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What is the Acceptance Rate for UNC for International Students 2024-2025?

What is the acceptance rate for UNC for International Students? The University of North Carolina (UNC), Chapel Hill is well-known for being the country’s first public university and for its continuous remarkable achievements over the decades since its founding.

UNC Chapel Hill is still proud of these influences as it invests in current research efforts and academics. The university has a very excellent reputation among undergraduates in the areas of business, nursing, and computer science.

Nonetheless, the school features world-renowned academics in almost every subject. Whether you choose to study anthropology or pure mathematics, UNC has a range of learning opportunities that set it apart from the vast majority of other universities.

Compared to out-of-state or foreign students, it is comparatively “easy” to get accepted if you are a state resident, even though you must be the best in your class to be given serious consideration.

The application process is not something to be taken lightly by those hoping to wear the recognizable powder blue uniforms of this excellent state university.

We will provide all you need to know about the acceptance rate for UNC for international students, how the rate applicants, etc.

Acceptance Rate for UNC

What is the Acceptance Rate for UNC for International Students?

The overall undergraduate acceptance rate at UNC Chapel Hill is 23.9%. For in-state students, the acceptance rate is 44%. Out-of-state students had a 28.9% acceptance rate.

For the class of 2022, the average GPA of candidates accepted to UNC Chapel Hill was 3.90, although the average GPA of those admitted was just 3.68.

At UNC Chapel Hill, the overall acceptance rate for undergraduates is 23.9%. The acceptance rate for students who are in-state is 44%. The acceptance rate for students from out of state was 28.9%.

While the average GPA of students admitted to UNC Chapel Hill was only 3.68 for the class of 2022, the average GPA of candidates accepted was 3.90.

UNC Chapel Hill Transfer Admission Requirements?

Major-specific transfer admission requirements differ. As one of the nation’s most prestigious public universities, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) maintains strict admissions requirements. UNC has an acceptance rate of roughly 23% overall and accepts roughly 70% of transfer applicants.

For UNC to consider you for transfer admission, you need to:

  • Be a high school graduate or have finished an equivalent course of study.
  • Before being considered for transfer admission to UNC, you must have completed at least 24 semester hours of college-level credit with grades of C- or above at an authorized college or university.
  • Complete the online application for undergraduate admission in its entirety, including the nonrefundable Application Fee.
  • A 2.5 GPA on all postsecondary work attempted (2.75 if you attended other institutions while enrolled at UNC).
  • Before enrolling at UNC, you must have completed at least 30 semester hours of transferable academic credit by the conclusion of the autumn term.
  • A minimum of 12 semester hours must be earned.

UNC Freshman Admission Requirements

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has extremely competitive admissions. The most competitive applicants for admission are those who rank in the top 25% of their high school class and have composite ACT scores of 28 or a SAT score of at least 1200 in math and critical reading.

All applicants, regardless of whether they self-report their SAT and/or ACT scores, must apply and pay a $75 application fee.

Official transcripts from all secondary schools attended, including home schools, and official test results from the SAT or ACT are required to be submitted by all first-year students to the university.

It is not sufficient to submit test results from a single test date if you take both tests; you must submit results from each test administration.

Official high school transcripts and standardized test results must be submitted by applicants who have not attended high school for more than five years as evidence of their graduation.

How UNC Rates Applicants

The intensity of high school course load, essays, test scores, reference letters, extracurricular activities, talent/ability, character/personal traits, and state residence (being from NC is a huge benefit) are all considered “very important” in the admissions process by UNC-Chapel Hill.

GPA, class rank, volunteer activities, and paid work experience are all “important” factors in the admissions process. First-generation status, legacy status, and racial/ethnic status are all “considered” considerations.

Before making an admissions offer, the admissions staff thoroughly reviews each application and discusses it “at length” with the applicant.

Final Words

Students who want to go to college should be aware of UNC Chapel Hill’s acceptance rate and educate themselves on the school’s background, goals, location, and local community.

To make an informed choice, students should generally try to visit the campus and get a true flavor of the institution.

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