Fully Funded IDS Graduate Scholarship Program in UK

A lot of students have always dreamed of ever studying in the united kingdom, and have worked towards making that a reality only to be discouraged as a result of the high tuition fee, high cost of living, accommodation and rigorous process in getting a visa to study they. This has lead many to start asking questions to ascertain whether scholarships still exist and how they can apply to get such great opportunity. The fully funded IDS graduate scholarship program 2023 at the university of Sussex in the united kingdom is fully funded for her master’s students.

The united kingdom has continued to lead among the most applied nations by international students owing to her age long and historic contributions to education, this country has two oldest and greatest universities in the world which are Oxford and Cambridge. The current international students population is around 500,000.  Which is expected to grow in the coming year’s.

Studying in the united kingdom at the university of Sussex, will be one of the greatest decisions you will ever make in your life, this  institutions aims at preparing leaders who can change and transform her country especially low middle income countries,  it greatly assists them to get their goals in life and also be competent enough to take over transformative roles in the society.

About the IDS Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is fully funded by the Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust & Dr Purna Chander Kotagiri Fund, for students from low or lower-middle income countries, who wish to study at the university of Sussex for their masters degree, this scholarship will last for a period of 2 year’s.  And it is available to those who wish to study wish to study in the united kingdom UK, the last day to apply for this scholarship is April 30, 2023.

The following countries located in the regions below are eligible for this scholarship

  1. East Asia and Pacific
  2. Europe and Central Asia
  3. Latin America & the Caribbean
  4. The Middle East and North Africa
  5. North America
  6. South Asia
  7. Sub-Saharan Africa

Value Description

The following areas will be covered in this scholarship

  • Tuition fee worth  £18,500
  • Cost of living worth £11,000 which will cover other expenses

Eligibility and selection criteria

  1.  Must be an international student from any of the regions listed below
  2. Candidates must have an academic skills, with records of academic excellence
  3. Must have exhibited plans and have an experience related to the educational, cultural, social, or economic development
  4. Must not have studied or worked in any of the high income countries
  5. Must have letter of admission for a graduate program in the university of Sussex

Applications Deadline:  The last day to apply for this scholarship is on 30th April 2023

Application Details:

This scholarship is applied entirely online and for more information click 

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