Top 5 Part-time Bookstore Jobs

Top 5 Part-time Bookstore Jobs

Top 5 Part-time Bookstore Jobs

Finding a part-time job is significant most importantly for a college student or graduate seeking financial assistance, advancing your financial income in any way around is very helpful.

Having a passion for books is a great thing for someone looking for a job in a bookstore, and by someone I mean you. If you are a college student, a bookstore part-time job is a perfect solution for you given your stand as a college student and a book lover at the same time.

This article is all about the bookstores’ available offers that emphasize the part-time job offers which will be listed as the top bookstore part-time job offers.

Top 5 Part-time Bookstore Jobs

1. Bookstore Associate (Located in Tahlequah, OK)

The Bookstore Associate is in charge of putting opening and closing retail procedures into practice, offering top-notch customer service, and keeping the retail department’s appearance up to date with maintenance and merchandising.

Working in an atmosphere that prioritizes customer service, the incumbent is expected to be aware of OSU Bookstore product knowledge and information, as well as sensitive to the needs and concerns of students, staff, teachers, and customers.

The applicant will be based in the Cherokee Nation Tahlequah, Oklahoma campus of OSU College of Medicine.

Payment: $16 – $18 an hour

Work Timetable: Eight hours every day, five days a week.

Duties and Responsibilities: Offer retail and consumer services. keeps the retail division in order. supports other activities carried out by the bookstore.

Physical Requirements: Ability to stoop, reach, stand, walk, finger, grab, feel, talk, hear, see, and do repetitive actions with or without appropriate accommodations. Performed 8–10 pounds of lifting and carrying.

Qualifications for the Position:

  • High School Diploma/ or GED
  • A minimum of two (2) years of experience in retail sales including merchandising
  • Experience with POS in a retail operation
  • Demonstrated customer service skills
  • Valid Driver’s License

Abilities,  Competencies, and Knowledge: Proficient use of Microsoft Office software, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Strong computer abilities in Adobe.
Must be polite, on time, diligent, patient, dependable, and driven by yourself.

For complete consideration, kindly make sure that all employment history is accurate and comprehensive. You can add information by clicking the Edit button (on the right). Furthermore, the following is OSU Medicine’s customer service philosophy:

We enhance lives by offering empathetic care and outstanding assistance to all that we come into contact with.”

Employee actions focused on efficiency, safety, politeness, and presentation help us meet our service goals.

2. Seasonal Bookstore Associate

In addition to operating a cash register, you will also be required to help with retail projects and support marketing campaigns. Answers calls and emails from customers. On the store floor, you offer assistance to consumers as needed.

Additionally, provide and acquire information; fix common issues; help with policies, procedures, and specifications; and carry out additional customer care duties as needed.

Advantages include dental coverage, employee savings, adaptable timetable, health coverage, paid time off, and vision coverage. However, candidates must be at least sixteen years old. Need to have a dependable way to travel to work daily.

Payment: From $13.00 per hour

Job Type: Part-time

Location: 550 E Spring Street, Columbus, OH 43215 Columbus State Community College.


  • 4-hour shift
  • Day shift
  • Evening shift
  • Morning shift

Range of weekly days:

  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends as needed

3. Part-Time Technician, Bookstore

Working closely with the bookstore staff, the part-time technician handles customer service, retrieves required textbooks for students, helps with online order processing and shipping, takes phone calls, moves boxes, stocks books, and products, and performs other tasks as needed.

You will operate a cash register, take payments, and perform general cashiering activities for the bookstore. Welcome guests, help them with their purchases and enlighten them about the goods and processes.

Help with merchandise stoke, counting, and deliveries. Address shipment-related issues, such as incomplete, faulty, or damaged shipments, as well as shipment returns.

Process and ship online purchases, answer and respond to phone calls, and perform opening and closing procedures, as needed.

Job Type: Part Time

Work Timetable: A flexible schedule with an average of 20–25 hours per week is required for this part-time, 12-month role. Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm are the bookstore’s hours.

It could be necessary to commute locally between the Caldwell and Watauga campuses as well as any off-campus locations.

Experience: Requires a minimum of one year of previous experience in retail operations or customer service. Preference is given to those with previous bookstore experience.

Payment: Depends on Qualifications

Qualifications and Working Conditions: Basic strategies and tactics for customer relations, foundational concepts in accounting and mathematics, techniques and procedures related to managing finances, providing receipts, and keeping a cash drawer balanced.

Advanced principles and processes of record keeping and reporting; Basic principles and practice of purchasing and sales.

Modern office equipment, methods, and practices such as a computer, a variety of software applications, and online shipping services like UPS are advantageous.

important norms and regulations at the federal, state, and municipal levels; English use; spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Maintaining physical fitness necessary to carry out your assigned duties and responsibilities, such as prolonged standing, walking, or sitting, moderate lifting to fifty pounds, general manual dexterity, using assigned equipment, and prolonged computer screen exposure, are examples of physical and marginal functions.

Maintaining the effective audio-visual discrimination and perception necessary for observation-taking, reading, writing, using allocated equipment, interacting with people, and managing many activities at once is expected of the employee.

The employee must also retain mental capability, which enables them to exhibit intellectual prowess, make wise decisions use good judgment, and assess the efficacy of staff members and programs.

Additionally, Working closely with the bookstore staff, the part-time technician handles customer service, retrieves required textbooks for students, helps with online order processing and shipping, takes phone calls, moves boxes, stocks books, and products, and performs other tasks as needed.

4. Bookseller – PT

Barnes & Noble: Barnes & Noble has a special role in the community. At the center of every store is its bookseller, who contributes to its distinctive character and customization for each customer.

They enjoy imparting their book knowledge to others and are voracious readers. For those who enjoy reading, Barnes & Noble offers the initial step towards an amazing career, with numerous chances for you to advance alongside us. This can be the ideal job for you if you have a strong interest in literature.

Location: New York, USA

Payment: $15 Hourly

Job Type: Part-Time

You offer outstanding customer service that is sincere, kind, and professional, and you prioritize your client’s needs above all else.

Whether assisting a customer in selecting a new book or a unique present, or sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge over the phone, you add excitement and interactivity to the shopping experience.

5. FWS Community Service – Symposia Bookstore

Students who are enrolled at Stevens are eligible for this role. At least six credits are required. Requirement: The Financial Aid Award Letter must show that the candidate has received a Federal Work Study.

If students have any additional inquiries about jobs, they should contact Student Employment. Students who are enrolled at Stevens are eligible for this role.

The goal of the non-profit Symposia Bookstore is to promote community and offer a warm, secure environment for fostering relationships and personal growth.

To be evaluated as a candidate for any position at Stevens, you must complete an online application. Please include your résumé and cover letter with every application. The task may require additional requirements to be taken into account.

These requirements include:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Research Statement

A teaching statement that covers three key components:
a) teaching interests,
b) teaching philosophy, and
c) a strategy for fostering an inclusive learning environment in the classroom, advising, and graduate student mentoring for students from diverse backgrounds
Contact details for a minimum of two to three references (unique to the school; see the job posting).

Location: Stevens Institute of Technology, The Innovation University Hoboken, NJ USA

Payment: Depends

Job Type: Part-Time

Activities: Management of inventory (restocking shelves, handling and arranging donations, recording stock in a database, etc.); marketing and client support;

Helping the store manager set up different events that take place on the premises, like book readings, parties, workshops, and other community gatherings.


What is someone who works at a bookstore called?

Booksellers purchase books from distributors or publishers and resell them to consumers.

What does a bookstore assistant do?

Ability to receive, inventory, and price merchandise; help customers with books and other related items; perform clerical support tasks such as copying, running reports, faxing, and mail distribution; restock, shelf, and set up displays of goods; handle a variety of payment methods; run cash.

Why do you want to work in a bookstore?

Consider the features of this bookstore that you find most appealing. Maybe a buddy of yours who works there and adores it. Perhaps you are anticipating a significant book discount.

Just briefly describe your favorite aspects of the company and mention that this is a major factor in your decision to work there.

What skills do I need to work in a bookstore?

Work involves managing big sums of money and requires a great deal of interpersonal skills. Lifting and stocking products requires both physical strength and quickness. on positions can need you to work on weekends and evenings.

How do I write a CV for a bookseller?

In their resumes, candidates for bookseller positions should highlight their broad knowledge of literature, sales orientation, effective communication skills, and organizational abilities.

While academic booksellers might be required to have a degree in a relevant discipline, most booksellers only list their high school education on their resumes.

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