What is the Acceptance Rate for UCSB for International Students 2024-2025?

What is the acceptance rate for UCSB for International Students? The University of California—Santa Barbara, ranked by U.S. News as one of the Top 5 public universities in the country and a Top 30 overall national university, now receives six figures in applications each year.

As of 2023, the UCSB acceptance rate has fallen below 30%, and it is exceedingly rare for UCSB to accept students with less than a 4.0 and who did not rank in the top decile of their high school class.

Aspiring Gauchos in 2023-24 will confront a test-blind admissions procedure requiring near-perfect grades in a tough curriculum and great essays.

We will be telling you all you need to know about applying for UCSB, their acceptance rate, and the application process.

acceptance rate for UCSB

Acceptance Rate for UCSB for International Students 2024

For the Class of 2026, UCSB got 111,006 applications; 26,689 of those were accepted. The acceptance rate at UC Santa Barbara is now 26% as a result.

They received 105,647 applications the year before and admitted 30,823 of them, yielding an acceptance rate of 29%. For the Class of 2024, the acceptance rate was 37%.

Who Gets Into UCSB?

The majority of USBC students were from California and paid in-state tuition. Let us examine the following demographics of UC-Santa Barbara students:

  • Percent from California: 77%
  • Percent from other U.S. States: – 11%
  • Percent International: 12%

Most in-state students come from:

  • Santa Barbara Area: 6%
  • LA/Orange County: 30%
  • Other SoCal: 18%
  • San Francisco Bay: 29%
  • Central Cal: 9%

How Does UCSB Rate Applicants

GPA and application essays are the only two elements that UC Santa Barbara considers to be “very important” in their admissions process.

The following categories are “considered”: extracurricular activities, volunteer work, talent/ability, character/personal traits, first-generation status, state residency, volunteer work, and paid work experience.

As was previously indicated, all UC colleges, including UC Santa Barbara, are currently test-blind. This highlights even more the UCSB review process, which has always been holistic.

Fulfilling the prerequisites for admission to UC Santa Barbara is the first step toward achieving eligibility. Meeting the requirements for admission does not, however, guarantee admittance.

Selecting students who meet or exceed the basic requirements is done by using standards known as “selection criteria” when UCSB is unable to admit all qualified applicants.

1. Subject Requirement

Students must complete UC-approved courses in the A-G subject areas with a ‘C’ or above. If you attend a California high school, use the A-G Course List reference online to ensure that the classes you take are on your school’s UC Certified Course List.

2. Grade Point Requirement

All A-G courses must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (3.4 for non-California residents). Your preliminary GPA is calculated using only your grades in A-G subjects in the tenth and eleventh grades, including summer sessions.*

Courses taken in the ninth and twelfth grades can be used to fulfill A-G subject requirements if you get a C or better, but they will not be used to compute your GPA.

3. Personal Life Accomplishments

To bring in our freshman class, UCSB looks at more than simply academic achievements. They consider your extracurricular activities and achievements in relation to the opportunities accessible to you. Discover how applications are evaluated.

Final Words

It’s now more difficult than ever to get into UC Santa Barbara since applicants must now have near-perfect (or flawless) grades in 10+ honors, AP, and IB courses. Even locals must possess excellent academic records along with other noteworthy qualities.

As a result, every student must create a suitable college list that includes both “safety” and “target” universities. You should work with an admissions specialist who is knowledgeable about the most recent tactics and trends used by your potential institutions to accomplish this. Good luck!

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