12 Best Colleges For Track And Field Scholarships

When looking for the best colleges for track and field scholarships, consider your options from a bird’s-eye perspective. That is what the entire program and institution can offer you.

Does the school provide the event in which you compete? Is the school offering the major in which you are interested? Does the school have facilities that will allow you to train properly? How about the academics?

The various alternatives may seem daunting, but keep in mind that the university you choose must be good for you in more ways than just your sport.

Another factor to consider while selecting a school where you can compete in your sport is the division. Most colleges in the United States classify their sports into Divisions 1, 2, or 3, with Division 1 being the most competitive.

While most student-athletes focus on colleges with Division 1 track and field teams, you should not overlook schools that do not fall into this category.

Many Division 2 and Division 3 track and field colleges will likely give bigger scholarships to high-achieving students in order to attract them to their universities. This is something that many student athletes take advantage of while attempting to reconcile following their sport at the collegiate level with making sound financial decisions.

Having said that, there are lots of wonderful possibilities for those wishing to advance in their sport at the university level, so keep reading for some of the best track and field colleges.

The 12 Best Colleges For Track And Field Scholarships

The University of Oregon boasts a well-regarded track and field program. The school also hosted the founder of Nike, which is a popular track and field performance apparel choice for many athletes across the world.

1. University of Oregon

The University of Oregon, home to the inventors of the worldwide sensation Nike, is well-known for its outstanding track and field programs.

Students at the University of Oregon have access to some of the top facilities in the country. Hayward Field is where most students practice and compete, and it has held countless Olympic Trials.

But it isn’t everything the school has to offer. The University of Oregon also has a year-round indoor training facility and a recuperation center with plunge pools, a digital x-ray center, and even a few underwater treadmills.

2. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Student-athletes can benefit from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s gorgeous campus and outstanding athletics.

In addition to world-class programs and facilities, the school offers students valuable nutrition knowledge and support.

UNC-Chapel Hill now employs three full-time sports dietitians and two full-time performance nutrition fellows. They provide student-athletes with everything from nutrition advice to body composition testing and education.

At the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, incoming student-athletes may enroll with confidence, knowing that they will be cared for both on and off the field.

3. The University of Florida

If you’re an athlete looking to move down south, the University of Florida has the track and field program for you.

This school not only has all of the incredible amenities that the others on this list do to help you train to be the best athlete you can be, but it also has the stats to back it up.

The University of Florida has numerous NCAA championships to its credit, with competitors from both the men’s and women’s track and field teams ranking statewide and nationally in their discipline.

However, the University of Florida has a history of sending track and field players to the Olympics, which is the ultimate objective for many collegiate sports stars.

4. The Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University is well-known for its strong athletic programs, including track and field.

This institution is unique in that it allows pupils to compete in either indoor or outdoor track & field. Few Division 1 institutions provide both options in their track and field programs, so this is a significant advantage for LSU.

But that is not all. Louisiana State University provides facilities that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor training and competition, including an all-weather track and field stadium and a cutting-edge indoor facility.

So, for those who value variety, LSU may be the right fit.

5. University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas dubbed the “track capital of the world,” is one of the greatest universities for track and field.

The university’s exceptional reputation in track and field stems from the 35 records it has across NCAA, American, and international championships – a feat that makes it a force to be reckoned with in the sport.

The Randal Tyson Center is the university’s indoor track training facility, and it has helped train champion athletes. Attend the University of Arkansas, and you might become one as well.

6. The Baylor University

Baylor University is a private US college with a thriving track & field department. Over the years, the university has produced dozens of champions, including nine Olympic gold medalists.

Since 2014, their champions have trained and competed in a world-class stadium that the institution has invested more than $18 million in.

This is in addition to the many additional training facilities available to the school’s track and field student-athletes.

Baylor University has a top-notch track and field program.

7. The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona boasts an excellent track and field program that focuses on both individual development and team performance.

Athletes benefit from excellent training facilities and a friendly environment that pushes them to reach their full potential in sports. The University of Arizona is located in Tucson, Arizona. The environment is hot and dry, but it’s always ideal for training!

8. The Stanford University

Stanford University, located in California, is a truly top-tier college that excels in both academic and sports fields. This reputation allows graduate players to pursue successful professions in the sports sector or other professional fields.

Stanford’s track and field team has won multiple national titles and continues to develop world-class athletes, striking the ideal mix between academic and athletic success.

9. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia has a lengthy sports history, and its track and field program is well-established. Founded in 1897, the track and field program underwent numerous adjustments before becoming what it is now.

Over a century later, the University of Georgia now has over thirteen Olympic gold medals and scores of championship trophies.

At this public institution, student-athletes receive some of the best track and field education available from instructors who understand how to win.

Not to mention that UG has some excellent training facilities, which contributed to their ranking on our list.

10. The University of Southern California (USC)

USC is well-known for its strong sports heritage, and the track and field program is no exception. USC athletes receive high-quality training and have the opportunity to compete on a national level.

USC is located in Southern California, where pleasant weather is almost guaranteed. USC is also well-known for its strong sporting traditions, which allow student-athletes to be a part of a society that values both athletic and academic success.

11. The Texas A&M University

Texas A&M is a true athletic powerhouse, boasting one of the greatest track and field programs in the nation. The Aggies not only have a history of producing Olympic athletes, but they also consistently win national titles, making the university a true breeding ground for athletic talent.

Texas A&M’s track and field team distinguishes itself from other colleges by combining an exceptional athletic tradition with a dedication to developing athletic talent. The university has sophisticated facilities and professional instructors that help athletes enhance their skills. This emphasis on developing athletes to Olympic-level standards and winning national championships is typical of the Texas school.

12. University of Texas

The University of Texas is one of those institutions whose reputation precedes it.

With multiple championship victories under its belt, the school knows how to tackle track and field.

Beyond their impressive results, the University of Texas has an astounding amount of track and field facilities to help their student-athletes. The University of Texas boasts cutting-edge training facilities, a massive stadium, a nutrition facility, an academic center, and a sports medicine center, to mention a few.

With so many support options, UT guarantees that its track and field student-athletes are well cared for, which should put any prospective applicant at ease. The University of Texas features an outstanding track and field program. If you end yourself at school here, you’ll be in good hands.

Many institutions in the United States provide competitive track and field programs, but the universities listed here are among the best. Each one offers students skilled coaches, excellent facilities, and incredible statistics that demonstrate their ability to assist prospective student-athletes in meeting their performance objectives.

So, ready, set, go! This list will help you locate the best college for track and field for you.

In Conclusion

These top 12 best colleges for track and field scholarships with not only superb training facilities and coaches but also an inspiring community. The aforementioned universities are ideal for athletes looking to excel at the highest level. The programs have been shown to prepare players for success at the university level and beyond.

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