Great Value Colleges Community Service Scholarship

Great Value Colleges Community Service Scholarship

We at Great Value Colleges want to support this trend by providing a $1500 Community Service Scholarship to students who have an uncommon love for community service and have found practical ways to boost their education via service.

Great Value Colleges think that community service may significantly increase the value of a college degree. Community service fosters empathy and compassion while also teaching skills such as networking, organization, project management, teamwork, and problem-solving, all of which are vital in today’s jobs. Community service programs, like internships, have grown in importance as a component of college and university curricula.

Great Value Schools Scholarship Requirements

  • Attend or have been admitted to an approved postsecondary institution in the United States (undergraduate or graduate).
  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Maintain a competitive GPA.
  • Print and fill out the scholarship application form.
  • Submit one (1) cover letter and résumé, two (2) current letters of recommendation, and a 1000-1500 word essay describing your favorite community initiative, your involvement in it, and how it enriched and/or contributed value to your college experience.
  • Have completed a minimum of 40 hours of community service.

Selection Process

The awardee will be chosen based on the strength of the community service initiative (and their participation) described in their essay, as well as the significance of the link between community service and education.

Scholarship Awards

  • Application deadlines: July 15 (fall award) and November 15 (spring award).
  • Winners will be contacted by email.

Scholarships at Community Colleges and Technical Schools

These two-year universities attract a diverse range of students, including non-traditional students and those who wish to begin their careers right away. Many technical colleges provide scholarships to new students. Furthermore, firms and industries provide scholarships for individuals pursuing careers in automotive technology, HVAC, and X-ray technology.

Students attending community institutions will also find chances for those programs. There are also scholarships available for students who use junior colleges as a stepping stone to a four-year institution. This is an excellent strategy because community institutions are less expensive, so attending for the first two years and then transferring makes financial sense.

Scholarships for Adults and Older Students

Magazines and television commercials offering support to senior citizens who desire to return to school are plentiful. However, not all senior pupils have silver hair. Some people leave school after finishing high school or college and then decide to return.

People seeking a “second start” will find financial assistance accessible. For one reason, most scholarships have no age limit. People who work for a company may also look into programs that will help them earn a degree. These may include conditions such as repaying a portion of the money after graduation or agreeing to work for the corporation for a set period.

Education financing for older students sometimes (but not always) includes courses or even full degree programs completed online. Students can continue to work and study whenever it is convenient for them. Students and their parents who are considering online degree programs or even online schools should verify the funding requirements to ensure that scholarships and grants include online study.

The “Average Joe” Scholarships

Everyone does not graduate from high school with a 4.0 or higher grade point average. Believe it or not, numerous scholarships are available for students with ordinary grades. Companies, for example, frequently finance help for persons interested in working in their industry or even within their organization. Service groups such as International Lions Clubs and P.E.O., among others, provide financial aid for higher education.

There are community service awards that also provide participants with scholarship money. Companies like “” encourage people to start service projects, including collecting clothes for the homeless. They have themes and reward money for completing projects. Participants in these subjects can earn $1,000 upon completion, while those who complete all of the themes as mentioned earlier can earn $32,000 towards their education.

A student may be “average” academically, yet he or she may thrive in other areas. Scholarships are given to athletes, musicians, and singers, as well as those who excel at video games. Students should conduct a personal inventory of their strengths and abilities outside of the classroom and apply for scholarships and awards in those areas.

Scholarships for Students Adopted out of Foster Care

States as well as private groups like the Casey Foundation and the National Foster Parents Association provide students with this type of funding. Sometimes the awards are just tuition waivers, while other times they include room and board and other expenditures. The finest scholarships are renewable, so check to see if they are one-time awards or can be renewed.

Scholarships for Minorities

Students who associate minority scholarships with certain racial or ethnic groups may be startled to learn that women are also designated minorities. Displaced homemakers, as well as those with impairments, are undoubtedly affected. It is worth investigating these rewards because a student may fall into a minority category.

The Individuals with Disabilities Act requires institutions to serve people with illnesses such as ADHD and autism. This requires schools to provide aid and adjustments, but it may also entail sponsoring educational opportunities for people with disabilities.

Minorities include American Indians and those from poor backgrounds. States with a large Native American population, such as Arizona and New Mexico, give government scholarships, as well as tribe grants and educational help.

Scholarships for Graduate Students

The best scholarships are frequently awarded to entering freshmen, followed by undergraduate grants and scholarships. Graduate students, on the other hand, can apply for a variety of aid programs available through the department that houses their degrees. Many professional organizations, such as the American Bar Association, provide aid to people in graduate programs.

Furthermore, private donors provide memorial scholarships or grants in honor of individuals. Graduate students can also seek assistantships that require them to perform some service in the department housing their degree, such as serving as an instructor.

The majority of students require financial assistance to complete their education. Obtaining that assistance begins with completing the FAFSA form, researching state aid, and checking the school’s website for any rewards. Aside from that, the Internet provides resources for finding the top scholarships for many types of students. While it may take some effort on the side of both the student and the parent, the majority of people will qualify for one or more student financial assistance programs.

12 Community Service Scholarships for Students Who Give Back

Have you made significant efforts to engage with and give back to your community? Are you seeking strategies to help pay for your college tuition? Look no further. Here’s a guide to national community service scholarships.

This list includes general scholarships offered for community service. It does not contain scholarships for specific demographics, localities, or fields of study or interest.

1. Americorps Vista

Americorps provides the Segal Education Award, worth approximately $6,000, for educational expenses after completing a 10- to 11-month period of service. Alternatively, you could get a $1,800 cash stipend once your service is over. The program also covers living expenditures during this time.

2. AXA Achievement Community Scholarships

One student from each state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico will receive a $2,500, $10,000, or $25,000 award. Students must show success in career, school, and community-related activities.

3. Bonner Scholars

The Cornelia and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation provides scholarships of $4,000 to up to 1,500 students. To qualify, students must perform 10 hours of community service per week and participate in the foundation’s summer community service internship.

4. Christopher Reeve Award

Every year, the Heart of America presents the Christopher Reeve Award to one student. The $1,000 grant is given to a student who demonstrates compassion by caring for her community.

5. The Coca-Cola Scholars Program

This program acknowledges 150 students who have demonstrated leadership, service, and impact in their schools and communities. The awards are worth $20,000 apiece.

6. Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program

A principal or guidance counselor may propose one student from each high school for a $1,000 scholarship. Recipients must be committed to community service, academics, and leadership.

7. Do Something Easy Scholarships

Students participate in Do Something volunteer initiatives and demonstrate their engagement through images to earn scholarships of various amounts, many of which total thousands of dollars. Students can participate in many campaigns to win more scholarship money.

8. GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship

The GE-Reagan Foundation awards $10,000 to students who display exceptional leadership, passion, honesty, and citizenship. The scholarship is renewed for each consecutive year of study.

9. Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

“Young heroes” who complete community service initiatives are eligible for $10,000 grants.

10. Great Value Colleges Community Service Scholarship

Students who have demonstrated a love for community service and boosted their education via service may be eligible to earn this $1,500 scholarship.

11. National Caring Award

The Caring Institute sponsors this award, which acknowledges five young individuals who have demonstrated considerable voluntary community service and devotion. The scholarships total $2,000 apiece.

12. The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

These honors recognize middle and high school students who have demonstrated remarkable service to others at the local, state, and national levels. State honorees receive $1,000 scholarships, while national honorees receive $5,000 apiece plus a $5,000 contribution to their preferred charity. Local honorees are also presented with a certificate.

Tips for getting involved in community service

  • When looking for community service options, start with your interests! For example, if you enjoy history, visit your local historical society.
  • Do not be bashful! Many volunteer opportunities will not be openly posted, so you may need to send some cold emails to groups you are interested in working with.
  • If you can’t locate an opportunity, create one! If you have some entrepreneurial energy, you can start something to create a positive social impact in your neighborhood.
  • Remember, in today’s increasingly digital environment, there’s no reason to limit your volunteering to in-person events! Online tutoring, administrative support, and other remote employment might help you fit volunteering into your hectic schedule while also expanding your options for who you can work with.
  • For more information on how to find volunteer opportunities, see our articles on the best virtual volunteer options.
  • Consider an AmeriCorps program if you wish to start doing full-time community service and volunteering.
    Still need ideas? Check out this collection of community service options specifically for high school students!

Why Community Service Matters

It is critical to give back and participate in your community. Not only is the experience rewarding, but it also teaches you valuable leadership and professional skills.

Colleges do not mandate community service, but it can be an important complement to your extracurricular activities. Read: Do I Need Community Service for My College Applications? for more reasons to get involved.

Why Scholarships Matter

Scholarships can help you save a lot of money on tuition and other educational expenses. Scholarships are available for a variety of demographics, including first-generation students, as well as majors and fields like STEM.

Scholarships are often classified into two types. Merit scholarships are achievement-based, which means you win them through your efforts, such as community service or leadership. Need-based scholarships are granted depending on the recipient’s financial need. Some scholarships consider both considerations

How to win community service scholarships

Now that you’ve compiled a list of excellent community service scholarships, it’s time to get started on your applications. Most of these awards receive a large number of great applicants, so use your essays to stand out from the crowd.

To assist you in writing the best possible essay, we’ve compiled a list of resources, including articles on how to begin a scholarship essay, how to write a winning scholarship essay, and how to “Show, Not Tell” in your writing. Here are a few other resources you’ll find useful as you work through your applications:

  • How to write a 250-word essay
  • How to write a 500-word essay
  • Assembling a scholarship resume
  • How to respond to “Why do you deserve this scholarship?” prompts

Also, when writing your essays, try to connect your past experiences to what you want to do in the future! When applying for community service positions, underline how you intend to use your previous experiences to continue to enhance the communities with which you serve.

How many hours of community service are required for community service scholarships?

There is no defined amount of community service hours required to win these awards. Each scholarship has its own set of criteria; some may demand a specific number of hours, while others may be more concerned with what you’ve accomplished in your roles and how you reflect on your experiences.

So, even if you don’t have a lot of community service hours, some of these scholarships could be a good fit for you. Many students volunteer without keeping track of their hours (though keeping a journal is usually a good idea), and some of these opportunities will consider that.

Can I utilize my virtual volunteering experience to apply for community service scholarships?

Yes! Virtual volunteer opportunities are equally as valuable as in-person ones, and you should keep a written record of the hours you put in so you may utilize them for future applications.

I volunteered for an organization but did not receive a record of my participation. What do I do now?

The first step is to find out who oversaw your volunteer activity and contact them to explain your predicament. They will most likely be grateful for your efforts and eager to assist you in determining and certifying the number of hours you worked.

Having said that, many organizations that provide volunteer employment have a quickly changing staff, making it difficult to find your supervisor. Your best strategy is to keep reaching out to people at the organization until you discover someone who appears willing to help. Putting those hours into writing can be beneficial for scholarships, college applications, job applications, and other purposes. Don’t put things off just because it’s inconvenient!

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