Which Dental School In The US Offers Full Tuition Scholarship

Medical students who opt to study dentistry have several dental schools in The US that offer a full tuition Scholarship ahead of them.

However, like with other medical sciences, the cost of dentistry courses can be considerable, hence it is desirable and useful for students to apply for dental school in The US that offers a full tuition Scholarship.

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If you pursue a dentistry degree, you can work as a dentist, a dental hygienist, a dental assistant, or in another sector that offers a wide range of job opportunities.

To assist you in funding your dentistry course, we have created a list of the best dental schools in The US that offer a full tuition Scholarship available worldwide.

Which Dental School In The US Offers Full Tuition Scholarship

1. Fund Your Future There are no essay scholarships

These dentistry school scholarships, valued at $1,000, are open to students from any country. Aside from Dentistry, the scheme is open to college students pursuing UG, PG, or other courses in the following fields:

mechanical engineering, information technology, industrial engineering, computer science, civil engineering, chemistry, biomedical, biostatistics, biomedical engineering, biomedical sciences, biology, and data science.

2. Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) Scholarship

The TMDU is Japan’s foremost dental institution, with four divisions for graduation and research in dental studies: Medical and Dental Sciences, Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences Education Division, and Biomedical Sciences Research Division.

At this university, UG students pay $2500 in admission fees and $2,260 in tuition costs for six months. The PG prices vary according to the program chosen by the students.

The TMDU provides a variety of scholarships to outstanding UG students based on academic accomplishment and financial need to help pay for their education at the university.

More than half of TMDU’s students are international and thus are automatically qualified to apply for the scholarship program.

This scholarship is among the best dentistry school scholarships in Japan because it provides full-ride scholarships.

3. Scholarship for Community Oral Health, No Essay

Southern California’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry offers this grant to deserving dental students pursuing higher study in the discipline.

All students who have completed or are currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue a Certificate or Master’s in Community Oral Health are eligible to apply for the scholarship program.

This medical scholarship may be applied for until the final day of each month. The scholarship is worth $1,000.

4. New York University Scholarships

New York University provides clinical training programs in oral health care, as well as undergraduate programs such as a predoctoral DDS for interested students.

To make these courses more accessible and affordable for students, NYU provides many merit and need-based scholarships to all enrolled students.

It also provides a postgraduate scholarship program for dental students and master’s students. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must complete their FAFSA applications. NYU is well-known for granting full-ride dentistry school scholarships.

5. Scholarships at the University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is a leading Ivy League school in the United States. It provides many undergraduate and graduate programs in dentistry spanning a wide range of specializations to dental students enrolled in the institution, preparing them to be successful future dentists.

To assist students with additional funds for their degrees, the university provides scholarships to outstanding candidates.

All students applying for a DMD at the university are eligible for the Dean’s scholarship, which is merit-based. This scholarship, valued at up to $40,000 every year, is offered to qualified DMD applicants for the four-year course.

Winners are chosen based on academic excellence, leadership qualities, and extracurricular activities. The scholarship might be renewed annually depending on academic performance. It is one of the top dental school awards in the United States.

6. Scholarships from the University of Gothenburg

This university is Sweden’s third oldest university and one of the world’s leading dentistry schools, in addition to being one of the major educational institutions in the Nordic countries.

Foreign exchange students and EU/EEA students are not required to pay course fees at the University of Gothenburg. Academic fees for dental studies at the university apply to students who are not from the EU/EEA.

Many grants and scholarships are available to help fund the education of students who must pay fees, both locally and internationally.

International students can apply for specifically created scholarships if they need to pay tuition before arriving in Sweden for their studies. This is one of the best dentistry school grants in Sweden.

7. UNCF STEM Scholars Program

The United Negro College Fund offers this scholarship program, known as the STEM Scholars Program. It attempts to make higher education more affordable for African American high school students, allowing them to pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

Under the field of medical science, these scholarships are also available for dentistry courses to assist support your education at top dental schools. The scholarships vary from $2,500 to $5,000. To be eligible for the award, applicants must be US residents with a GPA of at least 3.0.

8. The University of Washington

The University of Washington (UW), one of the world’s most prestigious public colleges, has risen four places this year to joint tenth in dentistry, with almost 54,000 students.

For non-residents, the expected expenditures for UW dentistry programs in 2017-18 (including tuition, training equipment, health fees, books, lodging and board allowance, transportation, and personal expenses allowance) ranged between US$117,623 and US$133,000 over four academic years.

However, state residents often pay substantially less, ranging between US$87,787 and US$99,152.

UW is currently offering financial help to eligible US students, who simply need to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Help (FAFSA) with an FSA ID from the Department of Education. International students should seek funding from outside sources.

9. The University of Bern

The University of Bern, located in the Swiss capital of Bern, was founded in 1834 and is a comprehensive university that offers a diverse range of courses and programs throughout eight faculties and approximately 150 institutions.

Currently ranked ninth in the dental school rankings, the university’s Dental Medicine study program lasts five years and consists of a three-year bachelor’s degree and a two-year master’s degree program.

The annual tuition charge for overseas students at the University of Bern is CHF 200 (US$199) per semester, in addition to the ordinary tuition fee (CHF 750/US$746) in some cases.

A variety of scholarships are available, and applicants should speak with their lecturer as well as their department and faculty of interest for further choices, since new or temporary financial opportunities may surface unexpectedly.

10. The University of Zurich

The University of Zurich was established in 1833 by the combination of previously established colleges of theology, law, medicine, and a new department of philosophy. With almost 25,000 students enrolled, it is currently Switzerland’s largest higher-education institution, and it has risen three spots in the dentistry school rankings to ninth place.

Dentistry course fees, like those at other schools, vary according to the level of study. Tuition prices for overseas students range from US$674 to US$1,100 per semester, including a regular application charge of US$88 and a late application fee of US$350.

Zurich offers several scholarships, including Swiss government scholarships for postgraduate studies to overseas students with undergraduate degrees.

11. The University of Michigan

The University of Michigan was founded in Detroit in 1817 before Michigan became a state, and it is the state’s oldest higher education institution. Twenty years later, it was relocated to Ann Arbor’s Central Campus.

The School of Dentistry, which is ranked fifth in the world for dentistry, offers one of the oldest dental hygiene programs in the United States.

Tuition fees for UM’s dentistry courses vary depending on the degree level and type of program; however, an undergraduate degree typically costs around US$13,800 in the first year for Michigan residents and US$43,400 for non-Michigan residents;’

most eligible students will be pleased to know that they may be offered a financial aid package, which typically consists of grants, scholarships, work-study (wages earned through employment), and loans.

12. The University of Hong Kong (HKU

The University of Hong Kong (HKU), founded in 1911, owes its origins to the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese, which opened in 1887. Today, it houses ten academic faculties directed by English professors and almost 29,100 students.

This year’s fourth-ranked dental school is the Faculty of Dentistry at HKU, which was established in 1982 and is an internationally regarded dental school with a 100% employment rate. It is also the only institution in Hong Kong that offers undergraduate and postgraduate dental programs.

An undergraduate degree in the subject normally costs HK$42,100 (US$5,360) per year, while grants like as the Hong Kong Dental Associate Scholarship of HK$2,500 (US$318) may be offered each year to final-year students based on academic performance in prior years. More scholarships for studying in Hong Kong can be found here.

14. King’s College London (KCL)

Based in the UK capital, King’s College London (KCL) is ranked joint second for dentistry and 31st overall in the QS World University Rankings. KCL, the largest dental school in the UK, graduates approximately 150 dentists each year from its Dentistry BDS degree, which is evidence-based and research-intensive, combining modern dental teaching with early clinical practice.

The current tuition fees for the 2019-20 academic year are £9,250 (€10,400) per year for UK and EU students and £43,500 (US$55,800) per year for international students.

KSL now provides various scholarship and bursary possibilities; scroll through this list to discover whether you are qualified to apply for financial assistance while studying at King’s. More scholarships for studying in the UK can be found here.

15. Academic Center for Dentistry, Amsterdam (ACTA)

The Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), which was ranked second in dentistry this year, is a collaboration between the Faculties of Dentistry at the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam.

In addition to providing educational programs for roughly 800 students and patient care for approximately 300 patients daily, ACTA undertakes scientific research and employs approximately 500 people.

UV University Amsterdam’s 2019/20 general tuition price rates for both full-time and part-time undergraduate students from EU/EEA countries who have not yet received a degree in the Netherlands will be €2,083 (US$2,360) every academic year. However, exceptions may occur.

Though dental scholarships are not currently offered at ACTA, the University of Amsterdam provides a variety of scholarships for academically talented international students, as well as faculty scholarships; more information can be found here.

16. The Karolinska Institute

The Karolinska Institute is currently the world’s best dentistry school, having risen five slots this year to first place and earning a flawless academic reputation score. It is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and offers world-class medical and health sciences courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

While EU/EEA citizens are exempt from tuition costs, non-EU/EEA citizens must pay SEK 1,900,000 (US$205,700) for Karolinska’s five-year dental program, which is taught exclusively in Swedish. Scholarships at Karolinska are not available for this degree; nevertheless, over 120 Sweden-based dental scholarships can be found here.

17. The Harvard University

Harvard University, which was placed third overall in the QS World University Rankings® 2019, climbed five places in the dentistry school rankings to seventh place, with a flawless score for employer reputation.

Because Harvard is a private higher education institution with the most distinguished academic status, tuition costs are quite steep, at US$46,340 (without financial aid), with an estimated US$67,580 needed for tuition, housing, board, and fees combined.

Students who are not US citizens or permanent residents are ineligible for need-based grants at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM), although they may be eligible for funding administered by the school’s Committee on General Scholarships.

HSDM offers several scholarships, which can be found here.

Harvard University Presidential Scholarship (established 2003)

The Presidential Scholarship offers financial assistance to people who are committed to public service careers in academic dentistry, research, leadership in public health or public policy, international health, or a commitment to underserved communities.

Current students seeking a DMSc degree or enrolled in the DMD program with plans to apply for a DMSc are eligible to earn the funding.

Delta Dental of Massachusetts Dean’s Scholarship in Oral Public Health and Epidemiology (established 2005)

Provides one year of funding to a postdoctoral dentist pursuing a career in academics. The winner of this grant must be pursuing postdoctoral studies in dental public health at Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Students from underrepresented minority groups who live in Massachusetts are given preference. For additional information, please contact the Dental Public Health program.

James M. Dunning Teaching and Research Fund (established 1977)

Friends of James M. Dunning, who served as dean of HSDM from 1947 to 1952, founded this scholarship. To assist a dental public health fellow (a dentist training for a career in dental public health). For additional information, please contact the Dental Public Health program.

Harvard Scholarships in Advanced Dental Medicine (established 2011)

The 4-5 year DMSc degree and Harvard Scholarships in Advanced Dental Medicine are designed for US citizens with dental degrees who are preparing for academic careers in dental schools, dental research organizations, and/or public service venues.

They provide clinical scholars with an exceptional opportunity to conduct oral-health-related translational research. For additional information, please contact Dr. T Howard Howell. For additional information, please contact Financial Aid.

Pelletier Family Fellowship in Prosthodontics (established 2015)

Supports or supplements the direct and indirect expenses of a U.S. dentistry school graduate or postdoctoral student working in the Advanced Graduate Education (AGE) specialty of prosthodontics.

Predoctoral (DMD) Funding

For additional information on DMD scholarships, please contact Financial Aid. Please be informed that all DMD scholarships are offered based on financial necessity. There are no separate applications for these scholarships. Students will be evaluated using the information supplied during the financial aid application process.

Joanna Alford Bequest (established in 1785)

towards “the education of those Students who are under low and indigent circumstances.”

Lawrence Wills Baker Memorial Fund (established 1956)

Founded in honor of Lawrence Wills Baker, DMD 1898, a professor of orthodontics. e.g., “a student in the School of Dental Medicine who has shown aptitude and interest in the field of Orthodontics.”

Dr. James Bell Memorial Fund (established 2001)

A bequest made by Elizabeth May Bell in memory of her husband, Dr. James Bell, DMD 1916. To be utilized to provide financial assistance to “worthy, needy students.”

Dwight M. Clapp Scholarship (established 1926)

Clara Josephine Clapp, the wife of Dwight M. Clapp, DMD 1882, established this foundation in his memory. For a male HSDM student born in Massachusetts who displays financial need while also showing promise of professional ability.

Dental School Alumni Scholarship Fund (established 1937)

Established with a gift from the Class of 1912. There are no specified criteria.

Thomas Alexander Forsyth Scholarship Fund (established 1929)

Bequest of Thomas Alexander Forsyth. This scholarship is for two male students at HSDM who want to become dentists. It will be granted to the same two young men until they finish the school’s course requirements.

Nathan and Phyllis Goodman Scholarship Fund (established 2008)

Endowed scholarship in memory of Dr. Nathan Goodman, DMD ’38, and Mrs. Phyllis Goodman. The Goodman Scholar is chosen by the Dean of the School of Dental Medicine.

The scholarship provides financial assistance “to a deserving student who embodies the spirit that Nathan Goodman embraced throughout his 65-year career in dentistry.”

The honoree is a first-year student pursuing predoctoral studies for a DMD degree. Preference is given to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The scholarship is renewed annually as long as the recipient makes good academic progress.

HSDM Endowed Scholarship Fund (established 2013)

Income from the Scholarship fund’s principal will be granted as scholarships to HSDM students to assist or augment their direct and indirect expenditures, as determined by the School’s financial aid standards.

Frank Randall McCullagh Scholarship Fund (established 1964)

Bequest of Frank R. McCullagh. To serve as a means “to assist worthy and indigent students to finance themselves through their dental training.”

Dr. Leonard D. Nathan Scholarship Fund (established 1967)

In honor of Dr. Leonard D. Nathan. There are no specified criteria.

Dr. Harry Sandler Memorial Scholarship Fund (established 2002)

Thelma N. Sandler made a bequest in memory of Dr. Harry Sandler, DMD ’24, “to support a student [with financial need] at Harvard School of Dental Medicine who is a member of the HSDM Chapter of Alpha Omega.”

School of Dental Medicine National Scholarship Fund (established 1960)

Awards will be extended throughout students’ four years of study at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, given satisfactory academic performance.

Masako and Seizaburo Sakamoto DMD Scholarship (established 2014)

The Sakamoto Scholarship honors former academic members and husband-and-wife collaborators Seizaburo Sakamoto, DDS, Ph.D., and Masako Sakamoto, DDS, Ph.D., who investigated connective tissue metabolism and bone reabsorption in an attempt to prevent degenerative processes. The Masako and Seizaburo Sakamoto DMD Scholarship will be awarded to a predoctoral student who is performing research or pursuing a degree in dentistry.

Eugene Hanes Smith Scholarship (established 1920)

Established by the Harvard Dental Alumni Association to honor Dean Smith’s 25 years of service to the School. The award is given out annually to “a worthy and meritorious student in the third or fourth year of the Dental School, who has been a student in regular standing during the first and second years.”

David Spinney Memorial Fund (established 1969)

Established with gifts given in memory of Dr. David Spinney through the Harvard Dental Alumni Association “to be used for scholarships or loans.”

Peter E. Strauss Scholarship (established 1922)

Emily R. M. Strauss made a bequest. There are no specified criteria.

Clarence B. Vaughan Scholarship Fund (established 1965)

Clarence B. Vaughan made a bequest. The money will be used “to aid worthy and desirable students in acquiring and completing their education in dental medicine.”

William J. Wenzel Scholarship Fund (established 1990)

William J. Wenzel, DMD, made a bequest in 1930. There are no specified criteria.

Are there any scholarship opportunities for BDS students?

International students interested in studying dentistry abroad can apply for a variety of scholarships from institutions, businesses, and organizations. Some of the international BDS scholarships include ADEA Scholarships, Awards and Fellowships for Students, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Scholarships, and others.

Is it difficult to get into Harvard Dental School?

Harvard Dental School is widely considered one of the top dental schools in the country. Admitted students at the university have an average GPA of 3.85 and an Academic Average (DAT) of 22.

What is an appropriate GPA for dentistry school?

Each university has a certain grade point average requirement for dental school. However, the average GPA is 3.5, the highest overall. Having a GPA of 3.5 or higher is significantly preferable and will make it easier to get into dental school.

How do international dentistry students pay for their studies?

International students may be admitted to Harvard Dental School, but the true catch is being able to afford the hefty tuition rates. While most students seek university scholarships, many students apply for an education loan for dental courses, which will help them pay for all of their tuition and living expenses.

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