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What is the Acceptance rate for UCLA for International Students 2024-2025?

What is the Acceptance rate for UCLA for International Students? Beyond academic proficiency, UCLA actively seeks to diversify its community.

To distinguish yourself among fellow applicants, actively participate in numerous extracurricular activities and provide verifiable evidence of your involvement.

If you’ve taken part in community events, such as through a local church, consider securing a letter of recommendation from your pastor or mentor to include in your application.

Seize this opportunity to confidently showcase your achievements without reservation. Keep in mind that UCLA, currently tied with UC Berkeley as the top public college in the country, will celebrate its 100th year next year, making the admissions process highly competitive. Assertively present your accomplishments to stand out.

While UCLA is a state university, it generally gives priority to state residents. However, grievances have been voiced by California residents, particularly among the Asian community, who felt overlooked in favor of academically weaker students.

Despite this, UCLA’s student body reflects a healthy mix, with over 20% of students coming from out of state. Be prepared for robust competition, and I wish you the best of luck in your application process.

Acceptance rate for UCLA

Understanding “What is the acceptance rate for UCLA for International Students 2024-2025?” (California, Los Angeles)

UCLA, with a stringent 12% admission rate, annually rejects the highest number of applicants in the United States—approximately 85,000.

With a staggering 115,000 applications, the university stands as the most sought-after in the country, driven by insights not always reflected in conventional rankings.

Ranked 20th by the USA News and World Report, UCLA holds the distinction of being the highest-ranked public school in the U.S., second only to UC Berkeley globally.

The university’s emphasis on grades results from California legislative design, mandating that the top 8% of the graduating class enter a UC institution, typically Riverside or Merced, excluding UCLA.

For special admits, like first-time college graduates from immediate family those from non-English-speaking households, or of African American/American Indian descent, experts recommend focusing on the 75th percentile for grades and test scores.

Special admits may have a shot at admission with scores closer to the 25th percentile. Known for its rigorous standards, UCLA is considered one of the toughest schools to gain entry to, alongside Cornell.

UCLA’s GPA requirements are stringent, with the 25th percentile for regular students set at 3.92/4.0 and a perfect 4.0/4.0 for special admits.

Freshman grades are not factored into UC schools’ considerations. SAT scores are also a crucial factor, with the 75th percentile standing at 1540.

Despite this, exceptions occur, and anecdotal evidence suggests individuals gaining admission with a lower SAT score, such as 1425.

While the admission process is challenging, UCLA remains an excellent institution. Prospective students are advised to realistically assess their credentials, understanding that exceptions, though rare, do happen.

The university has been transparent about its standards, even addressing concerns from parents in a letter a few years ago, reiterating the highly competitive nature of UCLA’s admissions process.

Consideration of one’s qualifications against these rigorous standards is crucial before investing time and resources in an application.

Is it harder to get into UCLA as an out-of-state student?

In-state students benefit from a more favorable admissions process at UC schools due to specific criteria.

UC schools, when calculating GPAs, only grant extra weight to honors courses if completed within California.

Additionally, in-state students face a lower point cutoff. Notably, if an out-of-state student secures admission to UCSD, they would likely gain acceptance to UCLA or UC Berkeley if they were in-state.

The admission rates reflect this distinction, with out-of-state applicants experiencing a 23% acceptance rate compared to the 15% rate for in-state applicants.

However, UCLA tends to admit more out-of-state students, as the yield for out-of-state applicants is only 21%, considerably lower than the 47% yield for in-state applicants.

This positions UCLA as a safe school for top out-of-state students, a contrast to institutions like MIT, which boasts a nearly 80% yield.

Enrolled students’ qualifications, whether in-state or out-of-state, closely align. It’s important to note that not all GPAs are considered equal, but out-of-state students typically complete more honors courses.

What are the minimum requirements to get into UCLA and Their Application fee?

Is it harder to get into UCLA as an out-of-state student, What are the minimum requirements to get into UCLA and Their Application fee

 ==>To qualify, applicants must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher (3.4 for non-residents) and ensure that no grades in required high school courses fall below a C.

 ==> Start the application process by creating an account on the official website.

 ==>Choose your preferred course, noting that each UC you apply to mandates a USD 155 application fee for international students applying to postgraduate programs.

If eligible for a waiver, applicants can submit their UCLA application free of charge.

What do international students need for UCLA Masters?

For UCLA graduate program applicants, international students must submit a TOEFL score of at least 87 (computer-based) or 560 (paper-based), or an IELTS score of at least 7.0.

These exams should be taken within two (2) years of the online application submission date, using the UCLA institution code 4837.

These scores serve as the minimum requirement for UCLA graduate program applicants. However, it’s important to note that some majors may stipulate higher scores, as indicated in the Departmental Information.

And as part of the school’s requirements, applicants must submit records from their secondary schools, detailing subjects taken and grades received, as well as any national or government certificates earned.

All documents related to college or university coursework must be submitted in the original language, accompanied by English translations.

Does UCLA offer scholarships?

If UCLA awards you a scholarship, they will apply it to your account. Undergraduate students seeking scholarships must apply annually through our scholarship portal.

You need to complete an online “UCLA Scholarship Application,” which is available through MyUCLA.

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