Easy Guide To The Terry Foundation Scholarship And The Benefits

Easy Guide To The Terry Foundation Scholarship And The Benefits

Easy Guide To The Terry Foundation Scholarship And The Benefits

For many worthy students, this ambition can come true thanks to a scholarship program in Texas. One of the most significant and esteemed scholarships in the state is known as the Terry Foundation Scholarship.

Are you curious about the Terry Scholarship, the application process, and the advantages of receiving one of these awards? If so, you’re in the proper location.

Terry Scholarship

The Terry Foundation, a private charitable organization established in 1986 by Houstonians Howard and Nancy Terry, provides funding for the Terry Scholarship program.

The goal of the Terry Foundation is to support young Texans in realizing their potential in the classroom and as leaders. The scholarship pays for accommodation and board, books, tuition, fees, and other living expenses up to the full cost of attendance at one of the 13 partner colleges in Texas.

Easy Guide To The Terry Foundation Scholarship And The Benefits
Easy Guide To The Terry Foundation Scholarship And The Benefits

If the student continues to engage in the Terry Scholars Program and maintains good academic standing, the scholarship may be renewed for a maximum of four years.

For whom is the Terry Scholarship available?

Seniors at Texas high schools who have been accepted to one of the partner colleges are eligible to apply for the Terry Scholarship. Financial need, leadership, service, and academic achievement are the criteria used to award the scholarship.

The bare minimums are:

  1. Hold a valid U.S. passport or residency status.
  2. Be a Texas resident.
  3. Completion of a home school or a Texas high school.
  4. Possess a stellar academic history and SAT or ACT results.
  5. Exhibit the ability to take on leadership roles and participate in extracurricular activities.
  6. Demonstrate a need for money.

The benefits of being a Terry Scholar

Having financial aid for college is not the only benefit of being a Terry Scholar. It also involves becoming a member of a group of gifted and driven kids who have similar ideals and aspirations.

Being a Terry Scholar entitles you to:

Get advice and mentorship from academics, employees, and former students.

  1. Join other Terry Scholars for leadership conferences and orientation.
  2. Participate in events and groups on campus with other Terry Scholars.
  3. Work together with other Terry Scholars on community service initiatives.
  4. Have access to other Terry Scholars for networking and professional opportunities.

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How to Get Ready for the Interview for the Terry Foundation Scholarship

You may be unsure of what to anticipate from the interview process if you have applied for the Terry Scholarship. It’s important to get ready for the Terry Scholarship interview.

Here are some pointers:

  1. Look up the Terry Foundation on the internet.
  2. Examine your application materials, including transcripts and essays.
  3. Get comfortable responding to typical interview questions.
  4. Arrive early and wear business attire.
  5. Maintain eye contact, project confidence, and be polite.
  6. Pay close attention when you listen and make sure your response is clear.
  7. At the conclusion, thank the interviewers.

How to apply for the Terry Foundation Scholarship

The Foundation and high schools are not the sources of applications for the Terry Scholarship; only institutions involved in the program may provide them.  Universities also have different deadlines, but most fall between November and February. The Terry Foundation website has detailed information for each university.

An online form, an essay, a resume, transcripts, and recommendation letters are usually included with the application. Those who fit the requirements are then invited to an interview with a panel of members from the Terry Foundation.

The interviews take place at several places throughout Texas in March or April. In May, the academics’ final choice is revealed.

Easy Guide To The Terry Foundation Scholarship And The Benefits
Easy Guide To The Terry Foundation Scholarship And The Benefits

How much money does the Terry Scholarship provide?

Each university and student’s financial needs determine how much money is awarded. The scholarship pays for books, lodging and board, tuition, fees, and additional living expenses up to the total cost of attendance.

How many students receive the Terry Scholarship each year?

The quantity of scholarships given out each year is determined by the quality of candidates and the available funds. The Terry Foundation gave 225 scholarships to first-year students in 2022.

Can I transfer my Terry Scholarship to another university?

You cannot. Only the partner university where you were accepted and given the scholarship is eligible to accept the Terry Scholarship. You will forfeit your scholarship if you decide to transfer to another college.

Can the Terry Scholarship be renewed?

As long as the recipient maintains a minimum GPA of 2.5, completes at least 24 credit hours per academic year, and takes part in Terry Scholars Program events, the award is renewable for up to eight semesters.

There is no need for a separate application because the renewal process is automatic. But by the deadline, the grantee needs to send the Terry Foundation an annual report and transcript.


I strongly advise applying for this scholarship if your child is enthusiastic about learning and leadership and satisfies the eligibility requirements. It might turn out to be the best choice you’ve ever made for the future of your kid.

For Texas high school students who wish to attend college without worrying about the cost, the Terry Foundation Scholarship is a fantastic chance. Along with paying for college entirely, it also offers assistance and direction through the academic process.




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