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17+ Scholarships For Ghanaians In The US

Studying in the United States is expensive, which is why you should be aware of the best scholarships for Ghanaians in the US.

These scholarships are typically granted by the United States government, colleges, organizations, and individuals to international students.

We understand how important affordability is when a Ghanaian student wishes to study in the United States.

This is why we scoured the internet to build a list of the best US scholarship possibilities for Ghanaian students in this article.

17+ Scholarships For Ghanaians In The US

Are you a Ghanaian looking for a scholarship to study in the US? These scholarships provide you with a wonderful opportunity to study in the United States without financial limits.

1. Fullbright Foreign Student Scholarships

These fully financed Fullbright foreign student scholarships enable overseas graduate students and young professionals to study in the United States.

They are available in over 160 countries globally.

According to research, these scholarships aid around 4,000 overseas students each year.

Each year, many Ghanaian students apply for this award.

This grant includes tuition, a living stipend, and health insurance for the period of the study.

Host University: Various universities and academic institutions in the United States

Level/Field of Study: Masters/PhD

Target group: International students.

2. The Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program at Stanford University

The Kinight-Hennessy Scholars Program is a transdisciplinary community of scholars. It is a platform for developing leaders from many countries throughout the world.

This curriculum prepares researchers to solve society’s complex concerns. They are empowered to make a positive difference in the world through community service, workshops, overseas study tours, and personal development opportunities.

These scholarships are distributed to students depending on their merit and eligibility. They cover tuition, housing, and other academic costs.

To be eligible for these scholarships, you must complete the Federal Student Aid Application (FAFSA) and the CSS profile.

Host Institution: Stanford University, USA.

Stanford offers Masters and PhD degrees in all fields.

Target group: Applicants from any country may apply. There are no limits based on citizenship, age, topic of study, or career route.

3. Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships for International Students

Illinois Wesleyan University provides one of the most coveted undergraduate scholarships for overseas students in the United States, including Ghanaians.

There are merit-based scholarships, President’s Scholarships, and need-based financial help.

In addition to these merit scholarships, overseas students may be eligible for IWU-sponsored scholarships, campus positions, and loans.

If you are Ghanaian planning to enroll in the first year of the University’s bachelor’s degree program, you can apply for either of the following financial aid.

Host University: Illinois Wesleyan University offers the following.

level/field of study: Undergraduate studies in any discipline.

Target group: International students from throughout the world.

4. The Berea College Scholarship

Every international student at Berea College is fully funded for the first academic year.

Their scholarship partially covers tuition, room, and board.

The college also provides summer jobs for international students, allowing them to use their profits to meet personal expenses.

Host University: Berea College

Level/Field of Study: Undergraduate studies in any discipline.

Target group: International students from throughout the world.

5. Tulane University Scholarship

Tulane University has launched a fully financed scholarship program for overseas students from Sub-Saharan African nations.

Full-time undergraduates who enroll in the university are given preference for this reward.

Host University: Tulane University, United States

Level/Field of Study: Undergraduate

Target group: International students.

6. Scholarships for Yale University, United States

Yale University awards scholarships to international students who plan to study undergraduate or graduate programs.

If you are a Ghanaian applying to Yale University, understand that you will have access to world-class instructors and resources. You can also conduct research, complete internships, and network.

The selection procedure is highly difficult and based on academic achievement and talent. Scholarships cover tuition, housing, and living expenses.

Host University: Yale University, US

Level/Field of Study: Undergraduate/Masters/Ph.D

Target group: All nationalities.

7. The Wright University International Scholarship Program

Wright University accepts applications from international students all over the world, and there are scholarships available to international students based on academic performance.

Undergraduate scholarships are renewable for three years, while outstanding graduate international students may be eligible for a one-year award of up to USD 5,000.

Host University: Wright State University, USA.

Level/Field of Study: Undergraduate/Masters/Ph.D

Target group: International students.

8. Full-ride USA scholarship for 2024 (fully funded)

This scholarship is completely supported and covers all expenditures, including tuition, living stipends, and academic costs.

It is open to international students who want to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in the United States.

Host University:

Level/Field of Study: Undergraduate/Masters/Ph.D

Target group: International students.

9. The University of Dayton’s merit scholarship

The University of Dayton offers merit scholarships to qualifying local and international students.

It presents a partial finding that takes into account the honorees’ academic accomplishments, leadership traits, and community involvement.

The amount and duration may vary according to the recipient’s qualifications and course of study. You must apply to the university by the scholarship deadline.

Host University: University of Dayton, USA.

Level/Field of Study: Undergraduate/Masters/Ph.D

Target group: Domestic and international students.

10. Scholarships for African Students at Georgetown University.

Georgetown University’s Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) is a two-year full-time graduate program in international affairs.

This full-tuition award is open to talented graduate students from Sub-Saharan Africa. Applicants from Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Senegal, and South Africa receive special consideration.

Host University: Georgetown University, US

Level/Field of Study: Graduate degree in international affairs.

Target group: International students.

11. The University of Bridgeport

The University of Bridgeport offers academic scholarships to help international students pay for their studies in the United States.

The scholarships are open to first-year applicants pursuing a bachelor’s or associate degree. All incoming undergraduate international students are automatically considered for these grants once all application requirements have been met.

The funds are renewed annually depending on academic accomplishment and good standing at the university.

Host University: University of Bridgeport, USA.

Level/Field of Study: Undergraduate

Target group: International students.

12. University of Findlay Scholarships for International Students

The University of Findlay provides scholarships for international students to study in the United States.

Eligible individuals from all countries may apply, and applicants must complete the University’s entrance standards to be considered for the scholarships.

They are accessible for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Host University: University of Findlay, USA.

Level/Field of Study: Undergraduate/Masters/Ph.D

Target group: All nationalities

13. Hurford Youth Fellowship Program (USA) is fully sponsored.

This fellowship program is intended for young leaders who are dedicated to supporting democracy and human rights.

It covers all expenditures, including tuition, travel, housing, and a monthly stipend, for the duration of the program.

International students interested in activism and mentorship can apply for this fully supported program.

The program provides chances for fellows to conduct research and advocacy work at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in Washington, D.C.

Host University: Hurford Fellowship, USA.

Level/Field of Study: Undergraduate/Masters/Ph.D

Target group: All nationalities

14. The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program provides financial and academic support to scholars worldwide.

Tuition, academic materials, housing, and living expenses are all covered by financial aid.

Host universities: The University of Michigan (USA), the University of California, Arizona State University, Duke University, and Wellesley University.

Level/Field of Study: Undergraduate/master’s programs

Target group: All nationalities

15. The Boston University Presidential Scholarship

Boston University offers a presidential scholarship to students of all nationalities pursuing an undergraduate degree program.

Applicants can receive a full tuition fee waiver. To be qualified, applicants must exhibit academic merit, leadership characteristics, and extracurricular activities.

Host University: Boston University, USA.

Level/Field of Study: Undergraduate

Target group: All nationalities

16. University of Miami Bachelor’s Scholarship

The University of Miami provides fully financed scholarship options for undergraduate study in the United States.

Scholarships are available to both native and international students.

The eligibility requirements include outstanding academic performance, a strong dedication to leadership, and community involvement.

Host University: University of Miami, USA.

Level/Field of Study: Undergraduate studies.

Target group: Domestic and international students.

17. Auburn University Scholarships for International Students, USA

Auburn University offers scholarships to international students interested in pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies in the United States.

The rewards vary from partial to full support. Academic achievements, leadership characteristics, and community involvement are among the eligibility criteria for applicants.

Host University: Auburn University, USA.

Level/Field of Study: Undergraduate/Masters/Ph.D

Target group: International students.

In Conclusion

We hope this compilation helps lessen the financial strain of studying in the United States as a Ghanaian.

All of the scholarships mentioned above are open to overseas students from Africa.

Apply to the ones that align with your academic interests and career aspirations.

You can contact IBM, an agency that provides educational advisory services for international students to help make their path to study abroad smoother, for guidance.

Take the first step toward your academic goals! Learn about our extensive database of scholarships for international students and open doors to limitless opportunities.

Fill out the form to start your journey to success today.

Why should I study in the United States?

Qualifications from the United States are widely recognized and appreciated around the world.

Your degree from the United States will serve as a solid basis for your future, advancing your profession and increasing your chances of earning more money.

US universities have some of the world’s highest quality standards. Many educational institutions in the United States welcome international students and guarantee to help them improve their qualifications.

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