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Acceptance Rate for Julliard School for International Students 2024-2025 | How to Apply

The acceptance rate for Juilliard School for international students is an important factor you need to consider when applying to this prestigious art school. Understand your chances of admission as an international applicant.

Julliard School is a school that is entirely established for arts students. It is a highly selective and super prestigious performing arts conservatory established in 1905.

It’s in New York City, so you can be sure there’s that ‘hustle and bustle’ energy. Music, dance, and even acting are all that Juilliard focuses on in its specialized pre-professional classes.

See it as a stepping stone that will lead to your career in the arts. It’s pretty intense, though. It is not easy to get in – think of auditions, not GPA requirements.

But if you are one of the lucky few who make it there, you will be not only schooled in specific art forms but also learn something extra from history or literature courses.

What is the Acceptance Rate for Julliard School for International Students

Acceptance Rate for Julliard School for International Students

With an acceptance rate as competitive as 10.6%, securing admission to Juilliard School demands thorough preparation.

Juilliard School is super hard to get into, with only 11 out of 100 applicants getting in. They care about recommendation letters, not high school class rank.

It costs $110 to apply, and you have until December 1st to do so. Knowing how tough it is to get in, your next step should be figuring out how to ace the audition.

That’s the key to boosting your chances of getting accepted. So, get ready to put in the work and prepare well for your audition if you want a shot at Juilliard!

How Do I Prepare for the Juilliard Audition?

There are other students too, who wish to be enrolled in the university just like you. That is the reason why you should stick out to be a winner.

Follow these tips below to prepare for your audition and alleviate any fear you may have:

1. Take care of yourself first before the audition. Do something that is peaceful and gives you the confidence you need, such as meditation or connecting with a loved one.

2. Pay attention to every email you receive from Juilliard. They will guide you through the items that you will need in the process.

3. Arrive early enough to calm down and deal with any unforeseen problems.

4. Preparation is key. You will be able to concentrate more on your performance simply because you are well-versed in your topic.

5. Recall, you have already completed the hard part. Your audition is a celebration of everything you have done and worked hard on.

6. Don’t be afraid, it is OK to feel scared. That means you’re doing it for the passion and not money.

7. Treat each audition like a performance. If you talk about the things that you enjoy, you will feel less intimidated.

9. Be yourself. The audition panel doesn’t want to see an aspiring performer who is trying to be flawless, but a person who can present themselves with ease. That is why you should tell them about your drive and vision.

10. Do not be afraid to ask questions. The people surrounding you at Juilliard are friendly so if you are in doubt about anything just ask!

11. Once the audition is over, do something nice for yourself, no matter the outcome. Spoil yourself with a cookie, attend a museum, or try something you have never done!

Application Requirements for the Juilliard Graduate Diploma Program 

Application Requirements for the Juilliard Graduate Diploma Program 

The application requirements for the Juilliard Graduate Diploma Program in Composition are as follows:

1. Online Application:

Submit your application online via the Juilliard Admissions Account by the deadline specified.

Start your online application at the Juilliard Admissions website.

2. Artistic Resume:

Upload an artistic resume as part of your online application.


  • Name and major (e.g., violin, jazz trumpet, soprano)
  • Contact information (address, phone, email)
  • Education background (institutions attended, degrees earned or to be earned)
  • Teachers (list most recent teachers and dates of study)
  • Masterclasses attended
  • Ensemble experience (e.g., youth orchestras, choirs, jazz bands)
  • Competitions and awards
  • Performances (only include orchestral performances if you were the soloist; otherwise list recitals and chamber music performances)
  • Other relevant experience (volunteer work, employment, etc.)

3. Essay(s):

Write a 1-2 page, double-spaced essay in English (not translated from another language) within the online application.

4. Choose One of the Following Topics:

Option 1: Tell in detail what you want to achieve as an artist what you expect to learn during this study period and why you believe Juilliard is the best place for you to achieve all of it.

Option 2: Discuss what it means to you to be an artist citizen in today’s world, in alignment with Juilliard’s mission.

Ensure your essay is your original work and submitted within the online application.

5. Introduction Video:

Record a one-minute video in which you:

  • Introduce yourself (name, major, current music teacher, current school, and grade level)
  • Share one fact about yourself that cannot be learned from your application materials
  • Discuss one piece of music that excites you and why
  • Upload the video to the application module provided.
  • Use a computer or Android cell phone with a webcam and supported browser.

6. Transcripts:

Official transcripts are not required until requested. Do not submit until required.

Follow your institution’s process to request official transcripts to be sent directly to Juilliard if invited for an in-person audition.

7. Recommendation:

Pick an individual (a teacher, conductor, coach, mentor in arts) who will sign a recommendation for you. This recommendation should cover your ability, achievements, commitment, dedication, teamwork, and leadership.

By that, the application is to be sent encrypted via the application system.

8. English Language Proficiency:

Submit evidence of English language competency, even if you are not a native speaker of the English language, irrespective of nationality.

In some cases, if you qualify for the exemption, you are not required to provide English language proficiency proof.

Ensure that you are eligible and that you do not fall into the exempt category by checking the application form.

In case it is needed, upload required test scores (for example TOEFL, IELTS) with the corresponding institution.

9. Application Fee:

The $110 application fee is nonrefundable. You can pay it through your application status page upon applying.

Applicants in need of financial aid can waive the fee. Comply with the directions for requesting the waiver of the application fee in the online application.

10 Additional Requirements (if applicable):

Formerly Enrolled Juilliard Students: Please submit an additional essay exploring your reason for returning to studies or selecting a different major.

Currently Enrolled Juilliard Students: Add one more essay to your application that clarifies your reasons for staying at Juilliard.

Applicants with Disabilities: Notify the Office of Academic Support and Disability Services that they may be needed during the audition process.

11. Audition Repertoire:

If you are called for an audition, then practice the audition material and attend in person on the scheduled date and time.

12. Decisions:

You will be notified of the admission status (accepted, waiting list, denied) through the application status page by the due date.

13. Enrolling:

Follow the instructions about admissions that will be given to you upon admission for enrollment procedures and deadlines.

Make sure the deadline for submitting all the necessary application materials is met so that the application can be completed successfully for the Juilliard Graduate Diploma Program in Composition.

Juilliard Application Deadline

The application process for degree programs at both The Juilliard School and The Tianjin Juilliard School will begin on September 1.

Depending on the program and location, undergraduate or graduate students should adhere to specific application deadlines:

For The Juilliard School (New York, USA):

  • BFA or MFA in Acting: The deadline is November 1 for prescreened applicants and December 1 for non-prescreened applicants.
  • AD in Opera Studies: The deadline is November 1.
  • AD in Playwriting: The deadline is November 15.
  • BFA in Dance: The deadline is December 1.
  • All other Music degrees: Deadline is December 1.

For The Tianjin Juilliard School (Tianjin, China):

MM in Instrumental and Chamber Music, Collaborative Piano, or Instrumental and Orchestral Studies: The deadline is December 15.

Final Words

Getting into Juilliard is no walk in the park, especially for international students. With an acceptance rate of just 10.6%, it’s clear that serious dedication and preparation are required.

But for those who are passionate about the arts and willing to put in the work, Juilliard could be the gateway to an exciting and fulfilling career. Good luck!

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