority scholarships, and easy-to-apply scholarships. Other options include religion, sexual orientation, military service, disability, gender, and others.

4. bills itself as the ‘top internet resource in locating scholarships to help you pay for school.’ They not only assist you in obtaining college funding, but they also make the process simple. The website operates in a few simple steps.

First, interested applicants will complete a full profile, and you will be promptly matched with potential, tailored scholarships. The site contains over 1.5 million scholarship options, totaling over $3.4 billion in college financial aid support.

Yes, we understand that’s a lot. And you deserve some of it! One thing that distinguishes this greatest scholarship website is its list organization. You may keep track of the scholarships you want to apply for, the ones you don’t, and the ones you’ve already finished. The webpage does not end there, however. You can find information on student loans, which differ from scholarships.

Scholarships are ‘free money’ that you do not have to repay, but student loans must be paid back, usually with interest. In addition, you’ll receive a wealth of information on other connected topics such as possible internships and part-time work. One final distinguishing feature is its student bargain section, which connects students to savings on items such as Dell computers and!


Sallie Mae considers itself a ‘bank with a purpose’ that assists families in planning, saving, and paying for college. They provide private student loans to help families cut expenditures.

But Sallie Mae is more than just a bank; they give back to their communities and provide scholarship search tools to help students find financial assistance for their college education! Their website not only allows you to search for relevant scholarships, but you can also apply for one of their own. In 2018, Sallie Mae distributed $500,000 in scholarships, contests, and prizes.

6. Finaid.Org is another scholarship website worth checking out. You can search through over 1.5 million scholarships worth $3.4 billion. The website is linked to Fastweb’s search tool. One standout feature of this website is that if you enter your email address, you will receive email notifications when new scholarships matching your search criteria become available.

Finaid, like the other best scholarship websites on this list, offers a scholarship list organized by student traits, achievements, and hobbies. They also provide a list of unique scholarships, such as those for tall persons, vegetarians, and bowlers.

7. College Board

The College Board has been dedicated to higher education for more than a century. The College Board, founded around the turn of the twentieth century, is a membership organization that represents nearly 6,000 colleges.

If you take a college entry standardized test such as the SAT, you may be familiar with the moniker College Board. And yes, it is the same entity. They not only own the SAT, but they also manage Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which allow high school students to take college courses while still in high school.

But did you know that their reach extends beyond testing? That’s correct; you may also search for college scholarships on their website. Register for the SAT, take a practice exam, and save money for college all in one spot. Search through over $6 billion in scholarships to find what’s suitable for you.


Join the approximately 12 million students who use as their college information source. Cappex offers scholarships of $11 billion.

Their scholarship search tool allows you to filter possibilities and find the perfect fit for you! But the website does more than just help you locate money for education. The website is a hub for anything college-related, or as they put it, “your entire college search in one place.” Use advanced tools, such as:

  • A Fit Score is a tool that helps you identify universities that match what you’re looking for.


  • A calculating tool: an internet tool that helps you calculate your odds of admission to any school.


  • A major or career finder is a tool that helps you find the proper major and career alternatives.

Cappex employs innovative algorithms to match you with the best selections based on the most recent and complete college information available. They will also connect you with colleges directly!

9. allows you to search through over 3.2 million scholarships and grants to obtain money for your college education! Their scholarship tool can assist every type of student, from a high school senior to a current college student to a non-traditional or adult learner returning to school later in life.

No matter what kind of student you are, there are possibilities for you, and moolahSPOT can help you locate them. This finest scholarship site will also benefit students of all financial levels.

Their database will show both need-based and merit-based possibilities, the majority of which will not consider your family’s income. The website also includes materials to assist students in identifying and applying for scholarships!

10. makes it easier to find college scholarships! You can attempt one (or more) of these three options:


1. Create your profile! Do not fear, it only takes a few minutes to set up. Once you’ve created your profile, you may do a personalized search that is geared specifically for you!

2. Search for various scholarships using a keyword.

3. Look for scholarships using their master list. Examples include scholarships for women, minorities, future nurses, religion, and majors, to name a few.

Scholarship Monkey’s user-friendly website makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, making it one of the top scholarship websites to utilize.

11. is an exceedingly user-friendly and comprehensive student website that includes a scholarship search among its key features. You can narrow down the selections according to your attributes (such as your high school grade, college year, and GPA) to locate the best scholarships for you.

Chegg’s online instructors will assist you in writing the perfect college scholarship essay, which is one of its distinguishing features. Services range from simple proofreading to creative concept generation and development. And it’s all for one reason: to help you stand out from the throng and earn the money you need for your education!

Chegg provides more than just scholarship search tools. On the website, you can get help with items like:

  • Finding internships.
  • Services offered include tutoring, writing assistance, and test preparation.
  • Finding or renting textbooks (yep, Chegg offers textbook rentals!)
  • Get expert help (even at 2 a.m.)
  • Using their flashcard search engine, which allows you to search from over 500 million online flashcards (or create your own) to aid you on your educational path!

As you can see, Chegg is much more than just a scholarship search tool or a resource for college information. It will help you save money and be as successful as possible while you pursue your education.


Career One Stop is exactly what it sounds like a one-stop shop for career tools. There are resources for almost any situation, including laid-off workers, military and veterans, entry-level workers, those with disabilities, and more. Before you start wondering, “What does this have to do with scholarships?” Career One Stop also provides resources for that.

Sponsored by the US Department of Labor, their FREE scholarship tool can assist you in locating award possibilities from their database of over 8,000 listings, which are listed in order of nearest deadline. Their simple filter options enable you to search for scholarships based on keywords, region, degree of study, type of scholarship, and other criteria.

Financial aid is available at all levels of education, including vocational training, associate’s degrees, professional training, bachelor’s degrees, and graduate-level degrees. This top scholarship website can help you pay for your college education from the ground up!


What jumps out most about the website is its emphasis on your personality. The world of college scholarships can be highly competitive, and many of them are awarded based on merit. What if there were scholarships based on your particular qualities? Like comedy, your favorite aspects of yourself, or things you enjoy.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the planet was suddenly infested with zombies? How would you survive? What if you could redo a mistake in your life? What would you do if you were a superhero for a day? We understand it sounds like we’re in a creative writing class.

But no, they are legitimate essay ideas from that can help you pay for education. Tap into your finest qualities, objectives, dreams, and attributes (even your sense of humor!) and utilize them to your advantage in these scholarship applications.

While some scholarships need you to be 18 or older, many at Unigo require you to be 13 years old. Get started early and save money for your future education. The website also provides monthly scholarship opportunities that require no essays, bother, or lengthy applications!

14.’s mission is simple: to help you “find, prep, and fund your college education.” On this finest scholarship website, you may obtain information about any institution or university (anywhere!) and use their free scholarship search engine.

The program will assist you in finding the best scholarships for you, but you can also search for other sorts of free financial aid such as grants, awards, fellowships, and forgiven loans–a database that contains over $10 billion in scholarship funds.

Petersons is thus one of the most comprehensive gift-aid scholarship websites available. Search through nearly 2 million scholarships and 4000+ suppliers to find the proper financial help for your college study! The website also includes test preparation advice and a guide for international students looking for US institutions.

15. Going merry

Applying for scholarships can be tedious; that’s why Going Merry allows students to enter information once and apply for many scholarships at the same time. If you have limited time, browse for awards on Going Merry before visiting the other big sites.

The site also takes pleasure in including local rewards, which are less competitive and potentially simpler to obtain than large national scholarships.

16. ScholarshipOwl

ScholarshipOwl is a famous scholarship website that aggregates and arranges awards by value, type of requirement, number of winners, and application deadline.

ScholarshipOwl will automatically resubmit your application to recurring scholarships that require only simple information. This gives you more time to work on awards that require essays and recommendation letters.


While many scholarship websites are difficult to browse,’s UI is one of the most streamlined. You may easily search for and find different scholarships for which you may be eligible, and you can filter by your degree level, award category, award amount, and deadline. You may even use the “no-essay” button to identify scholarships that do not require a written essay.

18. Scholly

When you create a Scholly profile, its system searches for available scholarships and generates a list of qualified awards. Each scholarship will have a Scholly score, which indicates how well it matches your background and experience. The higher your Scholly score, the better you match the scholarship requirements.

19. offer students “micro-scholarships” for elite colleges and universities that are partners. These micro-scholarships are given to students who get an A, join a new group, or achieve something noteworthy in high school. The idea is that these micro-scholarships build up and become pretty lucrative.

Every opportunity on is exclusive to their website, so you will not discover any external opportunities. exclusively posts its opportunities. All of these chances are authentic, so you won’t have to spend time searching for expired or illegitimate scholarships. However, because they only have a limited amount of chances, should be used as a supplement to your scholarship quest, not as a one-stop shop. You should also keep in mind that the majority of the opportunities have really little prizes, so funding your education will be a gradual process.

Keep in mind that only some institutions accept scholarships, so you may need to be flexible in your college choices to take advantage of them. The “locations” area of their website contains a list of partners.

20. Scholarships360

We’ll try not to be overly biased here, honest! Scholarships360 assists students in paying for college and graduate school by providing targeted scholarships and expert assistance. We provide a variety of resources to assist you at every step of the process, including scholarship listings by state, major, demographics, and more.

We also provide a free scholarship search engine, where you may enter your demographics, academic interests, and other information to receive custom-matched and automatically updated grant offers.

In addition to scholarship resources, we guide through each stage of the admissions process, as well as financial assistance for college students on how to save money, find housing, take out loans, and develop a budget. Long story short, we have resources to help you navigate your way through college!

21. Scholarship America

Scholarship America is a non-profit that manages scholarships for businesses, foundations, and non-profit organizations. They oversee all of the scholarships listed on their website, ensuring that each one is current, legitimate, and validated. Opportunities exist around the country and cover a wide range of interests and demographics.

Scholarships America is a reputable scholarship provider that lists all of its chances in one spot. However, they only offer a small number of scholarships; normally, the site displays around 100 chances at any given moment. They also don’t have a thorough set of criteria to assist you navigate the site, making it difficult to find the proper job unless you know what you’re searching for.

All that being said, Scholarships America provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate scholarships that you can be certain are real.

22. Additional Resources

In addition to the greatest scholarship sites listed above, there are additional possibilities for you to consider. Don’t forget to look closely at these resources:

  • Your specific college’s website: If you already know which college you will attend, take a detailed look at their website. Many times, college or program-specific scholarships will also be available. If you can’t locate anything, don’t hesitate to phone the school for more information. Each scholarship may provide an opportunity to save money.
  • The website for your high school (or district):  If you are still in high school, you can benefit from the tools available to you. Your high school may provide special scholarships (for academics, athletics, or extracurricular activities) particularly for you! If you can’t discover anything, ask your high school counselor for aid.
  • The website of your community or town:  It’s possible that your city has a list of available scholarships or might connect you to a community or service organization that does. Even if some of these scholarships are small, every dollar matters!
  • From the federal agency’s website: This page covers several sorts of financial help, including the Free Application for Federal Student Help (FAFSA®) form. It does not solely focus on scholarships.
  • Contact your state grant agency: Search the website of your state’s grant agency for more information on grants and forgiveness loans. While not the same as scholarships, some programs provide free or forgiven funds for college education.
  • College’s Financial Aid Website: Your college’s official financial assistance website may include a list of internal scholarships and grants for which you can apply. It may also provide advice on how to obtain more scholarships, such as applying through a specific department or applying to local institutions that issue scholarships to students.
  • Local Organizations: Don’t forget about your local network. Look for scholarship options through local community foundations, rotary clubs, women’s clubs, and other organizations. Conduct a Google search for these types of organizations in your area to check if they offer a list of scholarships on their website.

You now have all of the resources you need to support your college education. These top scholarship websites can guide you to college-specific, program-specific, general, and personal scholarships. And please do not apply because you believe the pool is too vast. That is exactly why you should apply for these scholarships! There is so much money to give away why not to you?

In Conclusion

If you don’t have a 4.0 GPA or a strong extracurricular record, applying for scholarships may seem like a waste of time. However, obtaining scholarships is more about your mindset than your achievements. If you are persistent and apply for scholarships that you are eligible for, you will have a far higher chance than if you phone it in.

Set aside time each week to review these materials and identify scholarships for which you may be eligible. Every dollar you earn in scholarships saves you money on student loans.

Which website offers scholarships? describes itself as the ‘top internet resource in discovering scholarships to help you pay for education.’ They not only assist you in obtaining college funding, but they also make the process simple. The website operates in a few simple steps.

Which is the greatest website for finding scholarships for international students?

ScholarshipPortal is the greatest scholarship website for overseas students seeking to achieve their financial requirements. Browse detailed scholarship lists for several international destinations.

How can I draft a scholarship essay?

To create a scholarship essay, read the essay requirements and respond to the assignment. As you write, organize your thoughts into a clear essay structure that includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. Allow your personality to shine through, and offer personal tales as necessary to help you stand out.

Always edit your article for typos and grammatical problems. It is often good to have a trusted family member, mentor, or friend read your essay and point out any confusing places.

How do student loans differ from scholarships?

A student loan is a form of financial help that must eventually be repaid in full, plus interest. Student loans are available from the federal government, commercial lenders, or your school.

A scholarship, on the other hand, is considered gift aid and does not require repayment. Scholarships are available through your school, private businesses, charity, community and social organizations, and professional associations.

What kind of scholarship can I get?

The type of scholarship you can receive depends on your specific interests, talents, and other criteria. Some scholarships are based on need, while others are awarded on merit. Consider the characteristics and qualities that distinguish you, and then use a scholarship search website to identify the rewards for which you are eligible. You can also ask your school’s financial assistance office about scholarships that are a suitable fit for you.

How do scholarships work?

Scholarships are a sort of gift-based financial aid provided to students. Scholarships are offered by a variety of organizations and nonprofits, each with its own set of eligibility requirements. Eligibility requirements can include a certain talent, attribute, unique interest, or academic or professional goal.

If you are chosen for a scholarship award, you will get money that does not have to be paid back and can be used toward your study.

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