40+ US Scholarships for Graduate Study Abroad

Are you looking for US scholarships for graduate study abroad this year? You are in the correct place! Explore current scholarships and grants, as well as our expert advice on how to finance your study abroad journey!

Happen to be a student looking for a more worldwide learning experience. You’ll be happy to know that many governments, organizations, and universities provide study-abroad scholarships and grants specifically for you!

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The following is a diverse collection of study abroad scholarship alternatives to get you started, whether you are a minority, a graduate student, or just a regular college student.

US Scholarships for Graduate Study Abroad

To be eligible for a program-specific study abroad scholarship, you must engage in a specific study abroad program. The good news is that these are frequently need-based and straightforward to apply for and receive!

1. Fund for Education Abroad

The Fund for Education Abroad takes pleasure in providing accessible scholarships to previously underserved students.

Students of color, first-generation, community college students, and others will be given priority in the admission process.

FEA also collaborates with numerous study abroad organizations, including CAPA, AIFS, and SIT, through their Access Partner Program, to contact students studying abroad through a variety of channels.

Deadlines: January (autumn, summer, academic year) and October (spring).

Award: $1250–$10000

Degree Level: Undergraduate

2. The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship program, sponsored by the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, provides awards to U.S. undergraduates with limited financial resources to diversify the number of students studying abroad.

This annual competitive grant is given to a restricted number of candidates who want to study or intern overseas.

Deadline: March and October.


$3,000 (summer program).
$4,000 (fall and spring programs).
$5,000 (academic year program).

Degree Level: Bachelors

3. CIEE Study Abroad Scholarships and Grants

The Council on International Educational Exchange offers a variety of scholarships and grants to help minority students in the United States study abroad, as well as merit-based scholarships for funding assistance.

Applicants must submit a variety of application papers, including a summary of academic achievements, proof of financial need, a personal statement essay, and letters of recommendation.

Deadline: varies by program deadline.

Award: up to $2,000 for each student.

Degree Level: Bachelors

4. USAC Scholarships

Every year, the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) grants scholarships to students who demonstrate severe financial need to help them pursue their study abroad goals.

To be eligible for these study abroad grants, students must participate in USAC study abroad programs.

USAC offers three types of scholarships: general scholarships for non-consortium affiliate students, legacy scholarships, and program-specific scholarships.

Deadlines: March (summer), May (autumn), and October (spring).

Award: Varies.

Recipients: Bachelor

5. Intern Group Global Leadership Grants

To encourage global leadership, The Intern Group is awarding four full-ride awards to students and recent graduates interested in interning remotely.

Typically, they provide scholarships for summer or fall internships abroad in Dublin, Latin America, Australia, and Shanghai.

The Intern Group provides exceptional six-week internship programs in each destination, allowing participants to obtain valuable job experience and a fresh global perspective.

Deadline: varies by year.

Awards: Various

Degree Level: Any.

6. CEA Scholarships for Study Abroad

CEA is dedicated to improving students’ lives by providing them with the necessary financial aid to study abroad.

Every year, CEA awards more than $2 million to students for study abroad programs.

CEA Study Abroad scholarships are offered in three categories: merit, need, and diversity.

To be eligible for these study abroad grants, students must first enroll in CEA Study Abroad Programs.

Deadlines: April (summer), May (autumn), and December (spring).


$400–$1000 (summer)
$500–$3000 (semester, trimester, academic year)

Degree Level: Bachelors

7. AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships and Grants

Each year, the American Institute for Foreign Study grants more than $800,000 in financial help to outstanding students for study abroad.

These scholarships are offered to students pursuing summer and semester study programs.

Deadline: varies by scholarship.

Award: $400-$1,000; varies by scholarship.

Recipients: Bachelor

8. SIT Scholarships for Study Abroad

The School for International Training (SIT) provides scholarships to qualified students who wish to participate in one of SIT’s several study abroad programs across the world.

SIT provides a variety of scholarships and grants that can be used to cover tuition and living expenses for students studying abroad.

April 1st (Summer)
May 15th (Fall)
November 1st (Spring)

$500-$3,000 (summer)
$500 to $5,000 (semester).

Degree Level: Bachelors

9. Scholarship in Critical Languages

Each year, the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs awards Critical Language Scholarships (CLS) to American students, allowing them to participate in fully-funded abroad summer language and cultural immersion programs.

Applicants are chosen based on their willingness to learn non-traditional languages abroad, such as Arabic, Japanese, Swahili, and Russian.

The Critical Language Scholarship is solely available to American undergraduate and graduate students.

Deadline: November.

Award: Varies.

Degree Levels: Bachelors and Masters

10. Golden Key Scholarships

The Golden Key prize is an education-based prize given to qualifying persons who have demonstrated exceptional academic, leadership, and service achievements.

Each year, the Golden Key International Honor Society awards $1 million in scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students.

The goal of this fellowship is to provide students with the chance to develop their professional abilities in an international setting.

Deadline: varies by scholarship.

Award: Varies.

Degree Level: Bachelors and Masters

11. American Association of University Women Fellowships and Grants

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has a long history of empowering women both in the United States and around the world.

AAUW is one of the largest funding sources for graduate women worldwide, offering more than $3 million in support to excellent women through over 200 fellowships and grants each year.

Deadline: November and December.

Award: Varies.

Degree Level: Bachelors

12. Scholarships for Corinne Jeannine Schilling

The Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation offers both Silver and Gold Scholarships to Girl Scouts who want to study abroad when they get to university.

This “Travel Study” scholarship is offered to female scouts pursuing any undergraduate major or minor courses.

13. Tortuga Backpacks Scholarship for Studying Abroad

Tortuga Backpacks offers study abroad scholarships to students who want to experience incredible extracurricular trips while studying abroad.

This scholarship is offered biannually to qualified American undergraduate students, as well as those with a U.S. visa, who want to see more of the world during their foreign program.

April (Fall Semester)
November (Spring Semester)

Award: $1,000 and a Tortuga travel backpack.

Degree Level: Bachelors

14. The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship

To mark Coca-Cola’s centenary anniversary, the business formed the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation to carry out its aim of providing students with opportunities to make a difference in the world and gain lifelong enrichment through overseas experiences.

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship, administered by Phi Theta Kappa, is an achievement-based prize given to graduating high school seniors in the United States who have excelled academically demonstrated remarkable leadership, and have made a substantial contribution to their community.

Deadline: October.

Award: Varies.

Degree Level: High School Seniors

15. Scholarship for Generation Google

While continuing to break down barriers by inspiring and assisting students to become the future of the technology industry, Google established the Generation Google scholarship to fund study abroad for American and Canadian students who aspire to be the best computer scientists of their time.

This scholarship is open to current high school seniors and university students in Canada and the United States.

Deadline: Varies annually.

USD 10,000 (for study in the United States).
$5,000 (for study in Canada)

Degree Levels: High School Seniors and Bachelors

16. Fulbright US Student Program

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program awards funding to qualified individuals for one academic year of work, living, and learning in a foreign nation.

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program provides two categories of grants: study/research and English teaching assistant.

This Fulbright scholarship is available to graduate students, recent graduates, and young professionals in the United States.

The number of grants granted each year is determined by the availability of federally appropriated funds.

Deadline: August to October (varies by campus).

Award: Varies.

Degree Levels: Masters, Young Professionals, and Recent Graduates.

17. Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Programs

For decades, the Rotary Foundation has served as a pillar in humanitarian efforts, whether through local service programs or global initiatives.

Rotary’s Global Grants program supports students pursuing graduate-level coursework or research in the following areas:

Peace and Conflict Resolution, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Water Sanitation, Maternal and Child Health, Education and Literacy, and Community and Economic Development.

Deadline: Varies.

Award: $30, 000

Degree Level: Masters

18. Scholarships at Erasmus Mundus

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, funded by the European Union, is an exclusive prize for EU master’s and doctoral students.

Its mission is to improve the quality of higher education and foster understanding among diverse peoples and cultures around the world.

Deadline: January.

Grant: Varies.

Degree Levels: Master’s and PhD.

19. The Chevening Scholarships

In 1983, the UK government founded the Chevening Scholarship program to help develop future global leaders.

The Chevening Scholarship, funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), offers individuals from throughout the world the unique chance to develop their academic and professional potential at any UK university.

This award is offered to graduate students pursuing a master’s degree in any subject.

Deadline: November.

Award: Varies (full financing).

Degree Level: Masters

20. Australia Offers Scholarships

The Australia Awards Scholarship, administered by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, is a long-term development award that allows students from developing countries to study full-time in any participating Australian institution at the undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate levels.

Deadline: varies per award.

Award: Varies.

Degree Levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD.

21. The IES Abroad

IES Abroad has committed $5 million in study abroad scholarships and grants because we think that financial constraints should not hinder qualified students from participating in an IES Abroad program.

With a single application, you can apply for any IES Abroad scholarships and financial aid that you are eligible for.

Financial aid and scholarships are available in the following categories: need-based aid, location and major-focused scholarships, diversity scholarships, summer internship scholarships, and grants for public university students, Boren & Gilman scholarship recipients, and students with disabilities.

Deadlines: Summer (April 1), Fall/Academic Year (May 1), Spring/Calendar Year/January Term (November 1)

Semester students can receive up to $5,000.
Up to $1,000 for summer students.

Degree Level: Bachelors

22. Swedish Institute Scholarships for International Professionals

The Swedish Institute Study Scholarship (SISS), which is funded by Sweden’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and administered by the Swedish Institute, aims to build global leaders.

Every year, around 300 scholarships are awarded to qualifying graduate applicants.

The award covers tuition, living expenses, and insurance for scholars enrolled at a Swedish institution.

Deadline: Varies.

Award: Varies.

Degree Level: Masters

23. VLIR-UOS Offers Scholarships

VLIR-OUS seeks to make a difference by identifying innovative solutions to global and local concerns.

With this goal in mind, VLIR-UOS wants to enhance the globalization of higher education institutions in Flanders, Belgium, by providing scholarships to international students and professionals.

This scholarship program is offered to applicants from 31 African, Asian, and Latin American nations. Scholars will be able to engage in English-taught training programs and earn master’s degrees at any recognized Belgian academic institution.

Deadline: Varies.

Award: Various expenses are covered.

Degree Level: Masters

24. NextGen Scholarship

The NextGen Scholarship was established to assist international or American students, whether high school seniors or undergraduates seeking higher education degrees in the United States.

Every year, one scholar is chosen based on both merit and financial need.

Deadline: March.

Award: $1,000.

Degree Levels: High School Seniors and Bachelors.

25. Global Experience Scholarships

Global Experiences grants are available during any term, with options ranging from support for women or minority students to those who best represent their fundamental principles.

With internships in significant cities all around the world, it’s worth looking into Global Experiences programs, especially if you can participate for almost nothing!

Deadline: Varies.

Award: Varies.

Degree Level: Bachelors

26. Shanghai Government Scholarships

The Shanghai Municipal Education Commission seeks to advance international education and recruit international students to Shanghai, China, by providing financial resources.

Thus, in 2005, the commission established the Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS).

Qualified international students interested in pursuing higher education at an academic institution in Shanghai will be eligible for three types of scholarships: Class A (full scholarship for graduate students), Class B (partial scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students), and Class C (Excellent Student Award).

Deadline: Varies.

Award: Varies.

Degree Levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD.

27. Korean Government Scholarship

To strengthen global linkages and alliances, South Korea’s National Institute for International Education invites foreign university students from countries with bilateral cultural agreements to study abroad in Korea.

The Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) seeks to help future global leaders by encouraging genuine foreign education.

Deadline: TBA.

Award: Various expenses are covered.

Degree Levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD.

28. Japanese Government Scholarship

Established in 1954, the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship Program has assisted thousands of international students in pursuing higher education in Japan.

This fellowship is open to students from all over the world and supports those studying undergraduate and master’s degrees, research, and various other training programs in Japan.

Deadline: Annual.

Award: Varies.

Degree Levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD.

29. Bridging Foundation Scholarship

The United States-Japan Bridging Foundation, in partnership with the Bridging Project Clearinghouse at the American Association of Teachers of Japan, provides scholarships to U.S. undergraduate students who wish to study in Japan for a semester or the entire academic year.

Each year, around 100 scholarships are offered to applicants who demonstrate a strong desire to pursue higher education in Japan and a need for financial help.

April (Fall)
October (Spring)

$2,500 (semester study).
$4,000 (academic year studies).

Degree Level: Bachelors

30. Asian Exchange Scholarships

The Asia Exchange Scholarships are awarded twice a year and allow students from target nations to complete undergraduate studies at an Asian institution or college.

This scholarship program allows students to study abroad at twelve Asian colleges.

Deadline: Varies.

Award: Varies.

Degree Level: Bachelors

31. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarship

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides a variety of scholarships for Canadian and American students who desire to study or conduct research in Germany.

Scholarships are competitive and range from short-term funding to monthly financial assistance for the duration of a German degree program.

Deadline: Varies.

Award: Varies.

Degree Levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD.

32. Eastern Europe Study Abroad Scholarships

Eastern European Study Abroad (EESA) provides merit and need-based scholarships to economically disadvantaged students who want to study abroad with EESA.

To be considered for an EESA Scholarship, applicants must submit an essay answering a necessary question and achieve minimum GPA requirements.

March 1st (Fall Semester)
October 15th (Spring Semester)
April 1st (Summer Semester)

Award: up to $2,500.

Degree Level: Bachelors

33. SSA Scholarships

SSA offers Spanish language-focused study abroad programs in many Spanish-speaking countries across the world.

Their scholarship programs offer financial aid to undergraduates interested in studying abroad in Spain, Argentina, and Cuba.

The SSA scholarship program provides two sorts of awards: merit and diversity.

May 15th (Fall Semester)
October 15th (Spring Semester)
April 15th (Summer Semester)

Award: Varies.

Degree Level: Bachelor

34. Otago Polytechnic Scholarships

Otago Polytechnic is New Zealand’s leading polytechnic institute of higher education.

To realize the Otago Polytechnic’s goal of becoming a top academic institution on an international scale, the school provides numerous scholarships to both local and international students in a variety of subjects.

Deadline: Varies.

Award: Varies.

Degree Levels: Bachelor and Masters

35. School for Field Studies (SFS) Endowed Scholarships

The School for Field Studies offers a variety of funding possibilities thanks to many graduates and donors who have established long-term legacies through endowed scholarship endowments.

Six scholarships are available for overseas students in need of financial assistance to attend the School for Field Studies.

Deadline: Varies.

Award: Varies.

Degree Level: Bachelors

36. American Research Center in Egypt Fellowships

Fellowships granted by the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) allow pre-doctoral and post-doctoral applicants from the United States to dramatically extend their knowledge of Egypt and the Near East via study and research in Egypt.

Partnerships with Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities and Ministry of Higher Education enable the ARCE to offer annual fellowships. ARCE offers three categories of fellowships, which are offered to more than ten applicants each year.

Deadline: Varies.

Award: Varies.

Degree Level: PhD

37. NL Scholarship

Study in Holland promotes foreign education programs for Dutch students while also providing information and guidance for new international students.

The Holland Scholarship is offered by Study in Holland and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, as well as several research universities in the Netherlands.

The Holland Scholarship provides support for non-European Economic Area (EEA) students who want to study in Holland. Applicants should be in the first year of their undergraduate or graduate program.

Deadline: February or May, depending on the university.

Award: € 5,000.

Degree Levels: Bachelors and Masters

38. The University of Bologna (UNIBO) Study Grant

The University of Bologna awards study funds to 40 international applicants each year.

Study funds are provided based on students’ SAT and GRE scores, as well as their online application submission.

Only students wishing to enroll in the university’s First Cycle, Second Cycle, or Single Cycle degree programs are eligible for the funds.

Deadline: March, April, or May (based on your qualifications).

Awards: €11,000.

Degree Levels: Bachelors and Masters

39. The Monash International Merit Scholarship

Monash University offers over 30 annual scholarships to excellent overseas undergraduate and graduate students.

Students from any country can apply for scholarships. Scholars are chosen based on their academic performance and a 500-word application statement.

Dates include March 15th, April 15th, June 12th, October 15th, and November 15th.

Award: Up to $50,000 ($10,000 per year).

Degree Levels: Bachelors and Masters

40. Boren Scholarships & Fellowships

The National Security Education Program’s annual scholarships grant funds to undergraduate students in the United States to study lesser-known minority global languages.

This award program encourages linguistic and cultural immersion and seeks to assist students in pursuing language courses that are essential to US national security.

Boren Scholars may study abroad in any place they want, except Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

In exchange for funding, scholars must agree to work for the federal government for at least one year following graduation.


January (fellowships); February (scholarships).


$8,000 (8-11 weeks; STEM students only)
$12,500 (semester program).
$25,000 (academic year program).

Degree Level: Undergraduate

5 Tips for Winning Study Abroad Scholarships

Here are 5 recommendations for study abroad scholarship applications to help you make your dreams of studying abroad come true.

1. One scholarship and one application

Avoid the temptation to submit multiple applications for scholarships.

For each scholarship application, you must write a personalized, one-of-a-kind cover letter.

Sure, you can duplicate some content or rearrange your resume in similar ways, but make sure your application is unique each time.

2. Describe your life after studying abroad

Many students fail to see their semester or summer of study abroad as a minor piece of their life puzzle; yet, life will continue once you return.

How do you intend to be different? How do you intend to apply the lessons you learned while abroad on your university campus or in your daily life in your home communities? Educators adore pupils who are open to discussing big-picture connections.

3. Connect it to your roots

If you’re heading to a location or continent with a strong family history, why not use your study abroad experience to reconnect with your second, third, and fourth cousins? These experiences are once-in-a-lifetime and provide a unique dimension to your total time abroad.

4. You do not need to be a professional athlete or a member of the decathlon squad

To be honest, study abroad scholarship judges were probably not the most important people on their respective campuses. Average people are welcome.

The goal is to showcase your strengths and demonstrate your enthusiasm for cross-cultural encounters.

5. Apply for several scholarships

It may be difficult to swallow but don’t expect a single application to result in a fully funded study abroad program. Apply early and often.

The more times you put your name in the running, the more likely you are to receive a sweet, sweet study abroad scholarship.


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