10 Best Scholarships You Need To Get

10 Best Scholarships You Need To Get

10 Best Scholarships You Need To Get

The cost of seeking higher education is frequently high. Fortunately, there is hope for people in need of financial support thanks to the world of scholarships, which provide them a lifeline that allows them to follow their goals without going bankrupt.

There are many different kinds of scholarships, but there are two main types that help worthy students pay for their education; need-based and merit-based scholarships. There are special chances to lessen the cost of attending college with both kinds.

I’ll outline the best ten scholarships in this post so you can fulfill your desire to attend college.

Before we go further, I believe you need to go through the two distinctive types of scholarships, which are; the Merit-based and the Need-based scholarships.

10 Best Scholarships You Need To Get
10 Best Scholarships You Need To Get

Need-based scholarships

Students are given need-based scholarships based on their evidence of financial need. Need-based scholarships provide priority to helping students from low-income homes or who face severe financial challenges that could prevent them from attending higher education, in contrast to merit-based scholarships, which concentrate on academic achievements and talents.

But the necessity for money isn’t the only thing taken into account. Strong academic performance, involvement in extracurricular activities, and leadership qualities are frequently demanded of students.

The Free Application for Financial Aid, or FAFSA, may also be necessary if you’re seeking a need-based scholarship.

Merit-based scholarships

A merit-based scholarship is a kind of cash prize given to students in recognition of their extraordinary talents, accomplishments in the classroom, or aptitude in a particular sector.

You may need to exhibit considerable leadership abilities and community involvement in addition to having an above-average GPA and test score to be eligible for these awards. Students can also compete for these scholarships if they have extraordinary athletic or artistic talent.

10 Best Scholarships You Need To Get
10 Best Scholarships You Need To Get

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10 Best Scholarships You Need To Get

Generally speaking, you’ll need to demonstrate your leadership abilities, get good grades, and be actively involved in your community.

One of the few high-end scholarship programs that doesn’t demand a strong GPA is Dell Scholars. You might be eligible if your GPA is at least 2.4.

I’ve listed the top seven private scholarships you can win down below. Merit-based scholarships predominate, although there are also scholarships based on financial need.

1. QuestBridge National College Match Scholarship

  • Amount: over $200,000 (full cost of attendance for a four-year college)

QuestBridge National College Match, intended for academically gifted adolescents from low-income households, provides a route to prestigious universities such as Amherst, Brown, Claremont McKenna, Grinnell, MIT, Tufts, USC, Wellesley, and others.

Despite financial difficulties, qualifying students must exhibit a strong sense of character and drive to succeed. They must also be; Seniors in high school, US nationals, top 5–10% of the class they graduated with.

2. Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program

  • Application deadline: usually November 
  • Amount: Up to $55,00 per year;
  • Awards are renewable

Among the most generous private scholarship programs in the nation is the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program. Seniors in high school who excel academically but have financial need are eligible.

To qualify, your family’s annual gross income must be greater than $95,000 and you must intend to pursue an undergraduate degree. A minimum unweighted GPA of 3.5 is also required.

All scholars receive college advising while they are enrolled in classes. Additionally, they can be eligible for assistance from graduate schools and the internship stipend program.

3. Davidson Fellows Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: February 15.
  • Amount: $10,000, $25,000 or $50,000

The greatest of the best, as well as student prodigies, inventors, creators, and pioneers, are sought after for the Davidson Fellows Scholarship.

The scholarship program is open to talented US citizens and permanent residents who are no older than 18 years old. Either an individual or a team consisting of no more than two persons may apply.

In one of the following categories, each applicant (or team) must submit an outstanding original concept or performance:

Technology, Science, and Engineering
Philosophy of Mathematics, Literature, and Music.
At MIT, the students chosen as fellows receive recognition.

4. Ron Brown Scholar Program

  • Application Deadline: Early Application – November; Final deadline – January 9,
    Application opens in September.
  • Amount: $40,000 ($10,000 per year)

African American students with financial need are eligible to apply for the Ron Brown Scholar Program, which bears the name of the late Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown.

Candidates must be seniors in high school with a proven track record of academic excellence, involvement in the community, and leadership potential. Throughout college, mentorship is provided to scholars.

Typically, finalists take part in a fully compensated, weekend-long selection process in Washington, D.C.

5. Cameron Impact Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: Early Application – in May; Regular Application – September
  • Amount: Between $20,000 to $50,000 per year

A strong academic record (minimum unweighted GPA of 3.7) is required for seniors in high school to be eligible for the Cameron Impact Scholarship, which is awarded based on merit.

Additionally, applicants need to show that they have a history of civic engagement and leadership.

The entire cost of tuition plus other eligible educational costs is covered by the scholarship. It excludes lodging and board. Approximately 25% of the scholars who receive scholarships want to work in the fields of education, nonprofits, the government, or the armed forces.

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6. Dell Scholars Program

  • Application Deadline: December 1; application opens on October 1
  • Amount: includes $20,000, a laptop, textbook credits and coaching

Michael Dell, the company’s creator, is the one behind the Dell Scholars Program. Seniors from underrepresented high school populations are eligible for the scholarship.

To apply, you must be enrolled in AVID, attend an ASPIRE Public School, or Uplift Education. In addition, candidates must be qualified for a Pell Grant as a freshman in college and have a minimum GPA of 2.4.

7. The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

  • Application deadline: The application opens in August; the deadline is usually in October.
  • Amount: $20,000

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation program, one of the largest scholarship programs, offers achievement-based awards. Academics, service, and leadership are the three domains that are assessed.

A $20,000 scholarship is awarded to 150 high school seniors who will graduate this year and who have shown exceptional leadership and made a major contribution to their communities. These recipients are chosen by the scholarship committee.

A minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 is required of applicants.

8. The Gates Scholarship

  • Application deadline: Application is usually available around July with a mid-September deadline.
  • Amount: Varies

Bill and Melinda Gates established the Gates Scholarship, which is offered to minority high school students getting ready to go to college. Students must have leadership qualities in addition to having a solid academic record.

Students must demonstrate that their family is financially needy to be eligible. Scholarships are reoccurring and can be applied to accommodation, books, tuition, and fees.

9. Starbucks College Achievement Plan

Amount: 100% tuition

Part-time or full-time Starbucks employees are eligible to earn 100% of the cost of tuition for Arizona State University’s online bachelor’s program. Students can work, study, and thrive with over 100 majors to choose from.

To qualify, you have to:

  • Have put in at least 240 hours of work at Starbucks within three months.
  • Not have a bachelor’s degree already
  • Fill out the FAFSA.

10. Amazon Career Choice Program with Outlier

Amount: 100% tuition

Golden Gate University and Outlier.org provide Amazon employees with the chance to further their education and careers.

With Amazon paying for both the associate degree and the resume-building career certificate, students can take advantage of the Degrees+ Program.

You can complete your degree at your own pace while working with Amazon.com. Since all of the Degrees+ courses are entirely online and asynchronous, you may choose when to devote yourself to studying.

Should you decide to pursue an advanced degree in the future, all of the credits you earn are accredited and transferable.


In summary, you should put these expensive scholarships on your list. They can sometimes be fiercely competitive. Don’t count yourself out, though, if you fulfill the requirements. Recall that not all scholarships are awarded based on achievement or merit.

A few are determined by the need for money. Funding for education may no longer be a concern if you apply and are successful. Just make sure your essay and application material are excellent.


Which scholarship gives the most money?

In 2000, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship was instituted following a $210 million contribution of the type, the largest ever given by Bill and Melinda Gates to a UK university.

What is the most money won in scholarships?

Barnes broke the Guinness World Record held by another Louisiana high school student who won over $9 million in scholarships in 2019 with his $10 million+ scholarship haul, making it the largest of any college-bound senior in American history, according to his high school.

What is the hardest type of scholarship to get?

Depending on the school, your tuition may be fully or partially covered by an athletic scholarship. Among the most difficult scholarships to obtain are athletic ones.

How do you get a 100% scholarship?

How to obtain a scholarship in full

  • Understand where to search.
  • Get ready ahead of time.
  • Put in a lot of effort and remain inspired.
  • Differentiate yourself from the other applicants.
  • Carefully read the application’s instructions.
  • Send in a superb cover letter or essay for a scholarship.
  • Be sensible.

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