39+ The Great Unknown Scholarships

The Great Unknowns Scholarship provides financial aid to high school seniors pursuing an undergraduate program in the United States.

The program applies to disciplines such as science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Successful students receive $5,000 in performance-based annual renewals.

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Are you a senior in high school who uses your left hand? A Pokémon master? A graduate student who is passionate about tattoo removal? Believe it or not, there is a scholarship for you.

As it turns out, there are more bizarre and unusual scholarships than you may imagine. And they’re here to assist you make school more affordable. Explore this list to see where you fit. When you’re ready, the Going Bankpawa application is simple.

The Great Unknown Scholarships

You can apply for some great unknowns scholarship. Our staff has handpicked the most unusual scholarships available to help spice up your scholarship application procedure. Let’s talk about scholarships!

1. Stuck with Prom Scholarship

Amount: up to $10,000

Niche: Crafty prom attire. Prepare to create the perfect prom look using duct tape! With the Stranded at Prom Scholarship, you’ll be stranded at prom, assembling your costume with Duck brand duct tape.

High school juniors and seniors will design and wear prom clothes made with crafting tape, then take a photo and submit their work for public vote. There are four scholarship awards in total, two for the Dress Category and two for the Tux Category.

2. The Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program

Amount: $2,000.

Niche: Beef advocate

Don’t start with beef. Instead, campaign for it and you could earn a college scholarship! The Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program connects high school graduates with beef industry specialists, cattlemen, and cattlewomen, to provide mentorship and aid build leadership abilities.

3. The National Marbles Tournament

Amount: varies.

Niche: Mibster.

Fellow mibsters (also known as marble shooters), the National Marbles Tournament gives four college scholarships each year.

What are the requirements? Applicants must be between the ages of 7 and 14 and have won a local marble championship. In Wildwood, New Jersey, gamers compete in a tournament of over 1,200 marble games for this hilarious college scholarship competition.

4. The Amish Descendant Scholarship Fund

Amount: $20,000 in scholarships

Niche: Amish lifestyle.

To be eligible for the Amish Descendant Scholarship Fund, students must have grown up Amish and have a family that continues to live the Amish lifestyle.

Students must also have received their GED or high school diploma. The ADSFund strives to assist Amish and former Amish students in funding their college education.

5. The Reality of Distracted Driving

Amount: $1,000.

Niche: Educate people about the risks of distracted driving.

Scholarship applicants will create an advertisement to teach people about the consequences of not paying attention behind the wheel, using humor or irony.

The Getting Real About Distracted Driving scholarship is a unique opportunity to support your college tuition while also performing community service! (Do you like this scholarship? Check out our Scholarship Bundle on Safe Driving.

6. UNIMA-USA Scholarship

Amount: $1,000.

Niche: Puppetry

The UNIMA-USA Scholarship supports American puppeteers who want to study puppetry overseas. To be eligible for this zany scholarship, applicants must have professional puppetry experience, a puppetry degree, or a demonstrable commitment to the art of puppetry.

7. The Scholarship

Amount: up to $4,000.

Unusual question: Write on renting vs. owning a home.

These college scholarships aim to educate the community on a variety of real estate topics.

To apply for the Scholarship, simply enter the essay contest and write between 800 and 2,000 words regarding the advantages and disadvantages of renting versus owning a property.

The first-place winner receives a $4,000 scholarship, while the second and third-place winners earn $1,000 scholarships.

8. The STARFLEET Scholarships

Amount: $1,000.

Audience: Star Trek aficionados

Fans of Star Trek can apply for these one-of-a-kind $1,000 STARFLEET Scholarships. Applicants must have been a member of STARFLEET for at least one year before applying for this special scholarship.

STARFLEET is made up of hundreds of local chapters that strive to provide a platform for Star Trek fans to engage.

9. The Gypsy Lore Society Young Scholars’ Prize

Award: $500.

Weird question: Essay about Romani culture.

The Gypsy Lore Society Young Scholars’ Prize promotes the study of Gypsies and Travelers in Romani culture. This unique prize is offered to both undergraduate and graduate students.

The award will be granted to the author of the finest unpublished work on the topic, with Gypsy Lore Society members receiving priority.

10. American Fencing Association Scholarships

Award: $5000.

Niche: Family in the fence industry.

Every year during FENCETECH, the American Fence Association presents these little-known college scholarships. Recipients must be either working in the fencing industry or a member of an employee’s immediate family.

Additionally, applicants for the American Fence Association Scholarship must have a B average GPA and have completed at least 40 hours of community service. To qualify, winners do not have to be AFA members.

11. The Michael Moody Fitness Scholarship

Amount: $1,500.

Niche: Fitness-related careers

Applicants may be high school seniors, undergraduates, or graduate students. The Michael Moody Fitness Scholarship assists students pursuing health and fitness occupations.

Academic achievement and extracurricular activities are considered when selecting applicants, but no GPA is required.

12. Dolphin Galleries Scholarship for Visual and Creative Arts

Amount: $1,000.

Niche: Arts major or minor.

To be eligible for this one-of-a-kind prize, students must major or minor in an arts-related field. The Dolphin Galleries Scholarship requires works that connect to the manifestation of culture in the present age.

The art will be judged based on its originality, inventiveness, creative skill, and substance. International students can apply.

13. The Future Designer Scholarship

Amount: $2,000.

Niche: Designer.

College students with a passion for the arts and an interest in greeting card creation are urged to apply for the Future Designer Scholarship.

Applicants for this design-a-greeting-card scholarship will submit original artwork. CardsDirect suggests that scholarship applicants should submit holiday-themed works for December!

14. Cosmetology Scholarship

Amount: $2,500.

Niche: Studying cosmetology.

This Cosmetology School Scholarship, given by Beauty Schools Directory, is open to students pursuing cosmetology or a related career. Examples of majors include esthetics, nail technician, fashion design, electrology, and barbering.

15. Square Cow Movers’ Scholarship for Community Impact

Amount: $1,000.

Niche: Interested in assisting the community.

Students interested in community service are urged to apply for the Square Cow Movers Scholarship for Community Impact.

In their essay contest, scholarship applicants are asked to describe the importance of the interaction between community projects and corporations.

16. “Be Bold” Scholarship – No Essay

Amount: $25,000

Niche: Risk takers believes that earnest, committed risk-takers will shape the world’s future. If that describes you, the “Be Bold” No Essay Scholarship competition should be on your radar.

The prize sum is considerable and will go a long way toward repaying student loans. The winning profile will be bold, and students who apply early are more likely to win!

17. Triumph over Adversity

Amount: $1,000.

Niche: Tenacious learners.

We all face problems in our daily lives. However, for those living with a disability, even simple responsibilities such as doing homework or being a full-time student can appear insurmountable.

The Triumph Over Difficulty Scholarship is intended to reward determined high school students who have either personally overcome difficulty to achieve academic excellence or assisted a friend in doing so.

18. The Sarah E. Huneycutt Scholarship

Amount: $20,000

Niche: female golfers

If you are a female student with a GPA of 3.0 or above who is interested in golf but not yet ready to play at the collegiate level, the Sarah E. Huneycutt Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity to improve your education and passion for the game.

The award funds one lucky recipient’s four-year college or university education at a recognized Florida school. If you want to learn more about scholarship opportunities for female college students, check out our entire list.

19. The Tiffany Green Operator Scholarship

Amount: $10,000

Niche: Music aficionados.

In the realm of unique scholarships, this one is just the perfect amount of strange-think jam sessions, music festivals, and live concerts.

The Tiffany Green Operator Scholarship, funded by the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation, helps a student pursue a profession in live entertainment. Win this essay contest by convincing the judges of your love of music and its significance to your professional goals!

20. The Heisman High School Scholarship

Amount: $10,000

Niche: Community-minded athletes

The term “Heisman” conjures up memories of elite collegiate football players. However, the Heisman High School Scholarship takes a different approach, emphasizing student-athletes who have made significant contributions off the field and in their communities.

If your financial aid package wasn’t quite enough and you’re enthusiastic about your community, this award and other community service-focused scholarships will help you put a little additional money towards your college education!

21. Two Ten Higher Education Footwear Design Scholarships

Amount: $3,000.

Niche: Sneakerheads

Ever considered turning your love of sneakers into a career? The Two Ten Higher Education Footwear Design Scholarship could help make that goal a reality.

This uncommon grant is awarded to a student studying design with a specific focus on footwear. Applicants must submit three distinct designs from their portfolio, so sharpen those pencils!

22. The Cleveland Browns Foundation Marion Motley’s Scholarship

Amount: $10,000

Niche: Football enthusiasts

The Cleveland Browns are eager to support the next generation of Ohio-based sports leaders and instructors. If that seems like a win for you, look into the Cleveland Browns Foundation Marion Motley Scholarship. This scholarship provides two dedicated students with four years of higher education.

23. Greater Than Gatsby Annual Scholarship

Amount: $1,000.

Niche: Content Creators

Jay Gatsby is regarded as an American icon. Every image of him in popular culture is flawlessly lit, photographed, and edited, exactly like the images that will be awarded the Greater Than Gatsby Annual Scholarship!

This scholarship program is designed for artistically inclined individuals, regardless of GPA, who want to further their studies in the visual arts and seek a profession in photography or another related art form.

24. Skin Care Ox: Beauty & Wellness Scholarship for Women

Amount: $1,000.

Niche: Beauty buffs

Put your extensive knowledge of face masks and eye creams to good use! The Skin Care Ox: Beauty + Wellness Scholarship for Women is a scholarship program designed for female students who are passionate about wellness and clean beauty.

To be considered for this unusual prize, simply write a persuasive essay describing your dedication to a healthy lifestyle as a student. Winners will receive a basket of organic beauty products in addition to financial assistance!

25. Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

Amount: $2,000.

Niche: Thrill seekers.

The Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship is the most bizarre! This creative essay contest requires pupils to believe that their school has been overtaken by zombies and devise a survival strategy.

With no GPA requirement or letters of recommendation, applying for this award is far less intimidating than escaping a ravenous zombie.

26. The American Association of Nude Recreation Education Foundation

Amount: $1,500.

Niche: Nudists

If nude recreation, such as swimming, hiking, or volleyball, is crucial to your mental health and well-being, consider applying for this one-of-a-kind award from the American Association for Nude Recreation Education Foundation.

This scholarship award honors persons who have previously worked with the American Association for Nude Recreation.

27. The American Association of Candy Technologists’ John Kitt Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

Niche: People who enjoy dessert

What a delicious deal! The John Kitt Memorial stipend, offered by the American Association of Candy Technologists, awards a $5,000 stipend to undergraduate students studying food science.

The scholarship is handed out in two installments for one school year. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 to be eligible for this financial help.

28. Asparagus Club Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

Niche: Vegetarian sellers

If you want to sell asparagus at a farmers market or a local independent grocer, the Asparagus Club Scholarship can help you put more money down for college.

This scholarship is offered to students ranging from college sophomores to graduate students who have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or above.

29. The American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship

Amount: $2,000.

Niche: Lucky students.

This scholarship opportunity demands only luck and the desire to attend college. The American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship is awarded completely at random, regardless of financial need or GPA.

The AFSA offers two competitions: one for high school seniors entering college, and another for anyone of any age seeking a second opportunity at higher education after getting their GED or high school diploma equivalent.

30. The National Potato Council Scholarship

Amount: $10,000

Niche: Spud Lovers

The National Potato Council Scholarship, sponsored by the Potato Leadership, Education, and Advancement Foundation, is an excellent opportunity for graduate students studying agriculture.

Candidates for this grant should be performing research that benefits the potato sector. The winner will be chosen using a variety of criteria, including academic achievement and fields of study relevant to the potato business.

31. Doodle for Google Scholarship

Amount: $30,000.

Niche: illustrating Google.

The Doodle for Google Scholarship is given to artistic high school students who submit a doodle portraying the name “Google” using any materials.

Students must also include a doodle description, which is an artist’s statement that explains what the doodle signifies and why it inspires the student.

Doodles will be evaluated based on creative value, inventiveness, and topic communication (how well the student expresses the theme through artwork and written statements).

32. The Tall Clubs International Foundation Scholarship

Amount: varies.

Niche: Tall individuals.

If you are extremely tall, the Tall Clubs International Foundation Scholarship may be right for you. The application is open to high school students, both men and women under the age of 21, who are starting their freshman year of college.

Tall Clubs International’s minimum height requirements are 5′ 10″ for women and 6′ 2″ for men. There are no financial or GPA requirements.

33. “Yes for Liberty” The Constitution Bee Scholarship

Amount: $3,500.

Niche: history buff

If you’re a history buff at a Kansas high school, consider the “Yes for Liberty” Constitution Bee Scholarship.

Scholarship applicants will answer four rounds of questions about the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, Founding Documents, and Federalist Papers.

Applicants will answer true/false questions as well as a series of multiple-choice questions. The final three scholarship grants will be decided through an oral presentation.

34. The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship

Amount: $5,000–$10,000

Niche: Vegetarianism

Vegetarians and supporters alike are interested in learning how you promote vegetarianism in your high school or community.

The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship program is sponsored by an anonymous donor and features two reward amounts: two $5,000 prizes and one $10,000 prize.

35. Create a Greeting Card

Amount: $10,000 + $1,000 for your institution.

Niche: Greeting card designer.

Show off your creative skills by making your greeting card and submitting it for the Create-a-Greeting-Card Scholarship.

Students are urged to submit original artwork while applying for this grant. Entry is open to those aged 14 and up, including high school and college students.

36. The Flying Musicians Association Solo Program

Amount: First solo flight training with an instructor.

Niche: Musicians looking to fly.

This highly specific scholarship program is designed for musicians who want to learn to fly. The Flying Musicians Association Solo Program requires high school juniors and seniors in good standing to be nominated by their music director.

FMA will thereafter sponsor the student’s first solo flight instruction at a partner flight school or with an FAA-certified flight instructor.

37. The Alpine Scholarship

Amount: $1,000.

Niche: Interest in Alpine culture

Students interested in studying Alpine culture in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the neighboring territories should apply for the Alpine Scholarship.

Minnesota Krampus, a charitable organization that provides scholarships, promotes St. Nikolaus’ and his Krampus cultural traditions.

College students from any major are eligible to apply as long as their major supports the study of issues related to the Alps and its inhabitants, such as language, history, politics, music, or folklore.

38. The BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarship

Amount: $1500.

Niche: Engineering enthusiasts

BMW is globally recognized for luxury, technology, and innovation. BMW urges high school students who want to be trailblazers to apply for the BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarship.

The ideal awardee will have an extracurricular interest in engineering, technology, or math and intend to pursue a degree in one of those professions.

What are the most coveted scholarships?

What constitutes a prestigious prize varies, but a number are often regarded as highly prestigious, including the Rhodes Prize, the Fullbright Scholarship, the Marshall Scholarship, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, and the Truman Scholarship.

Which is the most costly scholarship in the world?

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship was established in 2000 after Bill and Melinda Gates donated the UK university the largest-ever single grant of its kind, totaling $210 million.

What is the simplest form of scholarship to obtain?

Some institutions, particularly private schools, automatically examine all applicants for merit-based scholarships, which are offered during the acceptance process. These scholarships are frequently the easiest to receive because they do not require a separate application.

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