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For years now the desire from the youths on the need for them to have their internship in multi national companies and especially the silicon valley has greatly increased.  But to the greatest surprise of most of this students, they is little or no information about some of this internship program, except from selected few students, which is why we have taken up the Rask of compiling them, the Amazon internship program is  open to undergraduate, masters and doctorate students who wish to use their summer holiday. 

The Amazon corporations have Placed a landmark in the training of students, and has trained millions of students through mentoring, hands on experience, helping them to gain lifelong transforming career’s, the Amazon internship program expects an increase in application of interns as a result of the global shift to eBooks.

The Amazon internship program is one of the best decisions one can make as regards building up her program, this program doesn’t have a compulsory English proficiency requirements I.e IELTS, TOEFL etc. It is open to all to apply, and will greatly impact your knowledge. 

About the Amazon Internship Program 

This internship is fully funded and is available to undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students, who wish to use their summer holiday,  this internship application is a continuous process and application  throughout the year, while her technical interns are accepted during the summer.  Her technical interns are taught between 12 to 16 Weeks.  Helping them to  immerse themselves in the cultures of Amazon and see if they have a future in it. 

This internship is aimed at helping build the future of her intern’s,  the possibilities you’ll explore will be driven by your idea’s and initiative. Her intern’s are specially made to chart their path and make them to take control of their development, career and future. Which clearly points out that this internship is dependent on your mindset. 

Some of her intern’s are involved in project’s like writing customer-facing content on the Echo devices, launching Prime pricing, creating real-time feedback systems for our hourly employees, identifying and implementing ways to improve our fulfillment process, and building new features on  Also her intern’s project can range from working on products for customers to creating behind the scenes unreleased features, and span roles in software development, retail, product management, and finance. 


Amazon internship program, expects them to own their projects from the beginning to the end, while Amazon provides them with feedback on their performance, skills and deliverable, Project  expectations.


The interns are drilled to take part in the building of Amazon to get their customers satisfaction,  in bids to build them up they’re assigned a manager and a mentor to help them grow and succeed. Helping them discover their talent’s.


Lots of self service options are  provided  for them to help them, workshop and non formal classes are provided to help them gain skills. 

Application Deadline: This internship is running throughout the year and doesn’t have a deadline.

Application Details:

This internship can applied online, click here for details 

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